jamaica part four aka flashback friday.

by Janetha on February 19, 2010

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HI FRIENDS!  sorry i have been so MIA lately. turns out that catching up after a week vacation, planning a wedding and trying to buy a house really take a lot of time out of my day, which, unfortunately, leaves little time for blogging. i have a feeling it will be like this for awhile, so please bear with me while i get things sorted out~ i do miss reading all your blogs SO, SO much.. but life is getting in the way of that right now. thanks for understanding :)

SO.. yes, i am pulling a deb and flashing back to just a short time ago.. back to the last part of my jamaica vacay.  tricky, tricky!

since it is already past 10 PM i am going to keep this post short-winded and photo heavy. hope you don’t mind.

where did i leave off?

wednesday, february 10.

even though the waffles at the resort were not up to par, i couldn’t let a wednesday go by without celebrating waffle wednesday in proper style ;)

2-10-10 002

one baby waffle, one slice of french toast, one pancake with PB+guava jam (so good!) and an egg white omelette.

marshall and i were off to do an excursion without any of the other people in our group.

wanna know where we were headed?

2-10-10 177

to the jungle!

wanna know why?

2-10-10 029


zip lines!

2-10-10 120

first we rode a 6 wheeler up into the mountains. it was a super bumpy ride!

2-10-10 1832-10-10 0052-10-10 003

once we were up to the top, we had a safety briefing regarding how to use the zip lines.  our tour guides were super hilarious and nice!

2-10-10 010

once we knew all we needed to know in order not to plummet to our deaths, we started hiking to the first zip line.

2-10-10 123 

there were five zip lines total.  we passed lots of different plants and trees~ they were all labeled accordingly which was pretty neat.

2-10-10 1802-10-10 1732-10-10 182 2-10-10 0122-10-10 013

here are some photos of the action!

 2-10-10 015 2-10-10 0252-10-10 128 2-10-10 129 2-10-10 130 2-10-10 134

in case you were wondering if i was having fun, this photo should sum it up:

 2-10-10 026

halfway through the day we stopped at a spot to have some tropical treats.  they had this post set up with the number of miles it was to different cities.

2-10-10 033

we sampled coconut water, sugar cane and pineapple.

2-10-10 148 2-10-10 0342-10-10 035 2-10-10 036 2-10-10 0372-10-10 038 2-10-10 0392-10-10 040

after the little break, we crossed a 250’ rope bridge to get to the next zip line.

2-10-10 161

then it was down two more zip lines! the looongest one was 1600 feet!

2-10-10 135   2-10-10 139 2-10-10 143

such a rad adventure. such gorgy surroundings!    2-10-10 191

after the zip line adventure we hit the road and went back to the resort where we relaxed on the beach, i finished my book. by the way, this is what i was reading:

2-10-10 080 

SUCH a good book. chelsea handler is hilarious. and yep, there is some shameless self promotion of my new ring ;)

after the beach we went to the hot tubs. they were pretty hot (duh) so  marshall decided to cool off in the cold bucket shower!

2-10-10 0832-10-10 0852-10-10 084

cutest. ever.

that evening the whole group went out to scotchie’s, a local jerk restaurant.

2-10-10 086

the menu was pretty simple..

2-10-10 088

as was the cooking area..2-10-10 093

we had a feast!

2-10-10 105

sweet potato, rice and peas, a WHOLE CHICKEN

2-10-10 098

2-10-10 099

and my favorite.. FESTIVAL!

2-10-10 096  


we feasted. for sure.

2-10-10 102 

great end to a great day!

thursday, february 11.

ugh. last FULL day in jamaica. so sad! we spent the day hanging out on the resort the whole day, soaking up the sun and eating lots of delicious food.2-11-10 0342-11-10 001 2-11-10 0022-11-10 006

i love this photo of the water splashing on the rocks.

2-11-10 003 

here are some photos of the iberostar resort~2-11-10 011 2-11-10 012

and i was covered in sand. 2-11-10 013 

eventually we got hungry and went to the beach BBQ. 2-11-10 016   2-11-10 021

there was a steel drum band!

2-11-10 0182-11-10 024

the only thing i ate for lunch was four of these rolls:2-11-10 025

let me tell you about these rolls. they were DELICIOUS layers of doughy heaven. i had them on the first night we arrived and then never saw them the rest of the week. i searched high and low for these damn rolls. when i saw they have them~ freshly baked and piping hot~ i took the chance to surrrrriously carb load on these bad boys. so good. i want one NOW.

2-11-10 026

this was dick! our lifeguard. loved him.2-11-10 027 

that night we went to the tepanyaki restaurant

 2-11-10 055 2-11-10 0672-11-10 087 2-11-10 097

and then we went to a beach party!

2-11-10 128 marshall had to go up and limmmmbo :)

2-11-10 123

good times. good times.

friday, february 12.

WELL. the next day was basically packing up and traveling home. boring boring.

but i did get a couple photos that i had been planning on..

the glorious cereal bar:


and the huge fork and knife on the dining room wall:


look how big they are in comparison to the tables!


some photos in the lobby before heading to the airport~

IMG_6778 IMG_6779

and a final photo on the plane ride home… engaged <3


until next time, jamaica..

2-11-10 030

so there you have it! my jamaica vacation recap has finally come to an end! sorry this one was so long, i wanted to get it all wrapped up in one last post :)

back to normal blogging~ i wonder if i will remember how that works?!

hope you all have a great weekend, i will be back either tomorrow or sunday for some wedding shape up plans as well as other random shenanigans.

love you all.


1. have you ever done zip lines/bungee jumping/sky diving? would you? i reallllly want to sky dive! i don’t want to bungee jump so much though.

2. where was your last vacation? where is your next one? my last one was OBV jamaica.. and my next one, well, you will have to wait and see ;)

xo. janetha b.

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Jessica (jesslikesithot) February 22, 2010 at 12:23 pm

YOU AND THE BOY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo jealous that you went on this trip. SUCH an amazing experience! And those hot rolls–oh my gah. Give me one now!! hahah :)

And I actually have been zip lining too–LOVED IT!!! Sooo fun, but not too scary! I actually did it with my fam when I was in Cancun two summers ago, as a high school grad gift!!! Uhh, and I don’t think I could ever skydive. No thanks! EEK!


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