flashback friday: 2010.

by Janetha on December 31, 2010

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i wonder why people don’t scramble to make a whole crapload of goals on july 31st? what is it about turning the calendar to a new year that makes everyone recommit to their intentions, make big plans for huge changes and declare january 1 to be the start to the best year ever?  this insane burst of motivation should not just be around this time of year.. but it is. and will continue to be. the gym will be extra crowded for the month of january, then the motivation will fizzle and several people will forget about their new found enthusiasm to make big changes. and they will settle back in to their comfort zones.

i am not pointing fingers. i am just simply stating the obvious. i think that is why i try to make new, achievable goals each month rather than a whole grip of goals for the new year. i want to stay motivated year round!

i think the whole fuss about the new year has lost its magic to me. today really just feels like any other friday of the year. geez, what a downer i am, right? i used to plan my new years eve far in advance, went shopping to find the perfect outfit, waited in a long ass line at the liquor store to stock up on multiple bottles of booze, got an early start on the evening by getting ready at 5 o’clock and then got more and more excited the closer the clock ticked toward the new year. then i would run around like a maniac, kissing everyone in sight, screaming “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

this year? no plans. no outfits. no lines. no hours spent getting ready. i think we will hang out with a few close friends, have a delicious dinner and some champagne, play games and seal the new year with a kiss with my mister.

and i am totally okay with that.

just my thoughts.

so, with that said, i am not going to get all sappy about today being the last day of the year and “here is the LAST breakfast i had in 2010” or “this was the LAST workout i did in 2010”. instead, i am going to reflect back.

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2010 has, by all means, been the best year of my life. and also the most unexpected, surprising year of my life.

at the end of last year, i would never, EVER have expected to be married. or a home owner. and now i am both! holy flipping cow, i am a grown up.

well, sort of. i still like to sleep in until noon and eat cereal for dinner.

so, here we go, time for flashback friday! (how convenient that the last day of the year fell on a friday this year, no?)

just the highlights, one month at a time.


nothing super exciting happened. there were some good blog posts, though!

the ever popular smoothie stache was born:


i talked about working out according to your heart rate and explained the RPE scale.


i went to jamaica with my company.


i got en-freaking-gaged. totally taken by surprise.



i went to wendover with all my best lady friends.


i realized i had tendonitis and iced my ankles every night.



we bought a house!


and started many, many renovations.

and my blog turned one year old!


i did the photo shoot for marty’s blogger babe calendar.


i finished up physical therapy for my tendinitis.



i turned 27.



i got MARRIED. to the best guy, ever.


i went to cabo san lucas, mexico, for my honeymoon.



we went to arizona for kristen’s graduation.



i got a new nephew, ben.



i got another new nephew, greyson.


and i was a skeleton for halloween.



i went to the foodbuzz festival. and had the time of my life, mind you.


i went to california for thanksgiving.




i had a great first christmas in my new house with my new husband!


we started new traditions and kept some old ones.


and it was the best. year. ever.

welp, that is my year in a nutshell.

i also want to point out that this year has been amazing for meals & moves, and i want to thank all of YOU for being a part of it. i never expected blogging to become such a huge part of my life, but so it has become. i love the relationships, conversations, entertainment and learning that has come from this little blog. i sure love you guys :)



have a great, fun, safe night tonight! see you next year! (sorry, i couldn’t help myself.)


1. your new years eve style: happy new year maniac or mellow yellow?

2. if you had to pick ONE thing that was the highlight of 2010, what would it be?

xo. janetha g.

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