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by Janetha on June 16, 2010

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it is 11 PM.

my night has consisted of this:


and this:


some of this:


and this:


and we finally finished.


for the most part. still have to do the return address labels. on 300 invitations.


needless to say… this post is going to be so lame. i have to sleep sometime or another!

meal 1: egg whites + toast + laughing cow + coffee


this reminds me of something i ate for breakfast very often growing up.  we called it “eggs, mayonnaise, toast” and it was just that: two pieces of white bread, toasted, slathered in mayonnaise and served with a side of two eggs, scrambled, always cooked in the microwave.  our family never made scrambled eggs on the stove. it was always in the microwave. is that weird? probably. but it is easy. this meal reminded me so much of the old favorite.. only this version is much better for me as i have swapped the mayo out for laughing cow light cheese, trader the white bread in for cracked wheat and used straight egg whites instead of two whole eggs (yes, i know the yolks are good for you, but i try to eat them in moderation.)  i love meals that remind me of my childhood!

IMG_5778 IMG_5785 IMG_5786 IMG_5790

we have to stop spending so much money on coffee. it’s such a bad habit.

meal 2: sweet potato + steamed veggies + cottage cheese + chicken + ketchup


protein packed.


i love random bowls of delicious.


meal 3: 100 calorie bag of kettle corn + string cheese + isopure protein drink

IMG_5821 IMG_5823

might have been random, but it was balanced and did the trick!


moves: insanity DVD (plyometric cardio circuit)

marshall was super hungry and we weren’t going to be eating for a bit, so he managed to polish off some more of my birthday ice cream cake.

IMG_5830 IMG_5825 IMG_5827

i can honestly tell you i didn’t have even a nibble.

we went to kristen & rory’s and i told them i’d make them dinner if they helped us with the invitations. fair trade? i think so!

i utilized my AMAZING birthday gift i just received from danica!


OH MY GOODNESS! can you believe she got me a panini press?! i have wanted one for years and she remembered me mentioning it back in december.. WOW, so thoughtful. thank you so much, danica!

meal 4: build your own panini! + some other stuff.

the breads: ciabatta and flat outs~


the cheeses: colby jack, white cheddar & laughing cow~


the condiments: hummus & mustard~


love me some sabra!


the toppings: low sodium turkey, mushrooms~


pear, avocado~


heirloom tomatoes~


side green & pasta salads~

IMG_5854 IMG_5856 IMG_5858

B-U-I-L-D it!IMG_5850

marshall’s creation!


P-R-E-S-S it! IMG_5864 IMG_5865



i did a flat out wrap + laughing cow + hummus


topped with turkey + mushrooms + avocado + pear


ready for pressing!


my plate:


check out those grill marks. yes!


whole wheat penne pasta salad~


green salad with balsamic!~


delicious. i am officially in panini heaven! thank you, thank you danica! i may have a new favorite gadget :)

and now if you’ll excuse me, i have a bed to attend to. i am beat!

Bites Licks Tastes & etc today~

  • 1 gallon water
  • caramel crunch protein bar
  • 3-4 bites of marshall’s banana split ice cream
  • multivitamin

not bad, aye?


1. what were your staple breakfasts when growing up? in addition to the “eggs, mayonnaise, toast” i decsribed above, we always had “cocoa & toast” which was simply buttered toast and nesquik (back when it was just called “quik”!) with milk, heated. i could eat 4 pieces of toast and a mug of cocoa.. ohh man, talk about comfort food for me. french toast was also a staple in our house, as was cold cereal most mornings before school. we would occasionally have whole wheat pancakes or waffles. oh, and on weekends we would have german pancakes.. those are SO good! momma b always asked us what we wanted for breakfast the night before, and she always had it ready for us. what a great mom.

2. what is your favorite kitchen gadget/appliance? love my new panini press! but i also love my vitamix and my kitchenaid. oh and my food processor! i definitely have more gadgets than i know what to do with!

xo. janetha b.

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Brynne June 17, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Sooo jealous of the panini press! I am dyingggg for one!

Childhood staples were definitely cereal (Alpha Bits, Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles) and star pasta (pastina) with butter! Plus waffles with butter and real syrup while watching Winnie the Pooh and My Little Pony.

jqlee June 17, 2010 at 10:23 pm

I’m pretty sure bfast was cereal. DEFINITELY a go-to meal. Stilll loving it!!

I still make my eggs in the microwave. Nuking those egg whites is easy.

Congrats on the getting all those invitations done and I am way jealous of your panini press. And dinner looks awesome. I think my fav, gadget is my blender (Ninja Prep). It does EVERYTHING. I need a spiralizer, cast iron skillet, a vita mix and a panini press. Then I’ll be set.

marisa June 17, 2010 at 10:40 pm

“Wake me @ 8!” Nothing like Doug shoving his face with a whole slice of french toast topped with homemade raspberry jam! The invitations look awesome! And I’ve always wanted a panini maker, too. Which reminds me, I still need to find your birthday present. Hopefully stores carry what I’m planning on. I’ll bring it with me. :) Love you!

Holly June 18, 2010 at 10:14 am

don’t you think its fate we both went camping this past weekend? it was like you right with me and susan…snuggling in our tent…


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