nice day for a white wedding.

by Janetha on May 24, 2010

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hi guys!

i just returned home from a gorgeous wedding.  a big congratulations goes out to my friend summer and her new husband, derek.  the wedding was a blast! everything was so perfect.  it made me happy, excited and a wee bit nervous for my own wedding (which is 53 days, 2 hours, 33 minutes and 4 seconds away.. but who’s counting??)

before i get to the wedding shenanigans, let’s rewind to this morning, shall we?

first things first.. guess what happened this morning?


a blizzard. only in utah, folks. well.. maybe in colorado, too, but for sure in utah. blizzards at the end of may. ughhhhh. i want summertime and sunshine! but this snow definitely made for a white wedding for summer & derek today!

breakfast was my typical monday morning fare~ with a little veggie action because i was feeling like a change.

egg whites+spinach+onions+mushrooms


and apparently an empty cup of coffee.. but it was soon topped off. i think i had about 3 cups all together.

oatmeal+cinnamon+sugar free syrup


which i only managed to eat half of because i was full from the scramble.

i’d love to entertain you with interesting happenings from the office.. but to be honest with you, it was a pretty mundane monday! nothing to report.

lunch was a mish-mash salad:IMG_2156

  • lettuce
  • deli turkey
  • cottage cheese
  • cucumbers
  • tomato
  • carrots
  • 1 string cheese, diced
  • spicy mustard for dressing (thinned with water)
  • 2 fiber wasa crackers

random, but tasty.


i love these wasa crackers. they are only 35 calories a slice and they are quite delicious!


they also serve as a perfect vehicle for salad.


i left work promptly at 3 PM so i could get to the wedding ceremony on time. needless to say, there was no time for a workout. no big deal!


i loved all the decor that summer & derek picked out for the wedding. they are both really classy people and their personalities shined through in the setup!
IMG_2167 IMG_2183 IMG_2200

the ceremony was PERFECT. summer and derek are seriously made for each other. i am so happy for them.


after the ceremony, we ate some delicious food!

IMG_2197IMG_2185IMG_2186IMG_2191IMG_2187IMG_2188  IMG_2192  

my plate:


and i would be lying if i said i didn’t go back for another one of those delectable mini sandwiches & a couple more meatballs. incredible.

next up was a whole bunch of toasts! first by the bride and groom and then by friends & family.  some of the speeches made me teary eyed :)

IMG_2205IMG_2208 IMG_2209 



and then.. cake cutting!!


love that photo.

for the reception part of the night, they had an open bar (i sipped water all night), a candy bar, cake and a dessert bar. fun and cute!

IMG_2170 IMG_2168IMG_2222IMG_2224

i am not a cake person, really. i never eat the cake at weddings. i wonder if i will eat my own wedding cake?! (yes, probably.) instead of cake, i had one of these powdered sugar covered lemon bars.. at least i think that is what it was? powdered sugar covered amazing, that’s for sure.IMG_2225 IMG_2226

here are a few more photos from the wedding. it was beautiful.  


congratulations to the happy couple!!


now i am home.. about to go to bed.. but i had to bake 5 sweet potatoes first. they are about to come out of the oven and they will make their debuts throughout the week.

oh! one thing i thought i would mention.. i have been reading blogs lately and not commenting. do you realize how much more efficient this is? well, i do. so i am not going to apologize for not commenting. i am able to read so much more and enjoy blog reading much, much more when i don’t feel obligated to comment on every post i read. sure, sometimes i will click out of google reader to say something on a post.. but for the most part~ i have just been reading instead of writing.

and i think i like it a lot.

SO.. with that said.. just want y’all to know i’ve been lurking. and i hope nobody ever feels pressure to comment around these parts. because that’s just silly.

ummm what else? i’ve got a giveaway on tap this week as well as a couple fun product reviews. i will also be doing a LOT of wedding planning, so i know some of you are into reading about that.. weeeee. get ready.

alright, now i’m just being boring, i’ll go now!


1. what is your favorite cracker? i could easily be considered a cracker monster. i love crackers. i used to be obsessed with chicken in a biscuit and cheezits~ back in my unhealthier days. but now some of my favorites are kashi 7 grain crackers, trader joe’s gorgonzola bite size crackers and any variety of wasa crackers. oh and let’s not forget GRAHAM CRACKERS. oh yum. i love those. with milk. i eat them every time i am sick!

2. when at weddings: eat the cake or eat a different treat? or eat ALL the treats?! i almost always skip the cake. i hate frosting and i like almost every other dessert better than cake!

xo. janetha b.

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Lauren @ Eater not a runner May 25, 2010 at 3:37 pm

That snow is unreal. It is 90 degrees in Boston!

I’ve been lurking too, it is SO much more efficient to just read. I’m loving it.

I love cake. I would eat every dessert probably :-)

Danica May 25, 2010 at 3:49 pm

You know I was thinking she couldn’t have a summer wedding because that’s her name – the blizzard was totally meant to happen like that :D LOL.

Beautiful pics!

FYI – that is what I do ALOT – read without commenting! I would love to have time to comment but it just doesn’t always happen. I try to be good and add one here or there though :)

Whole Body Love May 25, 2010 at 4:39 pm

I love triscuits!! But they are so filling! I’m not a huge cake person, I have to be in the mood. When I drank…I could enjoy a piece of cake after a few glasses of wine. Wine changes everything lol

simplyshaka May 25, 2010 at 6:11 pm

What a beautiful day! And snow at the end of May? Hey, hold on I’m poet lol–no way! JK Whats that all about? I will send some sunny vibes Utah’s way.

Wasa’s are awesome!!

actorsdiet May 25, 2010 at 7:22 pm

i always eat the cake! unless there is something else amazing. i actually haven’t been to a wedding in years, since i stopped bingeing so i actually have no idea what i would do (i used to just eat it all, and then some)

Ildie May 25, 2010 at 8:47 pm

Oh I love weddings. My Mr. needs to give me that damn ring already so I can start planning mine. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Must….be….patient….. ;)

Holly at Greek Yogurt and Apple Slices May 26, 2010 at 8:13 am

I love crackers too :) My favorite are those Spanish crackers- hopefully you know what I’m talking about! Also I LOVE water crackers..yummm!!
@ a wedding I do typically have the cake…at least a bite for good luck & then maybe a few of the other treats too…;)
Hope you’re having a GREAT week!! Love all of the pictures!

Melissa May 28, 2010 at 3:24 pm

I’m glad you made a comment about commenting. :) When I stress out about commenting, it takes the fun out of blog reading. So I agree w/ you: read and enjoy. Comment when you feel like it!

Lara (Thinspired) June 4, 2010 at 1:56 pm

I have been meaning to comment on this post ever since you posted it.

I can so relate to enjoying blogs the most when I can just lurk. The problem, as all of us bloggers know, is that if we read a post, we want that blogger to know that we read it. The only way to do that is to comment. Reading this from another blogger was really refreshing!

I always read your posts, JB, even if I don’t comment! (But I do try to comment when I can, to say hi and send some love ;) ) <3

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