jamaica part 3: the excursions.

by Janetha on February 17, 2010

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holler ballers! how was your wednesday?  mine was waffletastic, thanks for asking:


5 egg whites+1 yolk+2 van’s waffles+sf syrup

today i am going to recap some more of my jamaica trip~ enjoy!

monday, february 8.

monday was my parents’ 36th wedding anniversary AND my niece kaylee’s 9th birthday. hoorah!

marshall and i woke up bright and early so we could snag some breakfast before going on our adventure.

2-8-10 001

i nixed the omelette this time around and went for two over easy eggs with some baked potato wedges, some delectable cheese and a little french toast for ultimate yolk-dunkage. yum :)

all sixteen of us met in the lobby around 9 AM and we boarded a bus which took us to a beach where we boarded a boat! a catamaran, to be exact.

2-8-10 008

the island dreamer, to be even more exact!

2-8-10 007

before hopping aboard the love boat, there was a lot of waiting around. good thing there was a random trampoline on the beach and an even better thing that my co-workers and bosses tossed themselves around on it to keep everyone entertained while we waited.

2-8-10 0152-8-10 0172-8-10 018 2-8-10 0132-8-10 0142-8-10 020

the beach was gorgeous and it was a beautiful day. i was so glad it wasn’t rainy like the day before.

2-8-10 002 2-8-10 026

after about a half hour, we finally were able to board the catamaran!

 2-8-10 029

first ones on!2-8-10 031

super friendly crew :)

2-8-10 037

ready to set sail!!

2-8-10 038

ah.. open water. so mysterious. so fabulous.

2-8-10 040

i hydrated with some water.. but not just any water..

2-8-10 043

reggae drops! hahah. kills me.

we cruised around for awhile and then it was time to snorkel! i freaking love snorkeling!

2-8-10 057 2-8-10 058

we were out for a half hour or so. i could have stayed out all day. the ocean floor is so intriguing and i love all the random creatures that pop out to say hello!

after the snorkeling shenanigans i refueled with my fave..

2-8-10 062

and then the party got started! well, for a lot of people at least. they started serving alcohol after snorkeling (couldn’t have any drunks lost at sea!) and so it got pretty rowdy on the boat. i just sat back and enjoyed the nonsense.

2-8-10 078

my co-workers. no, they cannot dance.. in case you can’t tell from the photo..

check out how amazing the views were!

2-8-10 073 2-8-10 074 2-8-10 071

wouldn’t mind having one of those casas!

it was so fun to just lay on this net and listen to the music and bask in the sun..

2-8-10 083

oh, and all the ladies got free foot massages! score!

it was a GREAT time!!

when we got back it was well past lunch time, i loaded up with some goods at the lunch buffet~

2-8-10 088

starting at 12 o’clock, moving clockwise: two types of pasta, curry chicken over rice, jerk chicken, marinated cheese & pineapple, broccoli & cauliflower salad.

YUM to it all.

we hung out the rest of the day, kept it mellow. napped on the beach, read my book, walked around to the shops.. eventually we decided to eat dinner. i didn’t take a photo of it but i do have a funny story about the dessert.

i was hoping that they had the coconut ice cream again because it is my fave. marshall went to get his dessert while i was still finishing up my dinner and he came walking over holding a HEAPING bowl of ice cream with a HUGE smile on his face.  i died.

2-8-10 098

he was SO excited that they had coconut ice cream because he knew i would be really happy. so he loaded up a huge bowl of ice cream and loaded it with all the fixings and brought it to me like he was a lion bringing a dead antelope to his lioness. he was so proud.

2-8-10 099

hahaha. there was NO way i could eat all of that, but i did put a nice dent in it :) i just love that kid.

2-8-10 091

tuesday, february 9.

we had to wake up bright and early again to catch the bus for our next excursion!  which meant another early breakfast that was pretty identical to monday’s.

sim (my co-worker), cade (her hubs), marshall and i were off to nine mile which is the town where bob marley was born, lived in for his early years and where he and his parents are buried.

it was almost a two hour bus ride to nine mile, but it was really fun because the tour guide told us a lot about jamaican culture and pointed out amazing sights the whole ride. sorry, i didn’t take any photos! just imagine that it was super sweet :)

2-9-10 056

once we arrived the mausoleum we hopped off the bus and saw this guy, selling joints out of a tiny window:

 2-9-10 006

crazy! i know that all the locals smoke the ganja in jamaica, but this was the only place on the island that it was actually legal. i have been to amsterdam twice so i had seen this kind of thing before, but it is still pretty crazy to see someone selling weed so casually, just like someone would be selling soda or something!

we got a tour of the mausoleum~ it was really fascinating to hear all the stories about bob marley and his family and seeing where they hung out.  here are some photos!

2-9-10 008 2-9-10 010 2-9-10 013 2-9-10 014 2-9-10 015

our tour guide:

2-9-10 018 2-9-10 026

random dude playing a banjo!2-9-10 027 2-9-10 029 2-9-10 031

this was his mom’s grave site. they didn’t let us take photos in bob’s room/tomb.

2-9-10 032   

this was his house

2-9-10 037

and this was a rad chair in his house

2-9-10 039

check out the foot rest! it is a foot.

2-9-10 040

this was in bob’s room with his original bed! so rad.2-9-10 041

after the tour, we hung out with a parrot.

2-9-10 0502-9-10 054 2-9-10 0552-9-10 052

and then it was back on the bus! after about an hour we made a stop and they fed us an authentic jamaican lunch.


2-9-10 065

jerk chicken, jerk pork, festival and fried yam.

FESTIVAL! that is my new favorite food! gahhhh. it is like a dense, doughy fried piece of heaven. love.

we found a pup!

2-9-10 063 2-9-10 064

SUCH a sweetie.

the rest of the day was spent hanging out~ beaching~ relaxing. you know the drill! that night i do have a few photos of marshall and i hanging out and goofing off with the camera. we got pina coladas and they were deeeelish.

2-9-10 0752-9-10 074

gazing at my ring saying, “enough!” (instead of “not enough”~ in case you missed the story behind that, it is in this post)

2-9-10 073

i’m a nerd.

but i’m a happy nerd.


1. have you ever been snorkeling? what do you think of it? and do you like to be on boats or do you get sea sick? i love snorkeling but i don’t think i would like scuba diving. claustro. i love boats but have been known to get sea sick! so i take a pill beforehand and it’s smooth sailing.. pun intended.

2. do you like reggae? do you love bob? yes. i do.

i will be back tomorrow with the final recap! sorry i still haven’t caught up with all of you.. there has been some serious overtime at the office this week. i was at work 3 hours late tonight :( hope to be caught up soon! miss you all! love you guys!

xo. janetha b.

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Erica February 23, 2010 at 4:19 am

OK…I am CRAVING coconut ice cream now. I am a little confused now- we’re staying at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall – thats the same resort right??

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