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by Janetha on December 14, 2010

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remember back in the day when i told you all of my meals & moves?

man. how did i stay so consistent?? i am all over the place these days!

today, however, i kept pretty good tabs on my whole day. and now i am going to tell you all about it. enjoy!


breakfast was my latest favorite.. good thing i can buy the ingredients in bulk!


1/2 cup nature’s path ancient grain granola + 1 cup fage yogurt


i love eating out of christmas tree shaped bowls. there’s just something about it. i also love my placemat.. not only is it all holiday-ed out, it has a snazzy houndstooth border. you know that was the reason i had to buy it. i am such a sucker.


if you guys haven’t entered yet, make sure you swing by my nature’s path granola giveaway before it ends tomorrow night. this stuff is delicious and addicting!


penny agrees.


i like getting up earlier so i can enjoy breakfast at home with pups begging at my feet. no, it is not the begging that i enjoy.. it is just the fact that i can sit down and eat without staring at a computer screen.

which brings me to lunch, which i eat at my desk 97% of the time.

green chile chicken enchiladas


and another festive placemat. you long time readers may remember this one from last year.


only 11 days! well, 10 now.. today is almost over!

special thanks to momma b for sharing her leftover enchiladas with me.. they hit the spot.


on my way out the door from work i snagged a slice of great harvest pumpkin bread. you guys, it is irresistible!

i also munched on a simply bar for some protein and then headed up to the outlet stores in park city with my mom. we had some christmas shopping to attend to!

the one notable store is my favorite of them all: harry & david.


the last time i went to harry & david was right before halloween and it was decked out with all things spooky. this time, however, it was all things christmas. i loved it!




thought about buying this for marshall, then i realized i do all the chopping. Winking smile


i did make a few unmentionable purchases for some special people in my life.


it is basically a miracle that i made it to the gym today. i got home from shopping at 6 PM. it was dark, it was cold, and all i wanted to do was curl up with my little family, eat dinner and stare at the christmas tree. but, i know what’s best for my health, so i high tailed it to the gym for a mash up of cardio.

treadmill (10 minutes)

minute # speed
1 6.0
2 6.5
3 7.0
4 7.5
5 8.0

repeat one more time!

stationary bike (10 minutes) @ 70 RPM

minute # resistance
1 10
2 11
3 12
4 13
5 14

repeat one more time!

random moves while waiting for stairmill

  • squats on bosu ball holding 25# weight x12
  • dead lifts on bosy ball holding 25# weight x12
  • standing side bends holding 25# weight x12 each side
  • elbow to knee crunches on bosu x12 each side

stairmill (20 minutes)

speed intervals level 10

the end! i have no idea what my heart rate statistics were because i’ve somehow misplaced the strap.. but i will tell you that my whole back was drenched in sweat when i was done. appealing, right? point being: it was a great workout. i liked it.


i was super excited for dinner tonight! marshall requested something in the crock pot so i perused recipes all night last night until i came across one on danica’s page. she is FULL of great recipes!


kung pao cashew chicken!


oh my gosh, i never thought i could make kung pao chicken at home, let alone in my crock pot!

this was a delicious blend of chicken, broccoli, red & yellow bell peppers, celery, carrots and red onion in an incredibly flavorful sauce made up of hoison, soy sauce, ketchup, sherry and sriracha. you all need to click here for the recipe and directions how to make it in the crock pot (it only takes 3 hours! i put it in after work and it was ready to eat by 7 PM.)—this was beyond delicious. and healthy!


i loved the crunch that the black pepper cashews added to the dish.

oh.. and yes.. meal #3 called for festive placemat #3!


thanks for the awesome recipe, D!

now marshall & i are watching the first episode of the new series called “shameless”—if it is anywqhere near as good as dexter, i will be a happy camper.

something to do! please click here and check out my long-time friend melina rocking out on youtube.. she is incredibly talented at singing and she needs to get 1,000 hits! thanks.

well, there’s my whole day. geez, this took quite awhile to type! i think i remember why i stopped doing this daily…


1. where do you usually eat breakfast? home? work? on the road?

2. quick! tell me the highlight of your day thus far.

xo. janetha g.

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Leena December 15, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Squee! Your recipe choice is perfectly timed! My cashew-hating husband is out of town and I’m on my own for a few days. Guess what this cashew-lover is making for dinner tonight??

1. I eat breakfast at my dining room table. It’s usually a bowl of oats inhaled before I scramble to the gym

2. The highlight of my day has been texting my hubby about our up-coming trip to Jamaica! BTW I was inspired by your Jamaican Me Bikini Ready challenge and started my own. Whee!

janetha @ meals & moves December 15, 2010 at 4:12 pm

woohoo for jamaica! have so much fun :)

cbrady3 December 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

Sadly Bfast, Lunch & Snack are all eaten at my desk.
I work out before work so breakfast has to be taken with me!

Susan December 15, 2010 at 6:45 pm

The Santa placemat!! Ohman, I remember that thing like it was yesterday, not last year. I am also continually impressed by your ability to stand on a bosu.

1. Breakfast these days is leisurely eaten at home. I’ve phased out all my 6am clients, so now my earliest one is at 10am. Before that though, 4/5 days a week I was eating it on a streetcar, which is like Toronto’s version of a cable car. I got a lot of weird looks when I would crack open a tupperware filled with a yogurt mess and start eating it :P

2. Highlight today was getting a Christmas card from one of my favourite clients – with 40 bucks attached! Bonus!

Erica D December 15, 2010 at 6:48 pm

I usually eat my breakfast at home, but if I’m running late, I’ll transport my oats/yogurt/other bfast glory to class in my short and fat thermos. My best friends and I decorated them with our names and respective universities in neon letters and designs, so it’s too cute for the other students to get annoyed as I subtly spoon its contents into my mouth!

I also subtly read the front page of the newspaper when there’s a lull in my 3 hour classes. So necessary ;)

Laura (starloz) December 15, 2010 at 7:07 pm

i eat all meals at home, awesomeness!

just regarding your matts j, they are incredible

Christie December 15, 2010 at 7:24 pm

i usually eat breakfast either in the car on the way to work (if it’s a sandwich or something portable) or at my desk at work (if it’s not portable).

the highlight of my day was… getting a green light to go back to college in january. it’s hard work going through college admissions process!

BroccoliHut December 15, 2010 at 8:08 pm

I usually eat breakfast at home–I’m not a fan of rushing through my favorite meal of the day!
Highlight of the day: having a cavity-free visit to the dentist:)

Kjirsten- Balanced Healthy Life December 15, 2010 at 8:31 pm

I always eat breakfast at home.
Highlight of my day was this morning sunrise, it was so beautiful and made my day awesome!

glidingcalm December 15, 2010 at 11:00 pm

haha you are so full of christmas cheer!! i loveeeeeeee it!!!


and someday i want to meet you AND your pups!

Holly December 16, 2010 at 1:39 pm

breakfast is almost ALWAYS eaten at home. it’s funny that you asked that bc yesterday, i was so late to work i brought it to work and didn’t eat unil 9:30am. i mean, that NEVER happens.

anyways, that just means were soulmates.

as if we didn’t already know that.

Katie December 18, 2010 at 8:02 am

I made the kung pao cashew chicken last night! So yummy! Can’t believe how it turned out using the crock pot :)

Barbara December 18, 2010 at 2:16 pm

I’ve come to this conclusion after many yrs of experience: YOU CAN COOK/MAKE ANYTHING in the crockpot. Anything! One of my favorite things to do is MELT CHOCOLATE, or make coulis (I think that’s what you call sweet ‘soup’???). It ends up being like pie filling. I add rhubarb, apples, berries, sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla and whatever thickener I’m using (sometimes a little rum). I’ve made to die for bread puddings in there, custards and the BEST ice cream mix (before sticking it in the ice cream maker) with real melted white chocolate. Best invention ever! I recommend making pumpkin sauces! PUmpkin puree, vanilla, sf ff vanilla pudding mix, sf syrup etc. HEAVEN
That picture of Penny is amazing! Cutest dog ever!

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