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by Janetha on July 31, 2010

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hey everyone! hope your saturday is full of good times.  can you BELIEVE it is the last day of july?! the summer is already 2/3 of the way over. that just blows my mind.  i guess weddings and honeymoons will make the month fly by, eh?

i wanted to pop in and give you all a peek of my work-in-progress kitchen!

thursday night, i worked on scrubbing the inside of the fridge (the previous home owners left it in pretty rough shape) and lining the shelves of the cupboards and drawers with shelf liner. let’s just say that contact paper and i do not get along. but, i got it all done! and i also was able to unpack the few food items i brought from my old house.

i am a sucker for organization.  i love starting with a clean slate because i always start out super organized.. although i am the first to admit that after a few months, i let my busy life get the best of me and all organization goes out the window.  i am bound and determined to keep my kitchen organized.. fingers crossed!

i realize this may be super boring for a lot of you, so feel free to stop reading now. i am not promising some incredible post. just my fridge and pantry :)

here is the fridge:

IMG_4103 IMG_4111

on the top, we have all the drinks.  basically i should say marshall’s drinks. pepsi and izze soda. you can also see my french press full of coffee, which i make every night, refrigerate, and take with me each morning.


the second shelf is designated to creamer, cottage cheese, greek yogurt and leftovers.  that is some leftover spaghetti sauce i took from my mom’s house from tuesday night.


the third shelf is going to be used for breads, tortillas, flat outs, etc., sandwich meats, pickles.. probably leftovers as well, i usually end up with a lot of leftovers. just not yet. and the bottom shelf, so far, only has eggs.


the first drawer will be for fruit. the second drawer will be for veggies. sorry about the dark photo. as you can see, we have a peach and half of a melon. that is not wrapped in saran wrap, because we have none. work in progress, folks. we do have some salad greens and broccoli in the veggie drawer.


moving onto the side door.. on the top is cheeses & butter, the second compartment is for yogurt. marshall eats about 4 yoplait yogurts a day.. sometimes more!


below the yogurt is the milk and juice. then we have condiments (hot sauce, bbq sauce, ketchup, mustards, sugar free syrup, salsa, applesauce). and below that is jams/jellies.


moving onto the freezer!


starting with the bottom shelf of the door.. wedding cake! i will eat you in about a year, mister cake.


above that is some vegan ice cream left over from the wedding.


in the bottom compartment there is chicken & green beans.


and under that there are lots of diced peaches left over from the wedding.


above the bottom compartment is a shelf that only has blueberries right now. essential for smoothies.


above that we have a shelf of vitatops & creamies. yum and yum. everyone should try the peach creamies. holy hell, they are so good. and only about 100 calories if memory serves correctly.


and finally, on the top shelf, there is a loaf of marshall’s favorite bread and a 3 gallon tub (that is totally full) of vanilla bean ice cream. leftover from the wedding. i wonder how long it will take us to eat that?!


there you have it, the fridge/freezer. exciting stuff, eh? i am just excited to have a WHOLE fridge and not have to share it with roomies! well, i do share it with marshall but he is pretty cute so i’ll let it slide ;)

moving onto the pantry.. or cupboard with food.. i don’t know what to call it. i always use the term pantry for walk-in styles.. so correct me if i am wrong. whatever. this is where we keep the food. ha.


top shelf: protein powder, second shelf: baking stuff.


next up we have canned beans, veggies, sauces, etc. and i somehow failed to take a photo of that shelf. i guess i was too preoccupied with the shelf below that, which is stocked full of nut & seed butters!


cereal.. plus 13 or so jars of nut/seed butters. hahaha. marshall was a little appalled at this.


to the right of the tower-o-jars, we have chips & nuts.. snack stuff, if you will.


below that there is a shelf for soups, salsas, dips, etc.


and below THAT there is the shelf for grains.. noodles, quinoa, couscous, etc. i also have sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts on this shelf.IMG_4131

the bottom shelf has crackers, a box of protein bars and different packets of stuff (sauce packets, recipe mix packets, etc).. i want to get some cute organizational boxes to hold these things.


ta da!

that is it. boring, right?

i hope i can keep things in order and make sure to always put stuff in the designated spot.. but i am making no promises. ;)


1. in your kitchen, are you an organizational freak or is everything just put away where ever there is room?

2. what drinks are in your fridge right now?

xo. janetha g.

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Valerie C. August 8, 2010 at 1:01 pm

o.m.g. let me just say how excited this post made me feel. I give you MAD props on self control…because lord knows I would be in the darkest corner of your house eating a combination of all the nut butters/cereal/left over ice cream. Wow…i got even more excited saying that. lol I have no self control when it comes to nut butters/ice creams so i have banned them in my apartment. lol
I’m so happy all your construction is done! now u can enjoy your beautiful love nest :)

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