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by Janetha on March 1, 2010

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you can probably guess that my life is pretty jam packed right now, seeing as how i haven’t been around in blog land lately. (speaking of, sorry i have been absent from reading all your lovely blogs, i miss them.) it is hard to accept the fact that blogging has taken the back burner when it is something i am most passionate about.  but life is CRAZY right now. not only with my personal life, but also with my life at the office. it. is. crazy.

with that said, this post is just going to be the facts.. because i am one exhausted janetha bean.

fact #1: we celebrated national chili day on friday night.


well, technically it was vegan black bean soup from whole foods, but marshall and i both agreed it totally passed as chili.


i topped mine with a golden corn vita. yum.



fact #2: more often than not, i make two different breakfasts on saturdays and sundays. one for me and one for him.

i don’t mind making different things for each of us. actually, i kind of like it! i love to cook and this way we both get what we are each in the mood for.

saturday morning, marshall had two fried egg sandwiches with laughing cow.


i had a yogurt mess with voskos, naturally more, my mom’s homemade raspberry jam~


all mixed up..


and then i added some of beek’s chia granola and some brown rice crisps.


i ate this alongside some french pressed coffee (that i received from mel, my bloggie valentine!) with a splash of so delicious coconut creamer (original flavor)~



fact #3: lots of wedding shenanigans went down on saturday, starting with a bridal show & a tasting at a caterer.

whew! lots of running around on saturday. but the fun part was trying the food at a spot called sandy’s kitchen.


we tried bruschetta (my favorite of the items we tried!), hummus, chicken kebabs & crab stuffed mushrooms.

IMG_7144IMG_7145 IMG_7146IMG_7143

it was all delicious! i liked that we were able to try the items we were getting a bid for.  it seems crazy to me that people spend thousands of dollars on food without tasting it first.

fact #4: i had no time between the wedding errands and my engagement party to cook/bake all the food i was planning to.. so it was costco to the rescue!

i ended up buying almost all the food pre-made, but the desserts i did bake myself.


although it was purchased already made, the food was all super delicious! we had:

  • sun dried tomato sabra hummus & pita crackers
  • spinach artichoke dip & baguette
  • chips, salsa & bean dip
  • vegetables & ranch dip
  • assorted cheeses


and the desserts i made:


my fabulous friends also brought apps including stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs and the best guacamole in town. thanks guys!

fact #5: i am so glad we decided to have an engagement party!

we weren’t going to have one just because life has been hectic and there is already a lot going on in the social schedule these days.. but marshall said we really needed to have one so we planned it last minute.. as in, 5 days before.

i am SO glad we did! it was awesome to see all my friends in one place~ and even better, at my house!

i will now bombard you with ten million photos from the party. enjoy.

the happy couple :)


me with my maid of honor, kristen. love her!


and she loves my pups!




look close.. there is a creeper.


old roomies +1


LOVE LOVE LOVE indy! oh, and i didn’t mention in my last post~ indy’s momma is an archaeologist! so the name indiana totally fits.

IMG_7147IMG_7148 IMG_7149IMG_7169

hang time.IMG_7175

high school pals~


the dogs hopping up on the dropped guacamole ;)


more friends!



my friend summer is getting married in may!


SO fun. thanks to those of you who are reading and came to the party! xo.

fact #6: if i had my way, i would eat dinner at my parents’ house every single sunday.

whether i cook or my mom cooks, there is always a delicious meal on sunday in btown. this past sunday was no exception. my mom made an incredible dinner!

roast w/ potatoes, onions & carrots, fresh rolls & jam, salad, asparagus!

my plate~


and i had two unphotographed rolls. nom nom nom.

i had to stop myself to prevent a food coma.

fact #7: i’m dang good at boggle.


nothing more to say.


fact #8: i baked vegan banana muffins on sunday night.


i baked them for my friends.. but of course i had one ;)



fact #9: nothing new for my monday morning sales meeting breakfast.


eggbeaters and oatmeal for like, the 10th week in a row. not sick of it yet. i am sure i will switch it up soon.


fact #10: i didn’t have time to eat lunch until 2 PM today. WTF.


and i don’t really think you can even count this as “lunch”~ but whatever. it was greek yogurt, nature’s path flakes and justin’s peanut butter.

fact #11: today was national peanut butter lover’s day, and yes.. i celebrated.


wouldn’t miss it!


fact #12: after work today… I FOUND A WEDDING DRESS!

holler! i can’t show you guys because marshall reads the blog, but i am stoked! it was my first dress appointment and it was the fifth or sixth dress i tried on. easy peasy. so excited!!!


fact #13: i did not work out saturday OR sunday.. but i did work out today.

the deets:


minute # speed (MPH)
0-2 5.5
2-4 6.0
4-6 6.5
6-8 7.0
8-10 7.5
10-12 5.6
12-14 6.1
14-16 6.6
16-18 7.1
18-20 7.6
20-22 5.7
22-24 6.2
24-26 6.7
26-28 7.2
28-30 7.7
30-33 4.0 cooldown


as you can see, i did two minute intervals (three sets) and with each set, i increased the speed just a tad.

totals: 33 minutes, 3.5 miles, max HR 178, ave HR 155, calories 278

fact #14: i finally had chicken fingers & cheetahs today, i’ve been craving them for WEEKS.

IMG_7270 IMG_7272IMG_7271

and i am eating them now. so i gotta go.

fact #15: i would never forget to tell you the national food holidays for the month of march!

here they are:

  • national celery month
  • national flour month
  • national frozen food month
  • national nutrition month
  • national noodle month
  • national peanut month
  • national sauce month
  • national caffeine awareness month

and of course, there are individual daily holidays that i will keep you posted on throughout the month. you know how i do. here is how this week looks:

  • march 2: banana cream pie day
  • march 3: cold cuts day AND mulled wine day
  • march 4: pound cake day
  • march 5: cheese doodle day
  • march 6: frozen food day AND white chocolate cheesecake day
  • march 7: crown roast of pork day AND cereal day (!!!!)
  • march 8: peanut cluster day

that should keep you busy for now.

i am out like the atkins diet. love you all.



1. what national food holiday listed above are you most stoked for? duh. cereal day!!!

2. give me a fact from your monday. anything goes!

xo. janetha b.

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Andria @ Veg is Sexy March 2, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Congratulations on finding a dress!!!
I can’t stop thinking about your yogurt breakfast, it looks so amazing and now I’m craving one!

closet365project March 2, 2010 at 11:07 pm

Man, I wish we could see the dress, but I totally understand.

Caffeine awareness month? Haha. Oh I’m aware alright. Aware that I can’t have coffee all month. Lame.

Sarah March 3, 2010 at 7:25 am

I love your blog. I am so glad that I found it!! Consider me a new follower.

Congrats on finding the dress. It must feel so good :)

jenngirl March 3, 2010 at 7:32 am

Ahhh loving all of the wedding shenanigans! And I’m so glad you guys got to celebrate your engagement “officially” with all of your friends. You deserved a party and I’m just happy it worked out with life being so hectic right now.

1. Caffeine awareness month! Hollaaaa…and cheese doodle day just sounds awesome.

2. On monday, my life “plans” took an entirely new path! I have no idea where it’s leading, but I think I like it ;)

Lynda March 3, 2010 at 10:13 am

I’m stoked for poundcake day!!

Oh and I’m new to blogging, but I got tagged in a game, so I nominated you to play, but only if you’re up for it :)

Katie March 3, 2010 at 12:04 pm

What’s a cheese doodle?? I like the celery day…it’s such good vehicle for peanut butter and hummus. :-)

Fact: the kids in my class just finished their state standardized testing and after two stressful weeks, it is time to party! (3rd grade style…which means juice, snacks and coloring…I’m dead serious)

RunToFinish March 3, 2010 at 3:19 pm

ohh what a fun weekend!! I love all the wedding planning, I mean we totally did the destination thing but it was fun celebrating with friends

mom March 3, 2010 at 3:45 pm

haha to Errign’s comment about the yogurt – I’ve made the same mistake!! Love sharing your wedding planning and ALL the fun details – it’s a blast and I love you to the moon……and back!!! oxoxoxoxo

Jenny March 3, 2010 at 4:26 pm

awz look atchu and your fiance. (p.s. how much does it make your heart smile to be called someones FIANCE! ah maynee… so dang preshie)

Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo) March 3, 2010 at 9:30 pm

I love the creeper- I’d so totally do that! :-)

Indie is soooo cute.

You and M look soooo totally in love.

I can NOT believe I turn my back for a split second and you’ve already had an engagement party AND bought your dress. Girl, you mean BUSINNNNNESS! Kudos!

Fact from Monday: There is a delightful asian garden INSIDE honolulu airport- you can go and sit or meditate or picnic or whatever you want- soooo pretty! ALso I had a beer that was spiked with kona coffee and it was sooooooo good.

Sweet and Fit March 3, 2010 at 9:38 pm

i’m most excited for cereal day!

I’m so glad you decided to have an engagement party, you’d regret it in the future.

I have to ask – are the dogs going to be in the wedding?? =)

Michelle March 3, 2010 at 9:54 pm

Pics from your party were awesome esp. the ones of you and Marshall – you both are beaming :-)

I love my mom’s cooking too and now that I don’t get it often, it’s more special when I am there …

Enjoy your time off from blogging for a couple of days … it’s good for the soul ;-)

danica March 12, 2010 at 2:37 pm

I am so glad you all had an engagement party too – such fun pics!!! I LOVE how Indy is asleep almost LOVE!!!!!

Ok – fine…Congrats on finding a dress, I am excited for you but I really really still think you NEED to come to Cali to look or um pretend to look or ummm sample some more caters – why not?! :D

Miss ya ~ LOVE ya!

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