flashback friday: the cabin.

by Janetha on May 14, 2010

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hello! long time no talk. or so it seems.. what with wordless wednesday and guest post thursday, right?

glad so many of you liked my wordless post. truth be told, wednesday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  i didn’t want to sit around and bitch and moan on my blog, so i just showed you my day—sans all the B.S.

okay. so i should just put this out there because otherwise you will probably be like “what the funk, janetha b?”~ i am stressed out.  while i hate to be a downer on the blog, i have a feeling it has been showing through in my posting.. and i just wanted to let you all know that i am dealing with a whole lot these days.

yeah, there is wedding plans (2 months to go until the wedding. eep.) and the house renovations (which are costing WAY more than i had anticipated.. of course.) but there has been more and more piling up. the $800 vet bill, the fact that marshall has $10k of dental work that needs to be done, the overwhelming realization that honeymoons are damn expensive, physical therapy that is not healing my tendonitis as quickly as i’d like it to, blah blah blah…

and on wednesday it finally reached a breaking point when my mechanic told me i needed new brakes AND tires.


and i had a (few) good cries.

and i got a (few) great hugs. thanks mom and marshall. and penny and randy.

but it doesn’t stop there. yesterday my FANTASTIC assistant, that has worked here since the beginning of the year, informed me that she had to put in her 2 weeks. (i am not mad at all, she got offered an awesome job and i am stoked for her!) and now i have to find a replacement. and, well, i lost it again. at work. pretty sure my bosses were worried about my sanity.

oh, and to top it all off, marshall’s prescription puma sunglasses that i got him for our first anniversary were in my car on sunday and now they are missing.

it’s not pouring.. it is a straight up hurricane, folks.

now you know. let’s move on. no point dwelling on all that, right? i have put the lemons on the table and now it’s time to make lemonade!

it’s the weekend and it’s time for fun!

i didn’t take very many photos of my eats yesterday. they were pretty uneventful as i didn’t have much of an appetite. you may have noticed that from the eats shown in wednesday’s post~ all day wednesday i had two protein bars, two protein shakes and the baked potato/cottage cheese combo. oh.. and a LOT of water and coffee. like, a lot.

yesterday was a little better, i had a big salad with salmon and sweet potato with hummus/mustard dressing ala HEABs, a protein shake, two wasa crackers with mighty maple peanut butter, some plantain chips, some nuts and this delicious dinner:


marshall and i tag teamed on the prep for the meal. we browned some ground turkey, cooked a duo of annie’s mac, added a couple laughing cow wedges (for the cheese factor!) and steamed a heap of veggies. 


in a very short time, dinner was served.


oh, and marshall decided to test out my free samples of POM wonderful~ straight up:


he said it was “delicious, but sour!”


i love him.

we tried to watch “naked lunch” but it turned out to be insanely weird and we ended up turning it off. that usually does not happen when we watch movies! i mean, we at least give it time to play to the end. but not this one. no bueno.

oh.. and i didn’t work out yesterday. i got home from work and went to change for the gym, business as usual, but i was just physically and mentally exhausted.. so i took a 90 minute nap instead. no apologies.



this morning i ate a cinnamon simply bar + black coffee on the way to physical therapy~


and lunch was a cinnamon coffee protein shake + 2 wasas with mighty maple peanut butter~


i have reason to believe someone i work with has been dipping into my mighty maple jar. i just bought a new one and it is almost half empty. um.. i have only used it twice, maybe three times. there’s a peanut butter thief among us. so.. i wrote a note on the lid:


hope that keeps whoever has been helping themselves OUT of the jar. so annoying. buy your own flipping food, please and thanks.

so.. now we are current. wow, how lame was all that?! sorry ‘bout that.. i am sure i’ll have better posts next week. the reason i am sure of this is because the only way to go from this post is up.

i will be getting a good HIIT+upper body workout in today before heading up to my friend lindsay’s cabin. oh, the cabin! that brings me to flashback friday!!

oh, the cabin.

i’m at my best when in a cabin in the woods” is what a simple needlework art piece says on the wall of the cabin.  ain’t it the truth? 


my friend lindsay’s family has this amazing cabin about an hour east of the city.  we have gone there on several occasions and tonight we are going to celebrate her birthday!

for this week’s flashback, i thought it would only be appropriate to flash back to a few other times we spent at the cabin. i don’t have ALL the photos from ALL the experiences~ they are mysteriously somewhere in cyberland..(?) but i have enough to keep ya’ll entertained for a few minutes.

first time at the cabin was way back when. over four years ago!

february 2006.


i have a feeling there was at least one trip between that one and this next one. but i just can’t remember.. or find photos.. so fast forward two and a half years~

october 2008.

IMG_7876IMG_7762IMG_7763 IMG_7779 IMG_7860  

and the most recent trip was just last august.. i blogged about this one here.

august 2009.


and i will be back next time with a full recap of tonight’s cabin shenanigans :)

did you participate in flashback friday? i know tina did. and april, mara and susan had some flashbacks of their own this week. let me know if you did too and i will link back in my next post.

by the way, i think it goes without saying that blog reading and commenting has taken a back seat on the bus for me these days. i do try to read when i have time.. but that seems to be never! hopefully life will get back to normal soon and i can go back to enjoying everyone’s ramblings. we’ll see!



1. what is your favorite way to de-stress? i just need three ingredients: dogs. marshall. vanilla bean ice cream. it is like mama pea pointed out in this post.. “stressed” backwards spells “desserts” ;)

2. quick, pick one! cabin in the woods, bungalow on the beach or penthouse in the city? since i can never pick one, i pick cabin and bungalow. but tonight, it’ll be cabin.

xo. janetha b.

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hayleycepeda May 16, 2010 at 6:38 pm

I am so sorry to hear about all the stressors you have going on in your life right now, but I can completely understand!! This is a super busy time for you and I have no doubt that it’s going to be overwhelming at times. On the same note, remember that this is YOUR blog and you are more than allowed to vent! It doesn’t always have to be upbeat 24/7 – if anything it makes me feel better to know that you do have downs as well as ups…makes you seem human. :) I’m sending you lots of hugs and peace and hoping that today was a better day!!


PS – LOVE that mac & cheese recipe!!

Ildie May 18, 2010 at 6:12 am

Don’t you just HATE it when life gets all WILD and OUT OF CONTROL on ya? Like the universe with it’s cleverness it testing your patience and threshold. I bet your threshold is high. You’ll be okay, and in the end, stronger.

Honeymoon…… You should do something simple. Something romantic. Something cheap. Call it “Honeymoon take 1”. And then save up for “Honeymoon take 2”.

Marie May 22, 2010 at 1:38 pm

I’m sorry to hear everything hit all at once for you and that you had such a crummy day! Hopefully it will turn around soon!

My favorite ways to de-stress are hanging out/talking to my husband, hanging out with him and our twins, and working out. :)

Definitely bungalow on the beach! :)

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