muscle fever.

by Janetha on December 9, 2010

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i love DOMS. love, love, love. am i crazy? maybe.

for those of you who don’t know, DOMS stands for:





here is wikipedia’s definition, because they have a better way with words than i do.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also called muscle fever, is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed and/or strenuous exercise. Delayed onset muscle soreness begins 8-24 hours after exercise, peaks 24-72 hours after exercise and subsides over the next 5-7 days. It is a symptom of muscle damage caused by eccentric exercise. After such exercise, the muscle adapts rapidly to prevent muscle damage, and thereby DOMS, in repeated bouts.


ha! up until i read that wikipedia description i had never heard of it referred to as “muscle fever”! that’s great. and hilarious. i am using it.

so, i know that having DOMS is not an indication of how hard you worked out. in fact, it is perfectly fine to not ever have DOMS—that does not mean you didn’t get a good workout in. i guess it is all mental for me, though, because i love a good bout of muscle fever Winking smile

anyway, i haven’t mentioned this to you guys, but it has been really hard for me to get DOMS in my triceps and biceps lately. the day after an upper body workout, the ONLY place i can feel it is in my chest. oh man.. that area where your chest and arm connects? it has been so, so sore. i have been able to get DOMS in my chest with minimal effort. i don’t think i have been lifting particularly heavier weights on my chest exercises. but i HAVE been trying to lift heavier weights with my biceps and triceps lately because i just haven’t felt that burn that i love so much. what gives?!

so.. i switched it up. i decided that my muscles were sick of my regular routine, they were getting way too used to it, so i changed my routine. not by a lot—i still followed the body for life style of upper body workout. i just switched out a couple of moves and changed the order and speed in which i did the moves. the result?

my triceps and biceps are aching today. hurts so good! i can’t even lift my fork without feeling the muscle fever in my biceps.


here are the details of yesterday’s upper body workout.. i superset the pyramid sets and then did the final exhaustion reps back to back. this will only make sense if you do body for life workouts.. so if that is all greek to you, just ignore.

shoulders/biceps superset

move weight reps muscle worked
upright dumbbell row 15# total 12 shoulders
dumbbell curls 15# total 12 biceps
upright dumbbell row 20# total 10 shoulders
dumbbell curls 20# total 10 biceps
upright dumbbell row 25# total 8 shoulders
dumbbell curls 25# total 8 biceps
upright dumbbell row 30# total 6 shoulders
dumbbell curls 30# total 6 biceps
upright dumbbell row 20# total 12 shoulders
overhead dumbbell shoulder press 20# total 12 shoulders
dumbbell curls 20# total 12 biceps
hammer curls 20# total 12 biceps

triceps/chest superset

move weight reps muscle worked
overhead cable triceps extension 35# 12 triceps
pushups body weight 12 chest
overhead cable triceps extension 40# 10 triceps
pushups body weight 10 chest
overhead cable triceps extension 45# 8 triceps
pushups body weight 8 chest
overhead cable triceps extension 50# 6 triceps
pushups body weight 6 chest
overhead cable triceps extension 40# 12 triceps
bench dips body weight 12 triceps
pushups body weight 24 chest

back/chest superset

move weight reps muscle worked
single arm dumbbell row 12.5# 12 each arm back
incline dumbbell chest press 25# total 12 chest
single arm dumbbell row 15# 10 each arm back
incline dumbbell chest press 30# total 10 chest
single arm dumbbell row 20# 8 each arm back
incline dumbbell chest press 40# total 8 chest
single arm dumbbell row 25# 6 each arm back
incline dumbbell chest press 50# total 6 chest
single arm dumbbell row 15# 12 each arm back
reverse flyes 20# total 12 back
incline dumbbell chest press 30# total 12 chest
pushups body weight 12 chest

that’s IT. this workout only took me a little over 30 minutes and i feel like it is the best upper body workout i have completed in months.

i focused on doing the repetitions with perfect form and really put a lot of effort into each rep. quality over quantity here, folks. a good workout doesn’t have to take 2 hours! just do the moves correct and adequately and you will feel the burn the next day.

in other news, we had marshall’s step sister’s rehearsal dinner tonight! she is getting married on saturday and i couldn’t be happier for her & her mister-to-be. possibly the coolest part of their wedding is that it falls on 12-11-10! what luckies. or is it luckys? either way…

the rehearsal dinner was at marie callendar’s.

apparently i have lazy eye on ol’ righty. Winking smile<—looks just like me!



coffee to drink~


marshall got the famous pot pie~


i went with lemon chicken, mashed potatoes & veggies~


apple pie for dessert~


it was a great time! we don’t see marshall’s side of the family enough so i really enjoy any and all time we get to spend with them. i am so excited for saturday.

after the dinner we paid a visit to emily & her husband—they just adopted a new dog and marshall & i just had to meet her.



sorry em, i stole your photo off FB because i didn’t have my camera with me. hope you don’t mind. Winking smile

and now. the moment 237 of you have been waiting for. the winner of the third giveaway of christmas: a jar of vanilla bean paste! oh, and for the record, the majority of you said you would put it in your oats. truth be told, i have never put vanilla extract or vanilla bean in my oats! i am going to give it a whirl one of these days.



congrats, jess! please email me your address and i will get your vanilla bean paste shipped out to you sometime in the very near future.

thanks to everyone who entered. remember, there are 9 more giveaways to go before christmas arrives!

if you want to buy some vanilla bean paste for yourself, i found mine at ross.. but i also found a couple kinds on amazon.. click HERE for the brand i bought at ross or HERE for the brand that pioneer woman recommended awhile back.

be back tomorrow for flashback friday!


1. do you enjoy “muscle fever” or do you loathe the DOMS?

2. today was national pastry day! what is your favorite pastry?

xo. janetha g.

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dana @ my little celebration December 11, 2010 at 6:56 pm

I like DOMS too, but not when it hurts to sit down. Often after a hard leg workout, it’s painful to even sit down and go to the bathroom. No bueno.

Ooh, my fave pastry is probably a cinnamon roll. Too bad they’re HORRIBLE for you : (

Mary (A Merry Life) December 12, 2010 at 12:35 am

I love DOMS too! Like, it’s such a weird but awesome feeling. Everyone else seems to hate it but I love it.

Caree @ Fit-Mama December 13, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Wow, never heard of DOMS before! I like the feeling too! Makes me feel like I had a great workout..what I don’t like is I tend to hold stress in my shoulders/near my shoulder blades, neck and I must somehow tense that area even more when I workout. Not sure how to change that!

Susan December 13, 2010 at 6:09 pm

“just do the moves correct and adequately and you will feel the burn the next day.” AMEN. This is essentially what I get paid to tell people over and over in the gym all day.

I have DOMS in my chest right now! Push ups on Saturday and still feeling it. Have you ever done curls on an incline bench before? I don’t know what it is, but they kiiillll my arms.

Favourite pastry = croissants. Duh ;)

akm February 5, 2011 at 4:06 pm

I love DOMS too, my wife thinks i’m nuts. good article.

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