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by Janetha on June 7, 2010

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made it through another monday! only five more mondays until my honeymoon. yes, i am counting down the mondays! and actually one of those mondays i have off from work because it is the 5th of july and my office “observes” the 4th of july that day since the 4th lands on a sunday this year. 

that was all very important information that you desperately needed to know. i am aware of this.

thank you so much to those of you who informed me about the website i think i am the last person on earth to discover it and i think it is going to make my distance measuring much easier! so gracias, amigas! i mapped my run from yesterday and was pleased to see that it was right on the  money in comparison to my drive-the-course method. woohoo!

today was pretty typical! let’s dive right in since i have nothing clever to say.


meal 1: eggbeaters & oats & coffee. @ 8:30 AM


i <3 cholula.

IMG_4689 IMG_4685

nothing new to see. just another bowl of oatmeal, like you saw on 2,346 other blogs today. and i am sure their bowls were much more exciting and adorned with fruit/nut butter/flax/chia/etc. sorry folks. my oatmeal got two things and two things only:


sugar free syrup (i use about 1/3 of that little container.. so not much) and a LOT of cinnamon. not quite the whole jar.. but close to it ;)

back to the office!

it was just another manic monday at the work and before i knew it, the time was 1 PM! and i realized i left my bag-o-food in my automobile all day. roar. it was a scorcher outside today so i knew my greek yogurt was doomed.

i ended up having to toss all 16 ounces of greek yogurt. bummer. it was all hot and runny and disgustingly non-edible.  i did, however, manage to salvage the salad. it was just a little warm and i don’t think warm salad ever hurt anyone. at least not that i know of.

meal 2: salad+1/2 cup cottage cheese+1 TB sunflower seed butter & 2 fiber wasa crackers @ 1 PM


who said you can’t put sunflower seed butter on a salad?


this was delicious but ridiculously hard to eat because there was not a fork to be found in the office. so i ate it with a spoon. turns out i have 17 metal spoons at work and zero forks. ‘ve been using the plastic forks anytime i needed one (bad, i know) but today they were all gone! note to self: bring forks to work.

salad is not easy to eat with a spoon.


moving on.

i needed a snack before the gym. originally it was going to be the greek yogurt but then it was tainted from sitting in my hot car all day. so i went with plan B.

meal 3: 100 grand candy bar protein bar @ 4:30 PM


these taste like candy. they can’t be a good snack option, can they?


oh well. their ratios are balanced and their ingredients are not funky. i am going to consider them a good “plan B” option. even though they taste like candy.




lower body workout day!

my favorite! yahoo! i love working out my lower body. am i a weirdo? yes. but that is beside the point.

this was a make-up-as-you-go workout.. i did 6 different circuits and each circuit contained 3 exercises. i did each circuit 3 times through before going onto the next. DEETS:

5 minute / 0.5 mile treadmill warmup:

minute # speed
0-1 5 mph
1-2 5.5 mph
2-3 6 mph
3-4 6.5 mph
4-5 7 mph

for the weight portion of the workout, i tried some new moves that i stole from susan! if you ever need fresh, new ideas.. check her blog out. she rocks. i marked the new-to-me moves with a *

circuit 1:

move weight reps sets
good mornings* 40# barbell 15 3
front squat push press* 25# barbell 15 3
bosu bicycle crunch body weight 15 each side, consecutive 3


circuit 2:

move weight reps sets
dumbbell squat on bosu 15# ea (30# total) 15 3
jump over bosu side lunges body weight 15 each way, alternating 3
ball crunches 10# 30 3


circuit 3:

move weight reps sets
donkey kicks body weight 15 each leg 3
bosu ball supermans* body weight 15 3
stability ball pass body weight 15 3


circuit 4:

move weight reps sets
stability ball hamstring curls body weight 15 3
bridge w/ feet on bosu* 10# 30 3
one legged squat body weight 15 each leg 3


circuit 5:

move weight reps sets
cable hip adduction* 10# 15 3
cable hip abduction* 10# 15 3
cable glute kickbacks* 10# 15 each leg 3


circuit 6:

move weight reps sets
cable horizontal woodchopper (left) 25# 15 3
cable horizontal woodchopper (right) 25# 15 3
single leg calf raise body weight 15 each side 3


one mile run in 8 min 45 seconds (treadmill):

minute # speed
0-1 6 mph
1-2 6.5 mph
2-3 7 mph
3-4 7.5 mph
4-5 8 mph
5-6 6 mph
6-7 6.5 mph
7-8 7.5 mph
8-8:45 8 mph


the end! i did the mile run at the end to work on my mileage goal, which is right on track. i have to be to 50% by the end of june (halfway through the year) and i am at 44.75% with the majority of june left to get to 50%. awesome. 

the entire workout took me an hour and 5 minutes. i didn’t rest at all, but there was time between setting up for each circuit where i caught my breath.. but for the most part it was go, go, go!

i was pretty bent out of shape that i forgot my heart rate monitor because i worked really hard during the workout and i would have liked to see my stats. but i think my shirt post-workout tells you how rough this workout was!

i kind of hate taking photos of myself after i workout because i don’t love seeing photos of other people all sweaty and whatnot so i spared you. but i was pretty astonished at the sweat factor of this workout.. usually i break a sweat but today was bad.

front (not so bad):




ha. i am a goon.


meal 4: protein mocha @ 6:30 PM


this beauty had:

  • 3/4 cup cold coffee (french pressed)
  • tons of ice
  • 1 TB unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 30g vanilla protein powder
  • xanthan gum



i typed this post up and am now about to have a super late dinner, brought to me by other people.

meal 5: leftover tofu soup+added grilled chicken & a side salad with balsamic @ 9:30 PM.

remember the other night when marshall got tofu soup? there were leftovers.


i bulked it up a bit with some grilled chicken.


the chicken came to me from my roommate who works as a chef at a country club. he is always bringing home food!

he also brought home this gorgeous salad. it looks amazing!


yum. free dinner.


and that’s a wrap!

while perusing the interwebs, i found some links to lurk:

oh, and before i go, here is my Bites, Licks & Tastes (and other extras) for monday AKA anything you didn’t see above that passed my lips:

  • 2 wedges of canteloupe
  • 3 grapes
  • 1 slice 50 calorie 9 grain bread (pre workout)
  • multivitamin
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 4 pieces of trident tropical twist gum

today was great in the BLT department!


1. what do you put on/in your oatmeal? i ALWAYS put cinnamon in and then i alternate between SF syrup and mighty maple peanut butter. if i don’t have protein on the side, i add protein powder to the oatmeal. i never add fruit/granola/etc because i try to balance my carb/protein ratio and the oats already have 27g carbs as it is. sure *wish* i could be one of those people who can eat a bowl of oats with 937 grams of carbs and get away with it.. sigh.. oh well! i do love my oatmeal the way i make it so it’s no big deal!

2. are you counting down to anything right now? i am. my wedding. 39 days, 2 hours, 1 minute and 4 seconds. (i have a countdown app on my phone =P)

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runnerforever June 8, 2010 at 8:59 pm

I love nut butter and chocolate on my oatmeal, chocolate nut butter + chocolate is even better. :-)

Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices June 9, 2010 at 9:50 am

O.M.G- that donkey calf raise was hilarious! I almost spit my water out…..HAHAHA!
In my oatmeal I always like to put some kind of fruit- usually banana & then some PB…also cinnamon is a must! :D
I’m looking forward to a few vacations we have planned & my boyfriend’s 30th birthday is august 14th & I have a big party planned for him as well.

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