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by Janetha on May 3, 2010

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hey everyone! hope your week has started off on the right foot.  i know mine has been a tad rocky due to situations at the office, but for the most part my monday was tolerable.

let’s rewind (i totally just typed fast forward.. maybe i am subconsciously wishing for the weekend already??) though, to sunday~ there was a lot that went on that i want to share with you guys!

i started off my morning at 9:30 with 10 minutes of plyometrics for my wakeup call challenge!  it was a great way to get the blood flowing first thing after waking up.

marshall was kind enough to capture the situation on camera ;) i promise, i look ridiculous when doing this. photos will prove it:


after my plyo, i drank a good amount of water and took about an hour to fully wake up and develop an appetite before making a late breakfast.

i was going to make a batch of protein pancakes in honor of pancake sunday, but i was not feeling the pancake vibe so i decided to take a pancake hiatus. hiatuses are totally allowed, right HEABs?


instead i went with an egg white scramble + laughing cow & ketchup with a jonagold apple on the side.  and, of course, an EXTRA large mug of coffee.


“i thought i ordered the LARGE cappuccino.” name that movie!!

after breakfast i took care of some blog business and i lounged around with marshall & the pups.  loungin’. that is what sundays are for!


i eventually managed to head out to the gym for my lower body workout. i really wanted to target my glutes in this workout so i did a bunch of extra work for my booty! it is definitely feelin’ it today! DOMS in the tush is basically amazing.

  • 5 minute treadmill warmup / walking @ 3.5 MPH on 15% incline

body for life style sets:


move reps (each leg) weight
bulgarian split squat holding dumbbells 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
12# each
15# each
17.5# each
20# each
15# each
barbell squat 12 @ 50#

*i did 30 (15 each side) standing oblique crunches holding a 25# plate between the first four sets for a total of 120 reps.


move reps (each leg) weight
single leg dumbbell deadlift 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
10# each
12.5# each
15# each
17.5# each
12.5# each
stability ball hamstring curls 12 @ body weight

*i did 20 bicycle crunches (going suuuuper sloooow) between the first four sets for a total of 80 reps.


move reps weight
standing weighted calf raise machine 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
sled machine calf raises (laying) 12 @ 160#

*i did 30 (15 each leg) donkey kicks with crossover between the first four sets for a total of 120 reps.


  • crunches on decline bench: 3 sets until failure
  • reverse crunches on decline bench: 2 sets until failure

extras for the glutes:

  • walking weighted lunges: 3 sets of the aerobics room length (about 20 lunges) holding 10# plate in each hand
  • walking weighted reverse lunges: 3 sets of the aerobics room length (about 20 lunges) holding 10# plate in each hand
  • laying bridge w/ feet on bench: 2 sets of 10 (both feet), 2 sets of 10 (left leg) 2 sets of 10 (right leg)
  • leg press: 3 sets until failure @ 160# (legs set high to target glutes)

the end! well, i did finish with some stretching. about 5 minutes worth.

this workout took 50 minutes all together.


not sure which exercise it was that made the DOMS set in so bad.. but i haven’t been able to get my glutes sore in ages so i am stoked.

when i got home from the gym it was time to do my physical therapy exercises & contrast bath.. uhhh.. NOT so fun!

i had to fill two tubs of water: one super hot and one icy cold.  3 minutes in hot, 2 minutes in cold, repeat 4 times.


it was ridiculous. but i am sure it helped! the purpose is to let your veins open up and relax when my ankles are in the hot water, and then when i put them into the cold water the veins constrict and all the bad stuff is flushed out of them. or so the paper my doc gave me says. i am sure there is a lot more behind the method to this madness, but i am not a physical therapist.. so i will just do as i am told!

while going from hot to cold to hot to cold, i enjoyed this post workout smoothie:


  • 1 serving tera’s whey blueberry protein powder
  • 1/2 cup silk almond milk
  • 1 small banana
  • ice
  • splash of water


sunday afternoon i worked on an easy italian pasta salad that i would be taking to my sister in law’s birthday celebration later that night.

first i combined black olives, grape tomatoes and diced cucumber.


next i blanched some carrots, zucchini and yellow squash.


meanwhile, i had some tricolor pasta boiling.  i drained the pasta and cooled it off with some cold water.


then i mixed it all together with some italian dressing that was bottled locally at granato’s, a delicious deli here in town.

IMG_0889 IMG_0890

and last, but certainly not least.. i added copious amounts of parmigiano-reggiano cheese!


marshall ended up eating a few bowlfuls of this before we even left to the party! it was definitely a winner of a pasta salad.


it was off to btown for the family birthday celebration~ the birthday girl had requested i prepare grilled portobello mushroom sandwiches. i had purchased all the necessities over the course of the weekend in order to make the delicious sandwiches!  i had to call 4 different bakeries before finding the foccacia bread i needed!

to make things easier, i typed up these sandwich order forms for everyone to fill out.  we also had chicken on the menu because not everyone is in love with the fungus among us.


fun fact! when i was a kid, i had a restaurant called “janetha’s place”. i would write up menus and hand them out to my family and the neighbor kids. then i would demand they place an order so i could make them food. this is what the menu above reminded me of :)


fixings and condiments included a spinach artichoke spread, roasted red peppers, grilled red onions, mozzarella cheese, pepperjack cheese, garlic aioli, pesto, dijon mustard, mayo, yellow mustard, salt and pepper.



it was quite a calamity getting everyone’s order just right.. but with the help of everyone we were able to bust out all 12 orders!  and the end result was nothing short of amazing.


you bet i ate this whole sandwich. i opted for both chicken AND portobello. gotta get my protein in somehow! i know foccacia is not exactly BFL-approved, but this was definitely considered “clean eating” in every other aspect of the sandwich. i skipped the aioli and topped mine with pesto and dijon mustard.


everyone had homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert, we even let linds blow some candles out before slicing the angel food cake. my niece helped her make a wish :)


instead of strawberry shortcake, i opted to eat my weight in watermelon. mmmm.

see, i told you i had a lot to tell you about sunday.


this will be brief. promise.

this morning started with 5 minutes of plyometrics for the wakeup call challenge.  if you haven’t checked out this challenge for may, it is not too late to join!  there are prizes to win and fitness goals to achieve. feel free to email me and sign up! i encourage you to do so!

meal 1 was predictable and i didn’t even take my camera. it was eggbeaters and oatmeal at the original pancake house for my sales meeting meal. no surprises there.

meal 2 was a little more exciting, but not much. veggies+grilled chicken & portobello mushroom cap+hummus @ 1:00 PM


i like to utilize leftovers. the sauce on top of the chicken was simply ketchup+mustard+a dab of water. very low calorie and flavorful!


i worked my life away and before i knew it i had been at the office for nearly 10 hours. oops. i had not even had an afternoon snack! i decided to have something super light because i was about to hit the gym for my cardio session.. and i will definitely barf if i try to do cardio after eating!

meal 3: kashi bar @ 5:00


i get a lot of questions about my tattoo. it says “mable” which is the name of my yellow lab who was hit by a car and died in 2007. she was definitely the love of my life and i miss her dearly. ironically, i do NOT like tattoos. but when she died, i felt compelled to get this one. it’s the only one i have. i mean, marshall has enough tattoos for the both of us.


today was a HIIT day and i did it on the elliptical. as much as i want to run, my ankles hurt really bad.

my physical therapist had instucted me to “get warm” before working out, so i did an easy 5 minute warmup before the HIIT, followed by a 5 minute cool down for a total of 30 minutes all together.

i did my increasing speed + resistance elliptical HIIT routine (click the link for the details). total time=30 minutes, total distance=3.2 miles, calories burned=241, max HR=176, average HR=144. lower average due to the warmup/cooldown. i was hovering around 158-165 BPM during the HIIT.


i wanted quick & easy (TWSS) when it came to dinner.. so i whipped up something simple. this was definitely more of a “constructing” dinner, not “cooking”.

meal 4: fettuccini alfredo with veggies & chicken meatballs @ 7:00 PM


not the prettiest, but THIS. WAS. AMAZING.

i finally found some carba nada pasta locally! for all you utahns, i found it at “the store”. you know, the grocery store that is called “the store”. it is on 62nd south and highland drive.


AMAZING stats:


i used 1 cup of the pasta for my dinner~ which means only about 100 calories and 16g carbs!

for the “alfredo”, i simply mixed 2 laughing cow wedges + 1/8 cup silk almond milk in a saucepan with salt, pepper and dried italian spices.


make sure to heat the sauce on low so the milk doesn’t scorch! i did add a little cornstarch (mixed with water) to thicken the sauce.


i steamed some normandy style veggies and then threw it all together:


i topped it with 4 spinach & fontina chicken meatballs for some added protein. voilà!


total dish = 315 calories, 10g fat, 25g carbs & 29g protein.

awesome stats, right?!

now i am just doing some blog stuff. i added a whole bunch of new “moves” pages so check that section out!

i just snacked on a handful of PB&A mix from trader joe’s:


i love this mix and make sure to stock up on a few bags any time i am near a trader joe’s. it is seriously the best! like a PB&J in nut form :)

i will be having some protein ice cream before bed, since i just froze a new batch of bananas last night. but i want to get this published so pretend i showed it to you guys, k?

WOW. if you made it this far, pat yourself on the back because it was long.

i have a TON of stuff i want to talk about this week, but i will save it for another day. i’ve got a giveaway for you guys as well!

marshall is out of town ALL WEEK for work :( sad janetha b.

oh well.. maybe i will finally get that room of mine cleaned.. (probably not).

i gotta go put my ankles into icy cold water.. and i should probably ice my butt while i’m at it. it’s so dang sore!


no food questions today.. just fun ones!

1. what was your favorite thing to “play” as a kid? my restaurant-“janetha’s place”-was definitely my favorite thing. i loved to take everyone’s order and fix them food. it makes a lot of sense though, since i still have a passion for it.  the runner up would have been playing “school”.. and of course i was ALWAYS the teacher. i LOVED playing “school”! “house”~ not so much.

2. do you have any tattoos? what are they of and what is their significance? you can see my answer above :)

xo. janetha b.

p.s. you may have noticed that i haven’t commented on your blog in over a week. i am still reading when i can, but i haven’t been able to take the time to comment. just wanted to throw that out there and say i love you guys!

p.s.s. vitatop giveaway!

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traynharder23 May 4, 2010 at 4:41 pm

hahaha playing stuff as a kid. i did a lot of little house on the prairie, and just store and dollhouse shit. hahah too much fun. OH! and tea parties and school.

i would like a tattoo but a)i’m a little worried about the pain and b) how it’s permanent. but i would like to get a dragon.

Whole Body Love May 4, 2010 at 5:06 pm

Ugh…my tatoo is embarrassing. I was young and in love when Mallard and I were newly engaged (4 years ago). I got a cursive L (think Laverne in “Laverne and Shirley) the size of a postage stamp tatooed on my hip. Mallard’s real name is Levi. Yes, it is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve done

Mari May 4, 2010 at 5:48 pm

I am always amazed by how hardcore you are when you workout! you are such an inspiration.

I have three tats…one on my ankle which is a butterfly; I got it when I was 16…
I also have a trampstamp (before they were called that lol) of the Romeo and Juliet symbol
AND I have “Namaste” on my wrist…I also used to have three tongue rings but got rid of them when they started to hurt my gums

Christine May 4, 2010 at 5:57 pm

hahaha love the plyo pic. mummy kicks?

LOVE the alfredo sauce with the LC and almond milk. I cannot wait to try that!

The PB&A mix looks so good! Definitely going to pick some up next time I go to TJ’s :)

Katie May 4, 2010 at 5:58 pm

I like the look of those carba-nada noodles…now where to find them in MI is the question!

inmytummy May 4, 2010 at 6:28 pm

This is totally weird, but I used to draw these paper people and play with them when I was a kid. I had like 300 of them and I knew all of their first and last names. I think my mom probably still has them.

No tats.

actorsdiet May 4, 2010 at 7:15 pm

i played barbies a lot. and i still wound up a feminist!!!

Melissa @HealthyBites&Bits May 4, 2010 at 8:04 pm

Oh and I have to add how AMAZING those burgers look!! Wish I was at that BBQ ;)

acountablelife May 4, 2010 at 10:40 pm

Hey Janetha, I’m curious about the transfer bath…I tried to find other posts about it, but I’m curious what it’s all about, what you are trying to treat.

Sally @ acountablelife May 6, 2010 at 9:52 am

Ow! I hope your feet feel better! I was having some issues with foot cramps so I was curious.

Play? school, mainly, but I also liked pretending to bake.
Tattoo? 1, a lotus blossom, symbolizing female power and creativity.

Ildie May 5, 2010 at 12:59 pm

Hey lady. I’M BACK! I never though I would get to read blogs again. I’ve been inside a work tornado for days. :)

Uhm, your meals look amazing as always. I MUST.. I MUST FIND THAT PASTA! Those stats are INCREDIBLE!

1. I was always getting into dirt and climbing stuff. Total tomboy. Then we moved to America and I became obsessed with Barbie. I would have to say a stellar Barbie Pool Party (in the bathroom sink) was the best way to spend an afternoon. Sigh… The simple life…..

2. I have 3. I only love one of them so that is the only one I will talk about. It’s the massive one on my right shoulder. It is the second cover I’ve done of the original and I am FINALLY satisfied. It is a bonzai tree with floating cherry blossoms. A good friend designed the coverup and did my tattoo which makes it very special to me. I also love the significance of the cherry blossom symbol. It signifies how short, delicate, beautiful and precious life is. Just like the short life of a cherry blossom. ;)

mom May 5, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Sunday meal was simply amazing!! LOVED the grilled fungus and bird sandwiches haha!

I loved to play house when I was little and build forts and talk to my cats (they were the only friends I had :( true story)

My only tatoo would be my eyeliner ha, does that count!

momma b.

Susan May 6, 2010 at 4:25 am

Janetha. I am not reading your blog anymore because you don’t comment on mine. How dare you. :P I love laughing cow alfredo!! Even though I’m “off the dairy” I don’t think I will be “off the laughing cow” it’s just too good and versatile :)

1. I used to play “radio” all the time. I’d give my parents a walkie talkie, and hide with the other one, pretending to put on a radio show and play music. Who would have thought I’d actually work in radio when I grew up!

2. No tattoos here. I’m scurred of needles. It’s a miracle I ever even got my ears pierced.

Kailey (SnackFace) May 9, 2010 at 11:25 am

OMG this is so embarrassing, but my neighbor and I used to ride our bikes around the neighborhood, listening to Mmmbop and pretending we were bus drivers. Hahahaha I am cracking up thinking about it. She really wanted to be a bus driver when she grew up, though! She’s now a nurse.

Oh you know how badly I want some tats. I want them on my wrist, too, so I can see them. They’re all symbols/letters for the people in my life: lightning bolt (Dad and the whole H-Unit), MJ (MamaJ), $ (MattyRich), a peanut (Cia), a marshmallow (Sheba), a muffin (Muffin). I know most of these are ridiculous and I should just buy a charm bracelet, but the lightning bolt will happen.

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