a run & a bun.

by Janetha on November 9, 2010

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if you miss me blogging about my daily food, let me show you that there is nothing to be missed:


1/2 a turkey sandwich on wheat & a cup of chicken noodle. at my desk. reading elise’s foodbuzz recap.

now that you know i am not leaving you in the dark when it comes to recent eats, let’s rewind to something more exciting: saturday morning in san francisco!

saturday morning, susan forced me, against my WILL, to get up and go for a run. at 6:00 AM. okay, i kid, she didn’t put a gun to my head. but after only 5.5 hours of sleep, it sure felt like torture.

we all met at the drake hotel.. there was probably about 15 runners in all. i quickly found teri and we realized that we were seeing eye to eye. upon a back to back comparison, we realized we were the same height!


although i think she cheated and was bending her knees in the photo ;)

it was so hard for me to adjust to an exercise session in the morning. as you know, i always work out after work. never in the morning. but once we got moving, things were much better. i woke up quite a bit and started gabbing with teri. teri is a fellow utah native and it turns out we have a LOT in common. not only are we both from utah and super shorties, we both were raised in the same religion, we both love dogs, should i stop now? yeah.. probably. anyway, what i am eluding to is that we ran a solid 4 miles and managed to lose the rest of the group and find ourselves trekking up an incredibly steep hill! luckily teri had GPS on her iphone and navigated us safely back to the drake, where we randomly showed up just in time for a group photo! odd.


(source: biochemista)

after our run (and realizing i had no idea where susan was) i went back to the room and hopped into holly & elise’s bed, where we cuddled profusely, read blogs, and hoped that susan would find her way back. yes, i was worried. eventually, susan DID make it back, and then it was right back out the door!

we drove to a bakery susan had raved about (read it here)—tartine. after finding a nearby parking spot, we made the colorful walk to the bakery.

image imageimage

there was a line out the door, so you knew it had to be good! we patiently waited.

image image

susan, me, danica, the husband (jay) and elise.

once inside, we all spotted the bread chandeliers. these people don’t mess around with the baked goods!


the menu was extensive and the baked goods were abundant.


image image image

blogger in action :)


after a good look at the menu, i realized that i simply HAD to order the morning bun that susan had been raving about non-stop.


morning bun. with orange cinnamon sugar.

i made my selection and marched to the register.. but THEN i was distracted by the savory display of a gruyere gougere…


basically a puffy hollow piece of bread lined lovingly with cheese. sign me up.

i filled my coffee + soy milk..


and then we parked it on the bench outside, ready to devour our selections.

photos first!


the gougere was seasoned perfectly with thyme and black pepper.


dense with cheesy goodness.


but the bun. oh the bun. let’s please take a moment of silence to remember the bun.


this was the flakiest, softest, cinnamonniest bun that has ever entered my mouth. i typically don’t love cinnamon buns because of the thick frosting and cardboard-like edges. but this one? none of that nonsense. it was perfectly sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar and a hint of orange. every square inch was soft and delicate.. not just the middle.

but the middle. oh, the middle. it was by far the most coveted bite of the bun.


i don’t want birthday cake next year. i just want a big bowl of bun middles. thanks.

delicious, buttery pastries paired with piping hot coffee obviously made us smile.


real big.


after consuming both of my delectable pastries, i realized just exactly WHY they were so damn good.


exhibit A: vat-o-cream


exhibit B: bowl-o-butter


no wonder it was melt-in-your-mouth amazing.

that’s ok.


we can walk it off.


1. what is your favorite bakery item?

xo. janetha g.

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a taste of health with balance November 10, 2010 at 4:59 pm

my favorite bakery item would have to be a soft warm cookie or huge and delicious muffin ! yummayy

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) November 10, 2010 at 11:13 pm

Okay seriously why didn’t I walk over to Tartine with you guys? I have always wanted to go there. I’m going to try to go to San Francisco again over Christmas break because I NEED to hit up a ton of places that I missed.

I love cinnamon rolls. Esp. the middle. I’m so with you on the middle!!!

julie November 14, 2010 at 7:43 pm

i am very interested.

i also want you to know that i brought my laundry downstairs with every intention of doing it. and i didn’t

i also had every intention of going to the gym. and i didn’t.

Danica November 21, 2010 at 8:16 am

You know I have been dreaming about those “buns’ ever since we had one! I seriously vote we meet FIRST (or I can run there) before we go to Alcatraz…You know to “fuel” our trip ;)

I can’t wait – only 2 days left of work!

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