farewell summer.

by Janetha on September 6, 2010

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hey there!

thanks for all the well wishes on my eyes.  i was prescribed some drops and i am A-OK now. 

last night, marshall, kristen, rory & i decided to head up the canyon and camp overnight. 

since it was spur-of-the-moment, we didn’t do any grocery shopping before hand.  we made tin foil dinners from ingredients we had in the fridge.


mine had potatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli slaw, red onion and one chicken artichoke sausage.

after snagging some wood from my parents’ wood pile, we were off!

IMG_1307 IMG_1301 IMG_1302

it was a gorgeous drive up the canyon as the sun was setting.

IMG_1325 IMG_1315 IMG_1320 IMG_1338


i am proud to say i started the camp fire all by myself! IMG_1354

well, with the help of a lighter and some paper towels, that is. ;)


although it was cold, it was lovely.  i was happy to spend one last night camping this year. 

IMG_1366 IMG_1369

there were chips.


and veggies+hummus.


and there was wine.

IMG_1392 IMG_1390 IMG_1393

i think penny is a closet booze hound. she kept trying to get my wine!


don’t worry, she didn’t have any. she is underage, afterall!

once the fire had enough coals, we put the tin foil dinners on to cook.


about 40 minutes later, dinner was served!


necessary condiments:


delicious tin foil dinner!


we let our meals digest and had good conversation by the fire.




eventually that sweet tooth kicked in and it was time for s’mores!


roast the ‘mallow.


sandwich between two keebler fudge stripe cookies.. because it’s way easier than using graham crackers and chocolate.




times two.


good times had by all!

when it was time for bed, things went downhill. IT. WAS. FREEZING!


marshall & i had decided to sleep in the back of the truck rather than in a tent.  bad idea. it was super crammed with the two of us and the two pooches.  probably the worst night of sleep in a long time.  but once morning came, it didn’t matter. we had fun.. THAT is what matters!

with that said, i think last night’s camping trip was an official farewell to summer.

and this morning’s beverage was an official hello to fall!

we stopped at starbucks on the way home and i had my first pumpkin spice beverage of the season!


side note: wow my hands were dirty from camping!

this isn’t a regular pumpkin spice latte.  it is actually an americano with a pump of pumpkin spice and some skim milk.

i gave the dogs a shower (as well as myself!) since everyone smelled like a campfire.  now i am finishing my coffee and eating a greek yogurt bowl before i head up to hit the outlet malls with my best friend: momma b!

hope you all enjoy your labor day and do something fun or relaxing.. and if you are at work, hang in there!


1. do you like marshmallows? the only way i like them is toasted over a fire. i hate them in things like lucky charms. marshall doesn’t like them at all, he didn’t even have a s’more!

2. which do you prefer: summer or fall? i <3 fall.

xo. janetha g.

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glidingcalm September 21, 2010 at 10:58 pm

I need to try your tin foil dinner!! That looks so easy!!!

Jenna January 23, 2011 at 9:46 am

Holy yum smores!!

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