the ninth giveaway of christmas.

by Janetha on December 20, 2010

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first of all.. wow, you guys want that dang lunch bag! there were lots of entries and only one lunch bag. the lucky winner is…



big congrats to you, caroline! second to last entry.. you lucked out Smile send me your mailing information ASAP and i will get the lunch bag out to you.

and now…

because i have been doing this:

(i’ll explain later.)


and i still have to deal with this:

(no explaining needed.)


i will be posting another giveaway post tonight.

lucky you!

actually, this is probably the best giveaway of all twelve giveaways.

i am not joking.

let’s start with a cup of coffee, shall we?


not just any cup of coffee.. a perfect cup of coffee.


twelve perfect cups of coffee, to be exact.


do you remember when i went to peet’s coffee in california over thanksgiving weekend? well, do you? i do.


if you don’t remember, let me remind you. they offered these incredible single serving french press cups for coffee.


marshall and i were astonished. everyone knows french pressed coffee is the very best.

here’s a story.

after i posted about the amazing disposable french press coffee cup, i received a comment from one of my readers, carrie (hi, carrie!!) and she said that her dad works for the company that makes those cups! such a small world.

before i knew it, carrie’s dad, bruce, was emailing me offering to send me some cups of my own. are you kidding me?! stoked!

this single use french press has a name.. it is called Xpress by Smart Cup.


this nifty cross section shot of the cup shows you how the disposable lid acts as a single-serve french press. it is pretty ingenious, no?

check out the deconstructed lid:


let me show you how it works.


first, pick out your coffee of choice.


this is a bonus in my household because marshall and i sometimes like to drink different flavors but don’t want to brew two pots of coffee in the bodum french press. with the Smart Cup Xpress, everybody wins!

next, measure out a heaping scoop of coffee grounds using the handy measuring spoon that is included in the kit.


next, pour piping hot water into the cup, leaving room for cream if desired. you want to have about 1/2” of space at the top when all is said and done.


give it a little stir and let it steep for 3 or 4 minutes. before putting the lid on, add any milk/cream/sweetener/whathaveyou. then, carefully place the lid on the cup so the rim is between the press mechanism and the actual lid.


next, affix the rod into the center hole of the lid.


then, it’s time to press!


voila! a perfectly brewed, individual cup of french press coffee at your fingertips and ready to take with you on the go!


clearly, i get stupidly excited about inventions that make my life easier and more fun.

Xpress lids are popping up across the nation at various coffee shops. for a list of where you can find a shop near you, check out the partners tab on the Smart Cup website. new carriers are popping up every day, so check your local coffee shop. if they don’t offer the Xpress system, tell them about it and encourage them to check it out!

now, for the good part..


would you like to win an Xpress kit of your own?


i am sure you do.

THREE ways to enter:

  • first & mandatory entry: go to the Smart Cup XPress website and take look around. there are several tabs as well as videos and blog posts.  leave a comment below telling me something you learned about the company and/or the Xpress lid from their website.
  • second (optional) entry: “like” Smart Cup on facebook (click the link)  and leave a comment below letting me know you did so.
  • third (optional) entry: follow Smart Cup on twitter (click the link) and tweet about this giveaway.  you could say: “@janeeetha is giving away ONE HUNDRED @XpressLid kits for single serving french pressed coffee”

UM.. yeah, did you catch that? one hundred winners. shocking, i know. the folks at Smart Cup are just that awesome. and generous. they are really stoked on the Xpress system and they want you to be, too!

as a bonus, TEN of the 100 winners will be able to give me the information of their favorite local coffee shop and Smart Cup will send a case of Xpress lids to the coffee shops so they can try them out for themselves!  WOW.

so.. what are you waiting for? get those entries in! i will be taking entries until 4 PM on christmas eve.. good luck!

xo. janetha g.

please see my FTC disclosure for more information about this product review.

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