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by Janetha on June 14, 2010

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did you miss part one of my camping extravaganza recap? see it here.

i left off with peanut butter pretzels, which, ironically, i am munching on now as i type this post.

i decided to skip out on monday’s details all together. they’re rather typical and i don’t think you want to see another bowl of oatmeal, a plate of egg beaters, a turkey sandwich, a chocolate peanut butter protein shake, a cranbran vitatop, a cereal bar, an apple, a slice of bread with apricot jam and mighty maple, a mound of steamed veggies or a whole lot of cottage cheese. but, for the record, that is what i’ve eaten today.

also, for the record, my workout today consisted of my go to 20 minute HIIT. go to workouts are there for days i have to get back into the swing of working out.. since i didn’t go to the gym for FOUR days. you heard me. four. meh.

moving on to more camping details!

word of advice: if you decide to listen to music through your car stereo while camping, don’t be a doofus and leave the car off but the stereo on for more than 30 minutes. your car battery WILL die. and if you decide to be a doofus, make sure your friends have jumper cables. and a car to give you a jump.


by the way.. the doofus in the situation here was marshall, not me. 

after a quick jump, we were off to the valley of the goblins!

it was a beautiful 7 mile drive from our camp site.

Goblin Valley 2010 319 Goblin Valley 2010 320Goblin Valley 2010 324Goblin Valley 2010 254

in case you were wondering, here is a little history on how goblin valley came to be and also how it was discovered:

The unusual stone shapes in Goblin Valley result from the weathering of Entrada Sandstone. They consist of debris eroded from former highlands and redeposited on a former tidal flat of alternating layers of sandstone, siltstone and shale. The rocks show evidence of being near an ancient sea with 1) the ebb and flow of tides, 2) tidal channels that directed currents back to the sea and 3) coastal sand dunes.

Joint or fracture patterns within the Entrada’s sandstone beds created initial zones of weakness. The unweathered joints intersected to form sharp edges and corners with greater surface-area-to-volume ratios than the faces. As a result, the edges weathered more quickly, producing the spherical-shaped ‘goblins’.

Goblin valley is noted for several rock art panels as well as the rock formations. The secluded Goblin Valley was then found by cowboys searching for cattle. Then in the late 1920s, Arthur Chaffin, owner/operator of the Hite Ferry, and two companions were searching for an alternate route between Green River and Caineville. They came to a vantage point about one mile (1.6 km) west of Goblin Valley and were awed by what they saw – five buttes and a valley of strange-shaped rock formations surrounded by a wall of eroded cliffs. In 1949 Chaffin returned to the area he called ‘Mushroom Valley’. He spent several days exploring the mysterious valley and photographing its scores of intricately eroded rocks.

Publicity attracted visitors to the valley despite its remoteness. In 1954 it was proposed that Goblin Valley be protected from vandalism. The state of Utah later acquired the property and established Goblin Valley State Reserve. It was officially designated a state park on August 24, 1964.


i have been going to goblin valley since i was a kid, but i still remember the first time i laid eyes on the valley full of crazy rock formations. it really is a sight to behold.

Goblin Valley 2010 141

we threw on our packs and set out to explore the valley.

Goblin Valley 2010 145

“helllllooo little penny bean!”

Goblin Valley 2010 140

get ready for photo overkill.  ;)

Goblin Valley 2010 229 Goblin Valley 2010 149

the dogs sure were thirsty! we took along a hiking water bowl so they could wet their whistles every so often.

Goblin Valley 2010 155 Goblin Valley 2010 158

so many cool things to photograph!

Goblin Valley 2010 159

heyyyy yooouuu guyyyyys!”

Goblin Valley 2010 166 Goblin Valley 2010 186

climbing on goblins is a good time!

Goblin Valley 2010 170 Goblin Valley 2010 171

penny agrees. she was having SO much fun!!

Goblin Valley 2010 174  Goblin Valley 2010 190

cool caves and crevices.

Goblin Valley 2010 192 Goblin Valley 2010 195

Goblin Valley 2010 207 Goblin Valley 2010 218 Goblin Valley 2010 197

check out randy! penelope is half swiss mountain dog, so she was made for this, but randy the basset hound really showed his true talent when scaling the rocks. i was a proud momma.

Goblin Valley 2010 203Goblin Valley 2010 214

cute friends :)

Goblin Valley 2010 205 

sometimes randy needed a boost ;)

Goblin Valley 2010 221

this cliff was gnarly! we couldn’t let the pups near it in fear they’d jump.

Goblin Valley 2010 225

marshall got some photos with the ol’ point and shoot. you can totally tell a difference in the photo quality. once you go DSLR, you never go back!


IMG_3377IMG_3363 IMG_3369 IMG_3376

however, a point and shoot is handy when YOU HAVE A BUG STUCK SMACK IN BETWEEN YOUR TEETH and your boyfriend fiance wants to take a photo! IMG_3381

yes. that is a bug. luckily i carry floss with me 97% of the time..


EW. bugs in teeth? not cool.


that bug didn’t fill me up, so eventually we found a nice lookout spot and broke for lunch!


 Goblin Valley 2010 236 Goblin Valley 2010 245

turkey + laughing cow + mustard on sprouted wheat.Goblin Valley 2010 238

i don’t mind eating a sandwich that has been displayed directly on dirt for a photograph. really, i don’t care.

Goblin Valley 2010 237

not a bad view for a picnic, aye?

Goblin Valley 2010 239 

Goblin Valley 2010 249

thirsty pups! Goblin Valley 2010 241

notice penny’s WHOLE HEAD goes into the bowl.

Goblin Valley 2010 242

i caught randy mid shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLASSIC

Goblin Valley 2010 243 

after lunch we worked out way back to the car.. where the dogs were VERY happy to take a load off :)

 Goblin Valley 2010 258

next up we took a short drive to check out little wild horse canyon..

Goblin Valley 2010 262 Goblin Valley 2010 265  Goblin Valley 2010 312Goblin Valley 2010 294

cool tree! 

Goblin Valley 2010 289 Goblin Valley 2010 292

i find the layers of rock on this butte so fascinating. and i love my telephoto lens.

Goblin Valley 2010 274Goblin Valley 2010 307 Goblin Valley 2010 311 

the color contrast on the rocks is so beautiful! Goblin Valley 2010 315  

we went back to camp and just relaxed! i laid out in the sunshine with the pups.


marshall played in the fire.


the guys actually expanded the fire pit so we could have a blazing fire on the left and a separate pt with coals for cooking on the right! so innovative!

Goblin Valley 2010 357

there was a GLORIOUS cloud with the sun behind it, WOW aren’t these shots epic?!

Goblin Valley 2010 344   Goblin Valley 2010 332 Goblin Valley 2010 338 Goblin Valley 2010 341

utah is pretty dang beautiful.

i decided to get to work on putting together dinner.. on the menu? tin foil dinners!

Goblin Valley 2010 353

tons of veggies, sweet potatoes and ground turkey. plus plenty of spices:

Goblin Valley 2010 350

check out this handy 6-section spice jar i picked up in the camping section!

Goblin Valley 2010 351 Goblin Valley 2010 352 

i just wish it had cumin! i could swap out the paprika for cumin pretty easily, though.

into the fire they went!

Goblin Valley 2010 371 

we cooked up the extra ground turkey and gave it to the pups.

Goblin Valley 2010 362 Goblin Valley 2010 363 Goblin Valley 2010 366


Goblin Valley 2010 359

the sun went away and it started to get suuuuper gllllooooomy..

Goblin Valley 2010 380   Goblin Valley 2010 376

it started to rain so we bundled up!

IMG_3405  IMG_3400 IMG_3404

and then it started to POUR!

we ended up hopping into the car and eating our tin foil dinners in the car.. bummer!


i also only had my point and shoot handy.. no way i was going to have the new camera in the rain.


oh well, they were still SUPER delicious!

once there was a break in the rain, we grabbed the pooches and made a run for the tent!

i think we made the best of the situation, despite the rain.

luckily we had just enough time to cook our dinners before the torrential downpour.. and then we went to bed with the rain pouring, our bellies full and the dogs hogging the bed. as usual.


i am afraid to say that i am too beat to finish my recap. i will be back next time with sunday’s details! and i will probably throw in some meals & moves for good measure, as i am sure many of you are bored with the camping recaps.  no sorrys here, though, i love camping and recapping the trip!

hope your mondays were great.  be back tomorrow!


1. is your city and/or state known for anything? what? utah is known for the great outdoors. we have awesome scenery (the rocky mountains, the arches, goblin valley) and we are also known for our snow! our license plate even says “greatest snow on earth!”

2. what items do you carry with you 97% of the time? for me? chapstick and floss. i also try to have gum but i don’t at the moment and am feeling a bit lost without it! my old answer would include my cell phone, but i am finding that i leave it behind more and more. i view this as a good thing. people become waaaay to attached to their cell phones.

xo. janetha b.

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freckledfoodie June 16, 2010 at 5:49 am

I’m not a real outdoorsy kinda girl, but you’re making me want to go camping!!! My Monday kind of sucked, since I got sick and left work early. I also had to call off yesterday because I wasn’t feeling well, still….Much better today though! Glad your trip went well! Way to go, saving the bars for an “emergency”! :D


1. the only “tourist attraction” in my town is probably “lake tobias”, a zooish place. it’s funny because everytime we go, there are tons of out of state license plates of folks who drive all the way to the sticks to see some animals! we got tired of it after the first 4 field trips there back in elementary school. haha.

2. i usually always have my phone & camera on me. other than that, nothing else is a sure thing :)

Alicia June 16, 2010 at 8:44 am

California…I think that is pretty self explanatory. However, where I live in Sacramento we are known for our rivers (American and Sacramento), proximity to the ocean (1.5 hours) and the snow (1.5 hours), and of course the state capitol. Oh, I almost forgot, along the rivers Sacramento has a crazy length of bike trail that is just glorious!

I carry chapstick, phone not to use or check email, but in case of an emergency, and that’s about it. If my husband has his wallet then I don’t carry anything!

dmcgirl37 June 16, 2010 at 8:46 am

I totally want to drag my man camping this weekend! Looks like you had a blast!

Dana <3

kayla June 16, 2010 at 9:34 am

Utah looks very pretty, but I have never been anywhere in that part of the country. I live in Arkansas and we are the ‘Natural State’, so I guess we are known for our outdoors. It is also known for the Crater of Diamonds, which is the only place in the US where you can dig for diamonds and keep what you find. People find them there everyday, but I wasn’t as lucky the one time I went… I was much luckier at the crystal digging site and have many crystals to show for it.

Barbara June 18, 2010 at 8:05 pm

The Goblins ARE STUNNING! So beautiful- as are you and Marshall! These pictures will be such great ‘memory’ pictures to put in frames and albums! Thanks for sharing!

Erin June 21, 2010 at 12:38 pm


I teach Earth Science and would LOVE to use some of the photographs you took of various rock formations in this post. They would make great examples of weathering, erosion and deposition of sediment. Of course, I wouldn’t take any pictures with people (or dogs!). Let me know!


jessiker June 7, 2012 at 1:17 pm

I must have missed this post. RANDY MID-SHAKE!!! hahahahahahahaha.
You guys look cute in the desert.

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