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by Janetha on May 10, 2010

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i feel like i haven’t blogged in ages.. when in reality it’s only been since friday afternoon. although, judging from the number of photos on my camera card, you’d think i haven’t blogged in two weeks. i guess i just ate a whole lot of food in the past 72 hours ;)

so.. settle in.. i have a feeling this one is going to be novel-length. hence the title. i won’t bore you with every last morsel and move.. but i will give you a quick run-down of each day. let’s get started!


there was minimal time between work and play, so i took the day off from the gym. i have slowly become better and better at not sweating my missed sweat sessions.  in reality, i am only missing a calorie burn of about 300 calories, so in the long run i highly doubt a missed workout is going to make me gain 10 pounds. just saying. sometimes it is smart to look at the big picture. you won’t feel so bad about missing a workout if you put it all into perspective.

five missed workouts? bad. one missed workout? not bad at all!


we went to the porcupine pub & grille to celebrate my friend jamie’s graduation. congrats, lady! :D


i went with the turkey sandwich on wheat~


this sandwich is one of my favorites because it comes with smoked gouda! i love gouda. well, i love all cheese.. but gouda is in the top 5.  the sandwich also had lettuce, red onion, tomato and a cranberry dijon. yum. it also came with a side salad.



saturday morning i slept in until 11:00 a.m. no apologies here, people. my body needed it! when i woke up i immediately hit the floor for my five minutes of plyo for the wake up call challenge.


about an hour later, i made a (super) late breakfast~ maple pomegranate parfait!


special thanks to momma b for hooking me up with this awesome new parfait glass :) this beaut’ had a trifecta of cereal among the layers: trader joe’s fiber cereal, cinnamon life, and kashi warm cinnamon something or other.  i used oikos 0% greek yogurt for my protein factor.


i topped the parfait with a dollop of mighty maple peanut butter and garnished it with pomegranate arils.



i ate it alongside a humungous mug of coffee and my new issue of real simple. lovely.


saturday afternoon was spent at the mall and barnes & noble~ looking for mother’s day gifts.  we found a bunch of great items!  we had to break for some coffee mid-shopping. i got mine iced because it was so hot on saturday!


it was windy, apparently.

the jazz game was at 6:00 PM saturday night, so we rallied up to our friend’s house to watch the game.  we had purchased some food to BBQ but we didn’t end up using it. lucky for us, our hosts were treating us to a mexican fajita fiesta!

check out the cutest jazz fan ever, our hosts’ little guy, anakin!


we snacked on blue chips & fresh mango salsa during the first half of the game.  i know one girl who would have loved these chips!


i love salsas with fruit!


during halftime, the guys played frisbee and i laid on the sidewalk, basking in the sunshine.  i took a photo while laying on the ground~


after halftime it was time to eat!

the chef, my friend steph:


they purchased some delicious marinated carne asada & chicken from a local mexican market.  i couldn’t believe the amount of flavor that was packed into every piece of meat!


the spread~

mexican rice, corn, the steak & chicken, cheese, salsas & hot sauce. there was also some guac and sour cream!

IMG_1239IMG_1238 IMG_1236 IMG_1241IMG_1243

my plate:


a little of everything! plus a whole wheat tortilla. i love interactive eating.


unfortunately the jazz lost by ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY point :( it was a really good game~ very intense at the end. too bad we lost!

by the way.. taking two days off from exercise is not going to make you fat. or me. i didn’t exercise on saturday (aside from the wakeup call challenge) either.


happy mother’s day! i woke up and immediately completed my wake up call challenge with 5 minutes of plyo, and then set out for a run.


outdoor intervals!

i set up my handy gymboss interval timer and set out. i did the following cycle twelve times through:

pace time
sprinting 1 minute
walking 30 seconds
jogging 1 minute

this cycle twelve times through took a total of 30 minutes and i traveled 3.3 miles.

i didn’t have my heartrate monitor with me, which was a bummer, but i checked it the old school hand-on-neck way and i was over 180 BPM after the sprints!

i got home (well, back to marshall’s) and dropped onto the bed for a good 30 minutes. i was beat! running in the heat is taxing. at least utah has dry heat. i don’t know how you runners in humid climates do it!

i cleaned my sweaty mess of a self up and marshall & i ventured out to find some coffee & food.


we ended up at the only semi-healthy place to get breakfast in the whole town: einstein’s bagels. salt lake city has a ton of great, healthy breakfast options.. but the town marshall lives in only offers several greasy spoon diners that i would rather not frequent.

i went with an egg white bagel sandwich on a whole wheat bagel with plain cream cheese~


i am sorry, but i will NEVER be one of those people who “scoops out” the doughy part of the bagel. that is the BEST part! high carbs or not, i don’t care, i’m having my cake bagel and eating it, too!

i also had a nice drip coffee mix of their neighborhood blend + vanilla hazelnut~ they paired nicely together! if i have straight hazelnut it is just too sweet, the neighborhood blend balances it out perfectly.


i used my awesome houndstooth cup sleeve susan sent me :)


i eventually made my way to my parents’ house where i started fixing dinner for mother’s day.  first i baked a carrot cake, then i made a green salad, chopped some asparagus, squash & zucchini and marinated it in oil & vinegar (to be grilled later) and i also popped some russet & sweet potatoes in the oven for baking! my camera was near death so i didn’t photograph these shenanigans.

we exchanged mother’s day gifts before eating dinner. marshall & i got my mom a necklace, some almond toffee and a game that helps improve your memory. the last gift was kind of a joke because my mom has been having trouble remembering things lately!

meals 1141

my mom is a sweetheart and got me this mortar & pestle. can’t wait to move into my new house and use all my fun kitchen gadgets i’ve been getting!


every year, without fail, at least one of the kids gets my mom a gift that starts up the water works and makes her cry. this year, the tear-jerker prize goes to my sister suni, who made my mom this:

meals 1145

it is a family hierarchy that has our actual profile silhouettes! isn’t that so cool?? (i blacked out the names in case some of my siblings have issues with that, not sure?) and what is even cooler is i am not all by myself down there at the bottom anymore!! it was pretty awesome to see marshall there, included in the family tree :)

dinner was a delicious plate of halibut, salmon, salad, grilled veggies and 1/2 of a sweet potato:

meals 1148

little do you all know, i ate my weight in watermelon both before AND after dinner. i think i am going to turn INTO a watermelon soon.

after dinner we went to see how the house renovations were coming along. my brother has managed to tile most of the entryway as well as a good chunk of the living room. check it out!

IMG_1301 IMG_1300

up close of the tile we picked out:


and the toilet is currently in the kitchen…


lots to do!

sunday night we checked out ironman 2 which i LOVED!

image [source.]

good movie, i recommend it. oh, speaking of iron  man 2, check out gwyneth paltrow’s leg workout that she did in order to get into shape for the flick! i want to give it a try!


woke up to rain today. um, i thought it was APRIL showers, not MAY showers! let’s see the flowers, people!


nothing new about my monday morning breakfast: meal 1: eggbeaters & oatmeal.


today was busy. i have nothing awesome to report. oh, except my lunch combo~

meal 2: sweet potato + cottage cheese + sunflower seed butter


this is the only way i like cottage cheese with sweet stuff.. because this sweet stuff is actually borderline savory. cottage cheese is probably my favorite baked potato topping ever.


i love this trifecta of flavors and it is actually packed with healthy fats from the seed butter, the good kind of carbs from the potato, and slow-digesting casein protein from the cottage cheese.  this meal kept me full for what seemed like forever!

meal 3 was a berry almond luna bar i ate pre-workout.


things balance out. i didn’t workout friday or saturday, and i was just going to do weights today, but i had the extra energy and did both an upper body workout + HIIT when i went to the gym.

for the upper body workout, i did regular body for life sets but between the sets i did a low weight/high rep move for a body part other than the part i was currently working. i think this was fun and interesting and definitely more beneficial to my upper body that has to look baller in a wedding dress in 2 months and one week. criminy!

the deets:

  • 5 minute treadmill warmup (walking @ 3.0 MPH/14% incline/0.25 miles)


move reps weight
incline dumbbell chest press 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
17.5# ea
20# ea
22.5# ea
25# ea
20# ea
incline dumbbell flyes 12 @ 12.5# ea

*i did 15 face down tricep kickbacks on the incline bench (holding 5# db in each hand) between the first 4 sets for a total of 60 reps.


move reps weight
seated overhead dumbbel press w/ twist 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
12.5# ea
15# ea
17.5# ea
20# ea
12.5# ea
standing upright barbell row 12 @ 30#

*i did 15 dumbbell hammer curls (holding 12.5# db in each hand) between the first 4 sets for a total of 60 reps.


move reps weight
single arm dumbbell row 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
cable row (v rope) 12 @ 70#

*i did 15 bench dips between the first 4 sets for a total of 60 reps.


move reps weight
straight bar cable pushdowns 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
overhead cable extension 12 @ 40#

*i did 15 incline pushups between the first 4 sets for a total of 60 reps.


move reps weight
v rope hammer cable curls 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
dumbbell biceps curls 12 @ 12.5# ea

*i did 15 cable rows (at 40#) between the first 4 sets for a total of 60 reps.

i finished the workout with some very simple treadmill HIIT:

minute # speed (MPH) incline (%)
1 6.0 1
2 6.5 1
3 7.0 1
4 7.5 1
5 6.0 1
6 6.5 1
7 7.0 1
8 7.5 1
9 6.0 1
10 6.5 1
11 7.0 1
12 7.5 1
13 6.0 1
14 6.5 1
15 7.0 1
16 7.5 1
17 6.0 1
18 6.5 1
19 7.0 1
20 7.5 1

20 minutes, 2.25 miles

THE END. total workout: 1 hour 10 minutes.


i refueled immediately upon walking in the door! meal 4: cinnamon spiced coffee protein milkshake.


yes, this was as good as it looks! i made a recipe page for it here.


into the vitamix:

  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup black coffee
  • 1 scoop BSN lean dessert cinnamon roll protein powder
  • 1 scoop secure coffee powder (check this new product out here!)
  • 10-12 cubes of ice
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum
  • 1/4 tsp guar gum
  • tons of cinnamon!

holy wow. this was deeeeelicious!


230 calories, 6g fat, 20g carbs, 28g protein

i also had a big bowl of steamed veggies:


and now we are caught up!

i am not sure what dinner will be.. probably something creative using leftovers.

WELL. did you make it this far?! if you did.. pat yourself on the back. anyone who made it this far definitely deserves a prize. so leave a comment saying “yahtzee” anywhere in the comment and i’ll pick a random winner and send you some protein bars. gotta keep it interesting, no?


1. favorite baked potato topping? see above. i said mine up there somewhere.

2. last flick you saw in theaters? did you like it? see above!

xo. janetha b.

p.s. congratulations to HEABs and CD~ they are expecting!!!

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BroccoliHut May 11, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Awesome parfait!! I never thought to use multiple cereals in mine. Must try soon! I have a pair of the exact same parfait glasses that I scored at a variety store for $2!
Fave baked potato toppings=cottage cheese or hummus
Last movie I saw=Iron Man 2 as well!

Christina May 11, 2010 at 3:58 pm

YAHTZEE! Come on, it was easy to make it through that post with all the incredible meals you ate. that sandwich? the mexican fiesta? that protein shake? BIG mistake reading that at 4 PM when i still have an hour or two at work…i’m hungry! :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes May 11, 2010 at 4:04 pm

I want a cinnamon spiced coffee protein milkshake right about now! Looks & sounds awesome!

Favorite baked potato topping: Greek yogurt & chives.

Your house looks great!!!

Jenna May 12, 2010 at 5:34 am

Boo! I don’t see my comment I left :(

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