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by Janetha on May 19, 2010

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top o the evening, friends.

it was fun reading about all the lessons you have learned as of late.. a few of your lessons i thought i’d share:

  • That if you mix marinara, turkey pepperoni, and cheese into eggs it makes “pizza eggs” that rock my face off! –emily
  • I learned an IMPORTANT lesson—how to say ‘No’ to people! This has always been a hard one for me because I’m quite the people please but I’ve been making an effort this week to only do things i want to do. –Jocelyn @ Peace.Love.Nutrition
  • Never, never push people too hard – because guess what— it usually comes back to bite you in the end…………and my continued chant – “kill em with kindness” (sometimes easier said than done) –momma b
  • that the fear of flying is #8 on the top ten fears of americans…number 1 you ask? public speaking! hmmm, I would rather speak in public than fly!! –EM
  • that it’s okay to take a rest day. Even if the weather is nice and I “should” work out. –hundredtenpounds
  • that the volume of a pyramid is 1/3 of the volume of a prism with the same base as the pyramid. High school geometry. Joy. –overconcerned
  • that, when making buttercrem frosting, if you add the butter in too much at a time it will all congeal and look like a disgusting cottage-cheese like mess. So then your chef has to come and fix it for you… grumble… –Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble)
  • that living in two different states, a plane ride away is freakin HARD! i would never want to do that!! –Naomi(onefitfoodie)
  • that Maggie cannot be left alone :)  –brandi
  • rest when you need to rest. Listen to your body. –Michelle
  • that although bagels may be big and bulky they have NO staying power! –Graze With Me
  • that I don’t function well on 3 hours of sleep, but the workouts when I feel sluggish going to the gym always turn out to be the best ones! –ellie
  • that I don’t function on one cup of coffee, it must be 2. Sad but true. –lindsay
  • that it’s a bad idea to cut your own bangs with gift wrap scissors. –Mama Pea

oh! and one thing i learned just now.. from going through those comments.. ALL my comments don’t come through on my email! i just saw like 5 that i hadn’t even read before.. huh.. wow.. well that’s discouraging. but lucky for me i went through the comments and now know about the gift wrap scissors thing.. oh, and by the way, Mama Pea, it is also not a good idea to cut them with kitchen scissors.. which is what i did the other day.. and i can’t believe you said they look perfect. a straight-on head shot will tell a different story..


my buddy tam tagged me in her post yesterday.. it was one of those random question surveys.  don’t those surveys remind you of 8 years ago when myspace was cool? that is what i think of.  SO, i thought i would fill out this survey because sometimes a little mindless question answering is necessary, right? of course right :)

meals and moves woven in.

here we go!


woke up super early this morning and completed 15 minutes of plyo for my wakeup call challenge!


goodness. i look pretty haggard in the mornings.

Where would you be able to spend hours and be happy?

at my parents’ house. how does that song go? love at home? yeah. it’s good there. i like it. if i wasn’t a grown ass woman i would contemplate moving back in.. i mean, they’ve got a full gym, a sauna, a steam room, delicious food.. okay, maybe i should move back in!

What’s your favorite kind of doughnut?

believe it or not, i don’t love doughnuts! i would rather have ice cream or a cookie any day of the week. yeah.. now that i think about it.. doughnuts are probably my least favorite of all treats! if i had to pick a flavor, it would be plain old glazed. with coffee. black.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

i have just one tattoo~ my dog mable’s name on my wrist. she died in september 2007 and i got the tattoo shortly after her death. her name means lovable. i have my ears pierced (and gauged) and i have a rook piercing in my left ear. the other piercings i have are: both treguses, industrial on the right ear, middle cartilage on the left ear and my belly button.  i don’t have any jewelry in these piercings. i was over it.


meal 1: banana coconut protein dreaaaam @ 7:30 AM


my wednesday morning physical therapy appointments sure have put a damper on my ability to celebrate waffle wednesday.. hopefully i can go back to my protein waffle breakfast soon! this had:

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 scoop lean dessert banana nut protein powder
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • 10 ice cubes
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • sprinkle of coconut


285 calories, 24g protein, 37g carbs, 6g fat

What is your favorite movie?

dang. talk about a tough Q! some favorites are empire records, dumb & dumber and billy madison.

Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my mom. this happens to be the answer to this question approximately 93.752% of the time.

Are you still friends with the people you knew in middle school or high school?

my maid of honor is my bestie from 7th grade! other than that, i am not too close with many friends from grade school. a few, though :) facebook is good for getting back in touch with those crazy kids.

What is the last thing you ate?

tofu spaghetti a la marshall. you’ll see it below, i promise.


meal 2: turkey sandwich + snap peas @ 12:00 PM


yes.. over FOUR hours later. that protein shake had some staying powder, didn’t it?!

the sandwich:

  • 2 slices sunflower market 9 grain bread
  • 3 ounces columbus low sodium herb turkey
  • 1 laughing cow light cheese wedge
  • annie’s horseradish mustard
  • lettuce, cucumbers, onions


snap peas on the side for veggie and crunch factor! IMG_1954

285 calories, 35g protein, 37g carbs, 4g fat

did anyone else notice my meal 1 and 2 were both 285 cals? i love it when that sort of thing happens!

my boss wanted a sandwich too.. so i made him one “to go”. i am a nice girl.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

a veterinarian. that quickly changed when i learned i would have to put animals down :( now, i just don’t want to grow up. period.

Name three things that are close to you right now:

penny, randy & marshall. happiness :)

What was your best subject in school?

english. i love to write. maybe that is why i love to blog? i used to write chapter-long books. for fun. seriously. i wish i could get my hands on those.

What is your favorite restaurant?

are you kidding me? there are too many to name! but, in salt lake city, my favorites include takashi (sushi), ruth’s diner (breakfast), the himalayan kitchen (indian) and aristo’s (greek).


meal 3: new protein bar alert! @ 3:45 PM


my assistant (yes, the one who quit) felt bad so she bought me a box of these protein bars that are sold at some MD diet place she goes to. thanks, linds!


check out the amazing stats & not-so-funky ingredients!



and the best part? the taste. IMG_1968

i am NOT exaggerating when i say it tastes 100%, completely like one of these:

image [source.]

like.. EXACTLY like one. but good for you! i don’t think you can buy the bars anywhere in stores.. sorry guys.. maybe i will have to host a giveaway for some soon!

Any hidden talents?

yes. i can say the ABC’s backwards (so.. the ZYX’s!) and i can blow spit bubbles off my tongue. guess i’ll keep my day job…

What is your middle name?

ann. like lots of girls i know.

What is your favorite website?

not picking. check out my links to lurk page.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

twelve. his name was levi littlefair. no idea where he is or what he is doing now.. it’s SO funny to think back about how big of a deal that was and how much i liked him! hilarious. geez..


today was cardio. i made up a simple ten minute mile interval workout:

minute # speed (MPH) incline (%)
0-1 3.0 5
1-2 3.5 5
2-3 4.0 5
3-4 6.0 1
4-5 6.0 1
5-6 6.5 0
6-7 7.0 0
7-8 7.5 0
8-9 8.0 0
9-10 8.5 0

i did the above cycle 3 times through and went for 30 minutes / 3 miles, but you can tailor this to however long of a workout you’d like. it was very forgiving with the 3 minutes of walking on an incline at the beginning of each new mile, so you could probably do this for a long distance with no problem! let me know if you try it :)

i finished off the workout with 20 minutes of walking @ 3.0 MPH / 15% incline because i wanted to read the rest of my oxygen mag ;)

i used my new calf skins i got from my physical therapist. it made SUCH a difference and running was much nicer!

total workout: 50 minutes, 4.14 miles, 356 calories burned, max HR 170, average HR 141.

Chocolate or vanilla?

vanilla bean. in ice cream form, preferably.

What is your favorite girl’s name?

hannah. it’s a palindrome and it’s gorgeous.

Favorite store?

ironically, my favorite stores are NOT near me. trader joe’s, H&M and crate & barrel. what a pity.

Would you rather be a rock star or a famous athlete?

athlete. you don’t want to hear/see me try to rock out ;) although i am not so great at sports, either.. how about i just be a professional eater who travels and critiques restaurants all over the world? sure, i’ll do that!


after the gym i was in a big hurry because i had places to be. i also had a huge watermelon in the fridge. and green beans in the freezer.. so..

meal 4: watermelon + green beans @ 6:30 PM


i also had some PB&A nut mix:IMG_1979

i know. no protein. i tried to mix some rice protein powder with some greek yogurt and it tasted horrendous.. so i tossed it.. and had to head out the door to purchase my new water bottle:


just kidding. ha! and yes, in case you are wondering, that is an enormous water bottle in the shape of a penis.. veins and all.

we were doing some shopping for my friend’s bachelorette party (this friday!)~ tell me that would not be hilarious to waltz into the gym with a giant wiener water bottle. i dare you to do it. i’ll pay you a dollar. maybe even two.

Favorite food?

HAHAHA. good one, survey. some favorites: ice cream, cereal, any cheese, eggs, bread and greek yogurt.

What are you wearing right now?

gray jeans (element brand) a black short sleeve sweatshirt (WESC brand) and black flip flops. i am ridiculously surprised that i haven’t changed into PJs yet, actually! that is how i spend most of my time…

What is your favorite animal?

i am partial to dogs, although growing up i had a mild obsession with cats. i hated dolls, but had about 16,384 stuffed cats.  i like all animals, really. except spiders.. are those animals? i flipping hate spiders.

Did you graduate from college?

does an associates degree count??? ;)


meal 5: tofu spaghetts @ 9 PM


marshall made this for me and it was ready when i got to his place :) we call it spaghetts. not spaghetti.IMG_1992 he makes his spaghetts sauce from scratch, folks. and it. is. amazing. he may only be able to cook two things, but he does a damn fine job. he also uses protein packed multigrain barilla pasta.

What does your last text message say?

“thanks :’(“ …i don’t want to talk about it.but i want someone to know i love them and am thinking about them.  <3

Do you have any nicknames?

lots! my first nickname was “neef” because my brother couldn’t say the “th” part in my name~ so it was “janeefa” shortened to “neef”.  i hated it once i turned 12 or so.. and wouldn’t allow ANYONE to use the nickname. now, i love it. i want people to call me neef! my brother still fondly calls me “neef the beef the big, fat feef”~ and i love it :)

nicknames include J, neeth, j2t, j to the, JB, janetha bean (bloggie nickname!) and jaboobs. don’t ask.


that was fun!

links you may like:

i have an awesome guest poster lined up tomorrow. come back for that and i’ll chat with you guys friday!


how about some from the survey?

1. do you have any hidden talents? what are they?

2. how old were you when you had your first kiss? are you still in touch with that lucky kiss recipient?

3. what is your favorite restaurant? what kind of cuisine is it and what is your favorite dish to order there?

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homecookedem May 20, 2010 at 2:38 pm

Awww, love the neef story, so cute!! :)

Dawn (HealthySDLiving) May 20, 2010 at 3:31 pm

Empire Records os for sure on my list of favorite movies as well! Classic!
Favorite restaurant is a wine bar/bistro close by my house called The Barrel Room. They have things like panini’s and fish and pasta-such a cozy little place!

Tay May 20, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Ahhhh favorite candy ever!!!! Love those 100 Grands.

1. Hidden talents? I can wiggle my ears! And extend my neck VERY long. But I can’t do both at the same time. I’ve tried.

2. So first kiss was not until freshman year of college. Slightly embarassed on that one, but you know what? Better late than never! ;-)

3. Oh goodness so many fave places to eat. Including High Tech Burrito and Firestone’s Grill. I LOVE BBQ. Love love love. I also love Mexican. I’m not huge on Italian (pizza is OK, but I never like to order pasta out).

traynharder23 May 20, 2010 at 5:54 pm

1. hidden talent? hmmm. i have perfect pitch. can’t sing, but i have perfect pitch. i also have an uncanny ability to find things. oh! and deja vu.

2. first kiss….june 2009. i was 23! eep. i beat you Tay! nope, he totally ditched me! he wanted to go all the way, but i said HELL NO.

3. hmm. not sure what my favorite restaurant is! maybe now it’s the boiling crab…and i get RAJUN CAJUN shrimp! i do adore mexican food!

lowandbhold May 20, 2010 at 6:47 pm

I love the tofu spaghetti. As long as a person has one signature dish, they’re golden.

I think I was 11 when I had my first kiss. It was pretty hilarious. He made my lip bleed and gave me a blow up chair.

snackface May 21, 2010 at 7:18 am

HIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you! I am working on catching up on yo posts!!

Shoooo, hidden talents? Tongue to nose and chin. Can tie a cherry stem with my tongue. Now, that is something MamaJ taught me to do when Matt and I were little and waiting for a table at restaurants. THANKS MOM!

Oh gosh, I don’t remember my first kiss. That either means I was a little ho or it was awful.

Fave restaurant is La Medittereane in SF, where I once ordered hummus for an appetizer and then dessert. SO effin good!

Love you so much!!! Have a faaaab weekend! xoxoxo

holly (the healthy everythingtarian) May 21, 2010 at 10:10 am

love the survey says. and i hope everything is okay with your friend. i love you too! not that it matters, but hey – it can’t hurt the situation, right?

yummmm for coconut on smoothies! that reminds me i need to buy more.

tofu spaghetts recipe, por favor?

heart you.

happy weekend NEEF!

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