blessings in disguise.

by Janetha on April 27, 2010

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*HELLO* my power was OUT last night when i typed this.. and so i had to publish this  wednesday morning. ~ such is life! pretened it is tuesday night :)

situation: i was late for work today.

blessing in disguise: i was still home when my co-worker text me asking me to bring her one of my contigo water bottles to borrow. score for her!


situation: i am all out of EAS vanilla protein powder (which is the powder i use for my protein oats). but i still have a whole BAG of the chocolate EAS.

blessing in disguise: i now have a reason to eat mighty maple chocolate protein oats day in and day out.


346 calories, 11g fat, 27g carbs, 37g protein

by the way, i documented the making of this bowl of oats and added a meals page for this recipe. check it out here.

situation: i was called into a meeting RIGHT as i was about to eat my lunch. i had already fixed it and everything.

blessing in disguise: i ended up chugging a ton of water to stave off my hunger and i hit my 1-gallon-of-water-a-day-goal before eating lunch.


this was 1 tumaro’s garden wrap, 3 chicken fingers (left over from last night’s dinner), hummus, hot & sweet mustard and sprouts~ all rolled up.


i had mini bell peppers & snap peas on the side:


oh. yeah. the photo? only one snap pea there.


i ate the rest of them while i was in my impromptu meeting. before my food photo shoot. and i couldn’t really say, “sorry, boss, i value your need for my opinion but i have to go get a close up of my chicken wrap right quick.” i had about 15 snap peas when all was said and done.


315 calories, 6g fat, 23g carbs, 35g protein

situation: i am ALL OUT of PB2. yep. out. and that is what i usually use for my greek yogurt/vitatop snack (which was on the menu).

blessing in disguise: i happened to have a jar of sunbutter in the depths of my work cupboards and so i opted to use the sunbutter in the greek yogurt mess instead. UM.. this was delicious! why had i not used sunbutter in this snack before?!


1/2 cup oikos 0% greek yogurt, one golden corn vitatop and 2 tsp drizzle of sunbutter.


all mixed up.


230 calories, 6g fat, 32g carbs, 17g protein

situation: i left my gym shoes at home and couldn’t go straight to the gym after work.

blessing in disguise: i ended up taking an hour long power nap! i was really exhausted for some reason (and i got 9 hrs of sleep last night, so that was weird).. but, when all was said and done, i must have needed the nap. blessing in disguise.

situation: i threw on my gym clothes but *accidently* took a detour to TJ maxx en route to the gym.

blessing in disguise: i found some awesome wedges for my engagement photos and this GIANT coffee mug. and an “M” mug for marshall because the one i previously bought him was broken by his roomie. TRIPLE THREAT blessing in disguise, people.


eventually, i did make it to the gym for a half-assed lower body workout:

  • 5 min elliptical warmup / level 8

inner/outer thighs:


move reps weight # of sets
hip abbductor 12 75# 3
hip adductor 12 75# 3



body for life sets~

move reps weight
smith machine squat 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
smith machine split squat 12 (each leg) @ 65#


body for life sets~

move reps weight
barbell stiff leg deadlift 12 @
10 @
8 @
6 @
12 @
stability ball ham curls 12 @ body weight


  • 10 minutes of random ab work

yes. it was a half assed workout. something is better than nothing.

situation: i really didn’t even want to go to the gym but i MADE myself go.

blessing in disguise: as i was leaving, i ran into this guy.. he was repping some seriously intriguing protein chocolates. um, what?!


freaking awesome. and what is even better is i told him about my blog and he gave me some free chocolates. it is nice to be in the business, sometimes. review to come. let me just say that these protein chocolates very well may change my “sweet treat after every meal” deprivation once and for all.


they are delicious. major blessing in disguise, real glad i made it to the gym tonight!

situation: i haven’t had a chance to review silk purealmond milk and i have been needing to.. for a couple weeks now.

blessing in disguise: i got to eat cereal for dinner! for the sake of the review, right? ;)


silk purealmond all natural almond milk. let’s talk about it.

i usually use blue diamond unsweetened vanilla almond breeze. i am an addict. i never stray from this brand because the stats of the blue diamond are stellar (40 cals/3g fat/2g carbs/1g protein per 8 ounces) and the flavor is great.

i use almond milk exclusively instead of cow’s milk. i have tried soy, hemp and rice milks but i always go back to almond milk. i just like the taste and texture of the almond milk. those of you who use it will probably agree with me. i use almond milk in cereal, smoothies and anywhere other people use regular milk.

well, mike with silk purealmond milk contacted me and asked if i would be willing to try out and review this new product. while i was on the fence about accepting his offer, after checking out the stats and ingredient list i agreed to give it a whirl.

IMG_0690 IMG_0689

the calories, fat and protein are comparable to my usual almond milk. the carbs are a tad higher, but nothing too horrible.

first i tried it straight up:


i don’t ever drink milk straight up, but i decided that it was necessary in order to give an honest opinion of the milk.  i was surprised at the sweetness of this almond milk, seeing as how it was the original flavor and not the vanilla flavor. it was definitely sweet. then i checked the sugar grams and saw it was 7g of sugar per 8 ounces. oh, that is why it was sweet.

next i tried it with TJ’s fiber cereal (thanks for sending me some, lauren!)


this milk is AWESOME in cereal. i am a huge fan of cereal and i know my milks.. and this one definitely passes the test.

final thoughts~


  • low in calories
  • tastes great
  • inexpensive ($2.99 for a half gallon @ target as opposed to $3.50-$4.50 for other alternative milks)
  • good source of calcium


  • higher in sugar than i typically like to see (although it is STILL lower in sugar in comparison to other milks, so this could ultimately be a pro, but it is a con for me)
  • higher in calories that my usual almond milk (again, still low cal)

so, as you can see, the only cons that do exist are solely in comparison with the almond milk i usually buy. but the silk purealmond milk is AWESOME. it is delicious and at the end of the day it really does have great stats. i would definitely use it on a regular basis.

fine print: i was contacted directly by silk and did receive their product free of charge, but my opinions are solely my own and i was not paid to write this review.

situation: i really don’t have the desire to type anything else tonight. it is late and i am beat, for some strange reason..

blessing in disguise: you guys have a chance to win free stuff! because when i am unmotivated to ramble, i like to host giveaways.

silk purealmond milk has generously offered to give not one, not two, but THREE lucky meals & moves readers the chance to try their product.

the grand prize winner will get coupons to try the silk purealmond milk along with a super sweet chico bag!


two runners up will receive coupons to try the silk purealmond milk.

to enter, simply leave me a comment telling me what you would use the silk purealmond milk for if you won.

i will announce the winners in my next post. in the meantime, you can click here to get a free coupon for 75 cents off!

situation: the power is out at my house right now.

blessing in disguise: looks like i am going to be able to get a full night’s sleep in tonight!! :)


1. any blessings in disguise you have experienced lately that you’d like to share with the class? see above.

2. what is your milk type of choice? almond for meeee.

p.s. i want to thank everyone who told me why my HRM is all skeewompus. and yes, i made that word up.

xo. janetha b.

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Lindsey April 28, 2010 at 6:44 pm

I would use it in overnight oats! Or drink it straight.

Whole Body Love April 28, 2010 at 6:47 pm

I use unsweetened van almond breeze as well. I sometimes use vanilla hemp milk or unsweetened 365 brand soy milk.

Blessing in Disquise: I go tired of waiting for a clinical spot to open at my current school (Xavier University). So after two years at the school that I loved , I grudgingly transferred to another school. But, I love my new school even more! It’s an exclusively nursing school so I can get in and get my RN so I can move on to finish my BSN!

Shannon April 28, 2010 at 6:50 pm

is it a blessing in disguised i managed to get to this post before you got another one in? me thinks so :) i’ve been drinking unsweetened almond breeze more and more, but sometimes i do go lactose free cow’s (organic if on sale!)

Hope Has A Place April 28, 2010 at 8:27 pm

I love almond milk. I would use it in my morning bowl (or snacky bowl, or dessert bowl) of granola. I like the flavor that the almond adds. Nom nom! :)

Summer April 28, 2010 at 8:46 pm

I would use it in my morning green smoothie! I too am loyal to Blue Diamond unsweetened vanilla, but I’ve seen the Sik brand and considered giving it a chance.

I feel like pretty much everything in my life is a blessing in disguise. If left to my own devices I’m pretty sure I’d make some terrible decisions so when unplanned things happen they usually work to my benefit!


sophia April 28, 2010 at 8:52 pm

Janetha, loved your positive message in this post. I truly believe that every situation has a blessing in disguise, too.

My blessing in disguise today: I was supposed to tour meet up with my old best friend from Singapore in Seoul, but her mom freaked out abt her traveling alone to Seoul, and she wanted her aunt to TAG ALONG WITH US!!! A bitter, naggy old maid? no thanks!
But it turned out okay: We decided to go to Hong Kong together during my stay in Singapore…which means my stay in Singapore is shortened, but I still get to go to HK, where I have not been to for years.

so it turned out good! :-)

Oh, and almond milk for me, too! BEST for cooking!

traynharder23 April 28, 2010 at 8:57 pm

not really. feeling eh.

either soy or almond! =D

hmm. almond milk- i’d use it in shakes with protein powdah.

Ildie April 28, 2010 at 9:45 pm

That mug of coffee is amazing. I should know, I own the same one in a cream color. I swear it holds 4 cups of coffee. HA! :)

I’m BACK. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Work is consuming my LIFE!


Hillary April 28, 2010 at 10:40 pm

Giveaway – woot woot! I would totally add the almond milk to my green monsters!

mayapamela April 29, 2010 at 4:11 am

I would use the silk almond milk for EVERYTHANG! You’re right, that stuff is some sweet nectar, and though it’s a little higher in sugar, I prefer it to Almond Breeze.

Michelle April 30, 2010 at 9:39 pm

I would make my bootleg kashi crackers! teehee

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