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by Janetha on March 25, 2010

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sorry to boggle your minds with my last post.  i know that last post was a little over the top when it came to numbers and whatnot.

this post should be quite the opposite.  it is late, i’ve got bags of frozen peas on my ankles and my whole entire body is so sore to the point where i can only move my fingers (to type) and nothing else.  let’s just say the insanity dvds live up to their name.

before i ramble on about today, i think EVERYONE should go check out mama pea’s post on doing body for life the vegan way.  i know someone who would be very interested.  i could probably attempt to do a day of BFL vegan.. but truth be told, it would take some crafty analysis and probably require the purchase of some vegan protein powders.. not something i am in the position to do at the moment. read: funds are tight ;)  SO.. for now, frolic on over and read mrs. pea’s post. it’s a good one.


did you guys remember that today was national waffle day AND national pecan day??  i did. and breakfast was a reflection of that!

meal 1: protein waffle + maple pecan butter @ 9:00 AM


i used my usual protein waffle recipe (i did 1/3 of the batch) and topped it with a tablespoon of homemade maple pecan nut butter that the oh-so-fabulous susan sent me.

this batch of waffles turn out just perfect!


must have been the luck of the national food holiday ;)


365 calories, 15g fat, 25g carbs, 36g protein

breakfast was definitely fat-heavy.. but the maple pecan nut butter was worth the extra fat grams~ plus, it was healthy fats!

meal 2: dijon eggs! + toast, tomatoes & laughing cow @ 12:30 PM


maybe not the prettiest sight.. but this tasted awesome!  i have been meaning to try lauren’s method of topping eggs with dijon mustard.  um, YUM!

4 egg whites, 1 oz diced turkey, annie’s dijon mustard.


i ate the eggs with two slices of toast topped with laughing cow and tomatoes. this went great with the eggs.


234 calories, 3g fat, 21g carbs, 31g protein

thursdays are always the worst for me at work.  it is like i hit the wall and just want to give up entirely!  fridays are a breeze because i am excited for the weekend. it’s thursdays that really are the pits.

meal 3: greek yogurt mess @ 3:30 PM


yogurt and cereal just may be my all-time favorite snack.


i only had about 2/3 cup of oikos left so i had to amp up the protein by adding 2 TB of EAS chocolate protein powder. i also added a TB of PB2 and it turned into a lovely chocolate peanut butter mousse!


314 calories, 4g fat, 34g carbs, 36g protein


after work it was straight home to change for my workout.. it has been weird not going to the gym this week and instead staying home to do the insanity workout DVDs.. but to be honest it is pretty convenient!

today was a lower body workout day according to my usual schedule.  i already had DOMS in my legs from the fit test & cardio set of insanity that i did on tuesday and wednesday.. so i decided to just skip the weight lifting and do the cardio power & resistance DVD..


this was awesome. sorry to lack in the moves posting~ i know a lot of you like to get ideas for workouts. but here is an idea: go buy the insanity DVDs. haha. they are awesome!

today’s workout was 40 minutes long and consisted of a lot of body weight strength moves (think tricep dips, walking pushups, squats) and by the end of the 40 minutes i was a dripping, sweaty mess. i LOVE these DVDs!! and i hate them. i am so stiff with DOMS in every inch of my body.

i am afraid of what the next DVD will bring…



tonight i took a free meal and went to an annual culinary event~ art & soup!


our friends kristen and rory (who i always talk about!) invited us to go to this event. 

yes, i know it is not my free day, but the beauty of doing body for life is it allows flexibility.  this is a culinary event that i had planned on going to awhile back, then started body for life.  instead of staying home from the event, i opted to switch up my free day.  usually, i take a whole day off (saturday) from body for life style eating.  when something comes up during the week, i just eat clean all day long and then enjoy my meal out.  when saturday rolls around, i will eat clean all day and i may or may not have a free meal saturday night.  i love the flexibility of the plan!

art & soup is.. well.. just what it says. lots of art and lots of soup!  local artists and restaurateurs unite and have a fun collaboration of all their talents in one convenient location.  admission is a steal at just $12!

so.. we saw some art…

IMG_8485  IMG_8514  IMG_8508

check out this awesome painting of a kitchenaid/baking ingredients.. i totally want it for my kitchen!


and we ate some soup!!


there were probably 25 different restaurants there.. here are a few of our favorites!

chicken pot pie soup from left fork grill


wild mushroom, pear & gorgonzola soup from tin angel cafe


marshall’s favorite was the granny smith apple & bacon with cheddar from red rock


and my favorite was the butternut squash & leek soup with spring onion jam & gorgonzola crumbles from cafe molise 


pierre country bakery was offering up some bread!

IMG_8518 IMG_8516

and they also had an array of pastries including mint brownies, cheesecake & peach tarts


i had one bite of that brownie and realized it was a thick layer of mint frosting. ICK.. i hate frosting. the cheesecake was divine (i had a nibble of marshall’s) and the peach tart was just what i wanted. it was delicious.

we finished the taste testing off with some coffee from grounds for coffee


art & soup was a really fun event and i am so glad our friends invited us along for the experience.  i think we will have to go again next year!!


good times. and i really didn’t over do it.. it was fun to try a lot of different soups. i didn’t go hog wild trying EVERYTHING.. i indulged in the soups that looked tastiest and i stopped when i was full.

i realize this dinner was lacking in the protein department~ probably the reason my tummy is rumbling now only a couple hours later! i will probably have a protein cake and then call it a night.

sorry to not be very entertaining this time around! i will be back tomorrow with flashback friday.. and don’t forget, friday, march 26th is national spinach day!!!


1. what is your favorite type of art? i like modern art.. have you guys ever been to the tate modern museum in london? i LOVE that type of stuff. i can’t wait to have a house to decorate.

2. what is your favorite kind of soup? i am a huge fan of anything tomato or tomato based.. paired with a grilled cheese, of course ;)

xo. janetha b.

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feetinmotion March 26, 2010 at 8:07 pm

That art is incredible!! I love the statues of little kids. Such cool pieces. My favorite soup is french onion or chicken noodle!! You’re so cute, love ya!!

paigemadaline09 March 26, 2010 at 9:18 pm

I definately want to try the protein waffle :) yumm!

Bekah March 27, 2010 at 11:24 am

So much fun! See, you are getting your own culinary adventures too! :D
I love modern art too. And you are too funny- I seriously cannot wait to decorate my own house too. Art, kitchen gadgets, and the like. But I have to admit, my dorm room might be the best decorated/designed room on campus. Idk.. but every person that comes in is always like “whoa, this is such a cool room!” haha. that’s how i do.

I’m digging your bangs at the moment.

Mary March 29, 2010 at 5:56 pm

The soup and art show looks like a lot of fun!! I’m not big into art, but pair it with food and I’m in HAHA

My favorite soup has to be anything with lots of veggies. YUM


Brittany April 5, 2010 at 9:08 am

I’m supposed to working but all I want t do is read and read and read your BLOG!!!

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