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by Janetha on August 12, 2010

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hello and welcome to the end of the work week! this week has flown by for me because i am so busy both at work and at home.. it sure makes time fly. i mean, august is nearly half over, can you believe it?!

before i get going, a lot of you asked what website i use to analyze nutrition stats for my recipes.. i use, they have the option to “Create a recipe”~ you put in the ingredients and # of servings and it spits out a handy nutrition label! now you know.

a word about my blogging inconsistencies.. i have made a decision to not be a “blog-about-my-whole-day-at-the-end-of-the-day” bloggers anymore. i hope you all can support my decision and i won’t lose readers over this shift. i have decided that i can’t let a camera and the internet dictate my life. i would rather take photos of what i really feel like sharing.. but yesterday’s hard boil egg with salt & pepper and the cup of iced coffee just didn’t make the cut.  if i decide to do another structured eating plan (ie: body for life) again, i will be sure to document and track that.. but right now i am eating intuitively. i eat when i am hungry, i still get a nice balance of carbs, protein and fat, and i stop eating when i am full. and i have dessert. and i don’t think about my calories or my macros. there is no need for me to do that sort of documenting right now, so i am stopping with the meal 1, meal 2, meal 3 type of posts. it was fun while it lasted, but it is not in my best interest right now.

you know what is in my best interest? yogurt bowls for dinner.



mm. last night, marshall was having some leftover chicken & broccoli casserole for dinner.  i had the same leftovers for lunch, so i opted to dig something else up for dinner.


i combined about a cup of 0% oikos greek yogurt, 5 sliced strawberries, one trader joe’s fiber blueberry muffins (got these in arizona.. 80 calories a pop and like 13 grams of fiber!), a sprinkle of trader joe’s high fiber cereal and, to top it all off, a dollup of skippy chunky peanut butter.


i know that this girl (and probably her dog, too!) prefers skippy natural to all the rest!  i like skippy natural because it reminds me of my childhood.

let’s rewind to before this fiber-filled yogurt bowl…


i headed to my local gold’s gym, which.. by the way.. i really hate. i miss the gold’s by my old house :( but i had to get my stairmill on!  my legs were sore from insanity the other day, and i love doing the stairmill to get the blood flowing in my quads & hamstrings. with a little glute action in there as well!


minute # level orientation
0-1 8 facing front, single step
1-2 8 facing back, single step
2-3 8 facing front, double step w/ glute kickback
3-4 8 facing right, single step
4-5 8 facing left, single step
5-10 8 repeat minutes 1-5
10-15 8 repeat minutes 1-5
15-20 8 repeat minutes 1-5

i was really into my magazine (the latest issue of shape) and so i finished the article i was reading with some steep incline walking~

treadmill: walk @ 15% incline and 3.0 MPH for 10 minutes

the end! i didn’t wear my HR monitor but i was sweating up a storm.. it was a great 30 minute workout and it went by quickly. try it!

i haven’t decided what i want to do with my workout routine.  i used to always have a set schedule of working out (3 cardio days, 3 weight lifting days that alternated between upper & lower body)… but i also used to lead a pretty boring life that consisted of the same daily routine of work, gym, cook, sleep.  now days, life is busier and WAY more exciting. which leaves less time for structure and planning.

and i am OK with that!

but i also miss regular workouts and set routines.  last night, i found a way to get some extra working out in outside of my workout.

we take the pups on a walk every night. this has quickly become my favorite part of every day.  we were never able to do this before we were married because we didn’t live together and the pups were usually at marshall’s house, and i was by my lonesome at my house. now that we are one big happy family under the same roof, we can easily take a walk together every night.

okay, back to last night. our regular routine consists of walking to the nearby park and going to the baseball field, letting the dogs off their leash, and then marshall and i take turns sprinting across the field while the dogs chase the sprinter.  this really tires them out! and at the same time, i get a great workout in with these short sprints.  i decided to take things up a notch last night.  in addition to the sprinting, i did the following:

  • when marshall was sprinting, i would get into a plank and try to hold it until it was my turn to sprint again.
  • i was laying on my back and marshall came up behind me and grabbed my hands, i then used my body weight and his arms to do horizontal pullups.
  • when we were walking back to the house, i did slow walking lunges for a chunk of the distance.

and, would you believe it, i can feel those extra moves in my muscles today. it is so easy to squeeze in extra moves throughout the day during time that is not designated for an actual workout!

here are some other ideas:

  • if you work at a desk, use a stability ball as a chair. this will engage your core and you can break for crunches whenever the chance arises! i bought a stability ball specifically for this, but i haven’t brought it to my office yet because i am a scatterbrain.
  • vacuums: this is where you suck your gut/abdomen in (imagine sucking your belly button to your spine) and hold it for as long as possible. whenever you think about it, do one. try to hold it for longer than you did the time before.
  • flex your butt. anywhere and everywhere, you can squeeze your glutes together! hold the squeeze for 5 seconds and repeat over and over.
  • another butt exercise! since we don’t have a couch yet, we have been laying on the floor to watch TV. i have been completing several sets of lying butt bridges (50 reps each set)—it is so much better than just laying there motionless!
  • take advantage of the staircase: skip the elevator, always take the stairs. and when you do, choose to either take the stairs two-at-a-time or, if nobody is around, you should try to do a glute kickback with every step you take.
  • calf raises can be done at all times. i like to do them while in line (grocery stores, the DMV, etc).. just go up on your tip-toes over and over until it is your turn. sure, people may look at you funny, but chances are you will never see them again. and your calves will be way sexier than theirs.

well, i have to jet. don’t worry, i will be back tomorrow for flashback friday! hint: honeymoon flashback. yes, finally.


1. peanut butter: crunchy or smooth? crunchy for me. but i will take it any way it comes ;)

2. favorite way to workout outside of your workout? see my tips above!

xo. janetha g. <—i keep having to backspace after typing “b” instead of “g”~ i wonder when it will become habit?!

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Susan August 16, 2010 at 7:35 pm

Dearest Janetha, I have been absent from your comments section for far too long and I am fixing that right now. First of all, I love you with or without your boiled eggs. I’ve stepped back from my blog a lot since moving to Toronto and it has not only been great for my sanity, but I feel like I’m experiencing a lot more when I’m not worrying about getting a post up. This weekend at HLS, Kath said that it’s important to always be consistent, ie always post no matter what. But I’m not sure I agree with that. Neither of us are full-time bloggers, nor do we have any desire to be. It’s just a fun outlet for a passions, and maybe a little pocket change ;) I don’t want to be a slave to my blog and I really like taking the time to come up with unique content rather than just throwing up a slew of pictures saying “this is what I did today.” I’m sure it’ll be a welcome break for you!

*Ahem* That was a rant :) Crunchy PB ALWAYS, and I love to trade in what would be a 5 minute drive for a 20 minute walk somewhere instead :)

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