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by Janetha on September 16, 2010

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thanks for all the compliments on my newly found four eyes. i wore them again today and am getting a little more used to them!

i contemplated not blogging tonight. basically i have nothing clever to talk about, yet i have a number of food photos sitting on my camera card. writer’s block, if you will. i know this girl can relate to such situations.

but now marshall is watching the daily show and i am not really into it.. so blogging it is! if you fall asleep during this one, don’t say i didn’t warn ya.

lately, i’ve been eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast every morning. at my house. before i go to work. the reason for this is once i get to my office, all hell breaks loose. it isn’t usually like this. you may recall i used to always make breakfast at work. but lately, for some reason, it’s been wild.


well, yesterday and today, my bosses have been out of town. which, in turn, equals peaceful mornings and cooked breakfasts. as you know, i had waffles yesterday. and today was a nice, slow cooked bowl of protein oatmeal.


banana cinnamon protein oatmeal with maple peanut butter, to be exact.


i cooked 1/3 cup old fashioned oats in 2 cups of water on low heat (on the stove) for about 30 minutes. yes, 30 minutes! when almost all of the water was absorbed, i added 1 scoop (30g) of vanilla 100% whey protein powder and an ungodly amount of cinnamon.


i topped it with 1/2 of a sliced banana and a hefty glob of mighty maple peanut butter. my favorite.


with a large black coffee, from the boy.


it was great hearing everyone chime in on whether or not they document ALL their eats and if you prefer reading those types of blogs or not.  my lunch demonstrates exactly why i stopped blogging every meal. it was a repeat of yesterday’s.. only today’s had cheddar cheese.


turkey, spinach, honey dijon, tillamook cheddar.. all on two seedy slices of dave’s killer bread. elise, i’m hooked. it’s too late.


head over to melissa’s blog for a nice little chat about low calorie bread (AKA bagel thins and sandwich thins).  so not into those things. it’s all about real, all natural bread. DKB, you win at bread.


served with more veggies, more hummus, what else?

IMG_9839 IMG_9845

moving on.

i didn’t take a photo of my snack today but i spent a huge amount of time fixing it and eating it.. because in all honesty, i was procrastinating my workout.


my legs feel like LEAD thanks to susan’s killer lower body workout. you MUST try it!  i tweeted out for a little motivation and thanks to a couple lovely ladies, got my butt into gear.

i had cardio scheduled for today, but i really thought if i tried running on my own i would call it quits after 10 minutes. luckily there was a spin class at my gym at 6 PM tonight. i knew if i attended, i would be FORCED to push through the lead legs!

the spin class was fun! i hadn’t been to one in ages. i love how quickly they go by. i don’t love how the bike seat feels on my crotch about halfway in. i love how my heart rate soars. i don’t love having DOMS of the legs when the instructor decides to do strength training of the legs “for fun”. but for the most part, it was all love. and 410 calories burned. yehaw.


dinner tonight was my stuffed peppers.


can we talk about irony for a minute? i bought the ingredients at the beginning of the week to make these tonight.  well, julie made them yesterday and i also saw stuffed peppers on tiff’s & sami’s blogs today. what the?! i love it when things like that happen.


i followed my recipe for the most part, but i omitted the mushrooms (sad, marshall is a hater) and the flax and i added 2 cups of cooked brown rice.


served with the SWEETEST ear of corn. GEEZ ,corn is so good right now! i also smothered my pepper in ketchup. it was lindsay approved ;)

IMG_9860 IMG_9858

yum. i can’t wait to eat leftovers.

we walked the dogs after dinner. truth be told, randy is getting a little.. um.. thick. shhh, don’t tell him i am talking about him. but really, he’s getting huskier. and he is not a husky. he is a basset hound. and they cannot be overweight, it is bad for their backs! so we need to get walking more often. before winter hits.

WELL turns out for having nothing to say, i sure rambled my face off. it’s what i do.

see you tomorrow for flashback friday! i am sure i can muster something up, i know i missed last week. my bad!


1. how do you feel about sandwich thins/bagel thins/low calorie “diet” breads? while they may taste alright, they do not fill me up. they leave me unsatisfied. i would rather eat 200 calories of real, hearty bread than 100 calories of nonsense. but to each her own! i know many of you love ‘em.

2. do you like spin/cycle classes? do you like the stationary bike for cardio in general? i never do the bike on my own, because it’s not motivating.. but i love spin class! it kicks my butt.

xo. janetha g. (crap i just typed B on accident! good thing there is back space.)

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