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by Janetha on November 19, 2010

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i’ll be honest, my blogging mojo has been a tad MIA this week. you see, work is in-FLIPPING-sane right now. because i have invested all my energy into my day job, there is little to nothing left in terms of blogging energy.’ (this also should explain why you haven’t heard back from me if you are waiting for an email reply. sorry!)

but i do, however, happen to have things to share with you guys. while i haven’t been blogging much—i HAVE been taking photos.

i will show you.

in no particular order, mind you.


almost every day this week, i have been eating my usual cinnamon protein oats.


except this week, i have been adding chia seeds to the oats just before they are done cooking on the stove.


the result? extra thick, plumped up oatmeal.


some people are creeped out by slimy chia seeds. i love them.


although they do kind of look like bugs.

yesterday, i made my very first pot roast. i know, aren’t you proud?!?


in the morning, i put a 2.75 lb cross rib roast into my slow cooker along with two quartered onions, 3 cups of baby carrots and a pound of baby red potatoes. i just love anything that has “baby” in the name. as long as it doesn’t involve my uterus, that is.


i threw a packed of mccormick savory pot roast seasoning into the mix, set the crock pot to low for eight hours and went to work. set it and forget it! (what infomercial is that from? i can’t remember.)

upon returning home, the house smelled incredible. and reminded me on sunday. you see, i grew up eating this meal as a sunday dinner. we would have it about once a month. actually, momma b had about four sunday meals she rotated through my whole childhood. therefore, roast will always be sunday dinner to me.


everything was perfectly tender! i was so proud of my laborious efforts.


the meat was perfectly cooked. again, pat on the back for me.. i worked so hard at this one.


i actually didn’t eat right when i got home. i set the slow cooker to “keep warm” and hit the gym for an upper body workout. i will spare the details and skip right to dinner.

i steamed some organic broccoli to go with the meal and then dinner was served.


simplest dinner, ever.

doesn’t that broccoli look neon? organic broccoli always is so much brighter than its conventional counterpart.


sometimes you just need a little meat and potatoes in your life.



the very perfect and amazing tiff sent me something horrible. we’re talking really, really gross and bad.




positively disgusting.



do you guys want to hear how big of an idiot i am?

who am i kidding? of course you do.

i recently purchased this awesome microwave hard boiled egg cooker as per april’s suggestion.


from everything i have heard, the egg cooker works SO well and hard boiled eggs come out just right each time.

unless you are janetha, then you may have to try three times.

the first time, i put four eggs in the cooker, saw that a hard boiled egg took 9 minutes, set the microwave to 9 minutes and came back to my (what i thought were) hard boiled eggs.




yeah. not so much. hard boiled egg FAIL.

so i did something quite novel. i read the directions.


oh, what’s that you say, directions? “fill plastic base up to water level line—this is absolutely essential”

right. idiot.


much better. back into the microwave they went for another 9 minutes. they came out with condensation on their shells. that was encouraging.


however, upon cracking one open.. they were soft boiled.


another fail.

i guess my wattage approximation was a little off. you see, my microwave at work does not list the number of watts, so i went with the middle figure and cooked the eggs for nine minutes. i made an executive decision to throw them in for an addition five minutes.. since i knew the water had cooled off a bit since i had my soft boiled egg photo shoot.

5 minutes later…


JUST RIGHT. you know what they say..third time is a charm.

i mixed my perfectly cooked hard boiled egg + 2 additional hard boiled egg whites with annie’s dijon mustard, nasoya nayonaise and oikos greek yogurt. about a tablespoon of each. i promise, these three ingredients create the best tasting egg salad sandwich around!


if you like your egg salad with mayonnaise (like me), try my recipe.. you will not miss the mayo at all.



marshall bought a kettlebell the other day. he says he wants to get strong like a farmer.

his words. not mine.

i didn’t ask. i left it at that.

although don’t be surprised if i soon talk about him harvesting the fields and milking the cows.


i really want to learn how to use it. i know you can seriously jack yourself up if you use it improperly.

any pointers?


flashback friday!

i thought about doing some sort of theme for this week’s flashback… but who needs themes? not me, obviously, clearly shown in the randomness of this post.

how about a few shots from the ol’ photobucket account?

sure! one from each year for the past five years? yeah, i can do that!

2005. vegas with the ladies.


2006. i really, really love thumb holes. like, a lot.


2007. snowboarding in canada for the 12 hours i was allowed in the country, before getting deported.



i have to do two for 2008. because i didn’t have bangs and then i did. so i basically think of my life in “before bangs” and “after bangs” terms. you know.. B.B. and A.B.—kinda like BC and AC.

at the bar. little did he know i’d make a husband outta him.


at the dog park. i love this place. i promise there were dogs with me. i asked randy to take the photo for me but he said he couldn’t, because he doesn’t have thumbs.


2009. at the baseball game. don’t mind my creepy co-worker in the background.


in other news, i got an interesting text from marshall today.

i wanted to do one of those fancy conversation screen shots of my phone.. but apparently that feature is only for iphones and i am not that hip. so i will just type it for you.

marshall: “the kids have been sharing their food with a cute little mouse named Paco. I saw him.”

janetha: “Paco?!”

marshall: “Yeah. Illegal. From Mexico.”

please don’t tell the border patrol we’re housing an illegal immigrant.


we are going to the jazz game tonight. should be a good time! i’ll be back this weekend to tell you about websites several of you suggested. i will also have a delicious giveaway. get excited.


1. what meal screams “sunday dinner” to you?

2. do you use/have you used kettlebells before? thoughts?

xo. janetha g.

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Carbzilla November 21, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Perfect and amazing? Bwahahahaha! Love you!

We got snow flurries here today – so nuts! I was in 16 hours of training all weekend so little time for blog reading/commenting. The pot roast looks amazing!

Hope you’re getting your ‘board on this weekend! Be safe!

Mel November 22, 2010 at 2:09 am

Hi Janetha – my dad taught me a hard boiled egg trick that you can try! Before you crack off the egg’s shell, spin it on a hard surface; a finished hard boiled egg will rotate very quickly while an uncooked egg will wobble and spin much slower. Next time you can try it out; spin the egg before you cook them and compare to make sure they turn faster when times up :)

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