by Janetha on January 25, 2010

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and i am not talking about workouts.

i woke up bright and early with a smile on my face dreading the day ahead of me.  a short 4.5 hours of sleep will do that to a girl.  i really need to learn to NOT stay up on sunday nights.  maybe i will learn my lesson by next monday?  we shall see.


meal 1: eggbeaters + oatmeal @ 8:00 AM


as most of you know, i have to eat at the original pancake house every monday morning.  i have been eating eggbeaters and oats for the whole month of january and the oatmeal has always been a tad on the bland side because their only mix-ins are brown sugar, skim milk and raisins.. eh, no thanks. this girl HATES raisins! SO~ today i was a genius and asked if they had any cinnamon…


voila!  a hugh jass bottle of cinnamon just for my oatmeal.  life just got so much better.

i also had my two beverages of choice: black coffee + ice water


this kept me full for a really long time, i think it is because their oatmeal portion is bigger than the portion i eat when i make it myself.  pretty sure it is 1/2 cup dry oats they use and that makes a lot more compared to the 1/3 cup dry oats i use.

speaking of 1/3 cup dry oats.. that is what was for lunch.  and also the reason for my title… two-(bowls)-a-(oatmeal)-days.

meal 2: 1 cup oikos + 1/3 cup oats + 1/2 scoop chocolate EAS protein powder + chocolate PB2 @ 12 noon


you GUYS.. i am officially addicted to greek yogurt messes made with hot, cooked oats!


i love the way the oats make the yogurt a little bit warm and the texture is a creamy, chewy, lovely mess in my mouth.

i will spare you showing you the meal in my mouth, but here it is all mixed up.


see? delish. and this packed 341 calories, 35g carbs, 41g protein & 4g fat. that is a carb/protein/fat ratio of 40/47/13~ not bad!

this kept me full for a real long time~ i didn’t have my snack until almost 5 o’clock!

meal 3: kind plus protein bar @ 4:45 PM

IMG_5624 IMG_5625IMG_5626

i usually don’t buy these because they don’t have a lot of bang for your buck, but they were on sale so i snagged one.  they are higher in fat but balanced in protein/carbs and that is what i aim for.  plus, the fat is good fat because it comes from the nut trifecta in the ingredients!


plus.. these bars are DELICIOUS, so it was a nice light snack before my workout.


today was a cardio+abs day and i had no motivation and also no plan which equals a horrible combo.  i literally forced myself to go to the gym today.  i was SO tired. but i knew it wasn’t my body that was tired because i had a rest day yesterday.. it was my mind. and it is all about mind over matter so i just did the damn thing.

i decided to make it up as i went.  usually i have some sort of plan before working out, but not today.  that brings up a good question jenn asked me the other day:

Q: “you may have explained this, but do you plan out your weight training exercises on a weekly basis? or daily? or do you just decide while you’re there? You just do so many interesting moves, I was curious where you get them all from! thanks!”

A: i plan the type of workout i am going to do weekly.  i work out six days a week.  three of those days i do 45 minutes of cardio + 15 minutes of abs (monday, wednesday & friday) and the other three days i do weight training with short bursts of cardio (sometimes).  i do one upper body day, one lower body day and one total body day.  as far as what the actual workout is going to be specifically, i don’t plan this out until right before i go to the gym.  if i see a cool new move i like, i will jot it down and remember to incorporate it into my workout. for my cardio routines, i will daydream about certain things that i think will keep me entertained for the boring 45 minutes (i hate cardio!!)~ SO, in short, no i don’t plan out my workouts in advance, i usually think them up right before the gym and then hope for the best! i also don’t write anything down.. luckily i have a good memory!

so~ with that said.. i totally went into the gym with NO game plan.  here is what i ended up doing:

  • 15 minutes on stationary bike @ level 10 (3.59 miles)
  • 30 minutes on treadmill:
minute # speed incline
0-5 3.0 15
5-6 6.0 0
6-7 6.2 0
6-8 6.4 0
8-9 6.6 0
9-10 6.8 0
10-11 7.0 0
11-12 7.2 0
12-13 7.4 0
13-14 7.6 0
14-15 7.8 0
16-30 repeat minutes 1-15
30-32 9.0 MPH 0

total distance: 3.0 miles

  • 16 minutes on stairmill:
minute # level orientation
0-2 6 face front double step
2-4 6 face left
4-6 6 face back
6-8 6 face right
8-16 repeat minutes 0-8


the end! i burned around 460 calories. i can’t believe the energy i ended up mustering up. when i was driving to the gym i literally couldn’t even fathom working out.. and then by the end of my workout i was a hot mess and had TONS of energy. i love what a good workout can do for the body and the mind!

i came home and although oats with yogurt sounded good, my body was desperately craving some veggies!


meal 4: chicken fingers + cheetahs + roasted broccoli @ 7:30 PM



served with love.

for the coating on the chicken, i mixed these three key ingredients:


who needs bread crumbs when you have wheat germ and flax?  they seriously make a great tasting breading and they also have great stats!

here are the wheat germ stats:


4gs of protein for 2 TB? hell yes! way better than empty, nutrition-less bread crumbs!

and the flax stats:


nice way to sneak some healthy omega 3’s into my meal :)

i added some hidden valley ranch seasoning to the mixture for some pizzazz :)

i coated the chicken breast tenders in egg whites and then in the wheat germ/flax/ranch seasoning~


for the cheetahs.. i sliced them and salted them and baked them on the same pan as the chicken~


baked this at 450 degrees [f] for about a half hour, give or take.

mmmm.. delicious AND healthy! i dipped these in organic BBQ sauce.


chu chu cheetahs.. never let me down! served with annie’s ketchup!


for the broccoli, i sprayed it with cooking spray and sprinkled the remains of the ranch seasoning on the raw broccoli and then baked it alongside the potatoes and chicken. it was all ready at the same time. perfecto!


this was seriously one of the best dinners i have had in a long time.  i mean, the fact that it was served on a sparkly heart shaped plate may have had something to do with it.. but the flavor was pretty epic as well. i would take this meal over restaurant chicken fingers and fries ANY day of the week!

right now i am drinking this dude:



if you are a longtime meals & moves reader, you will remember the time i tried kombucha back in mayi hated it. so bad.  i thought it was disgusting! BUT~ it is really good for you so lately i have been trying to give it another shot.  i have been sipping on my roomie’s kombuchas here and there and finally decided to buy my own today.  i think this flavor has grown on me.  the ingredient list probably had something to do with my ever-growing fondness for the beverage:


see that last ingredient? stellar.

WELL kids.. it is 9:17 and i am probably going to try my hand at a baking experiment. i will let you know how it goes in tomorrow’s post.

i will also probably have a hot chocolate protein smoothie before bed.. because they are amazing.. and if you haven’t made one~ GO, NOW, MAKE ONE!

speaking of smoothies.. check out amanda’s (from two boos who eat) smoothie ‘stache!


love it!!

and holly the healthy everythingtarian send me a sequence of ‘stache shots!

imageimage image

classic! oh and you should head over to her blog to win a blender! and then win the blender, make a smoothie, get a ‘stache, take a photo, send it to me!

everyone send me your smoothie ‘stache photos and i will throw them up :D so fun.

mmmk~ that’s all i’ve got in me tonight. tomorrow is a big day because i have a hair appointment after work which means i am going to attempt to work out in the morning. no promises, but we will see how i do. wish me luck.

i am really excited to eat oats and yogurt tomorrow.. i wonder if i will have oatmeal twice again?  hey, i didn’t start eating oatmeal until august of 2008. i have some catching up to do!!


1. what popular restaurant entree would you rather make for yourself at home than ordering at a restaurant? chicken fingers and fries cheetahs. also, i would rather make french toast, spaghetti and tacos at home! there are some things that i just can’t do at home though, like sushi and authentic indian. yum!

2. what do you think of kombucha? love it? hate it? it is growing on me. i think it is like booze.. an acquired taste!

xo. janetha b.

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louisianagrown January 26, 2010 at 11:28 am

I’ve always wondered where you got your moves from. I did one of your HIIT runs the other morning and it almost killed me.

Angharad January 26, 2010 at 11:48 am

Oh oh oh! I want oats and yogurt! I am officially having that for breakfast this week. Yes, officially.
Your workouts are baller. I am not good at staying on machines very long but maybe if I had one of your workouts to do Iwould be better. Hmm. The weather is so nasto at the moment I am thinking of taking my runs indoors for a while…

1) spaghetti – it’s always off the chains unhealthy and it’s so easy to make healthy, tasty versions at home
2) never tried it!

julie January 26, 2010 at 12:19 pm

oh ma gawwwd warm oats in greek yogurt is ta die faw. its so ooey gooey and warmalicious mmmm now i want someeeeeeee. haha one of my fav moments in life is when you REALLY don’t want to workout and then you do and its like a stellarific workout. mm mm

Paige @ Running Around Normal January 26, 2010 at 12:22 pm

I looove Kombucha! Just wish it weren’t 3.50 a bottle. I actually find myself craving it if I don’t have it once or twice a week. Love the green kind.

Lara (Thinspired) January 26, 2010 at 12:32 pm

I might just have to try the oats and yogurt thing. This morning I did oats with cottage cheese–the cottage cheese made them SOOOOO creamy!

Brilliant idea with the healthy breadcrumbs. Reminds me that Ineed to buy some flax!

1. I’m with ya on spaghetti. I don’t even prefer white pasta anymore, which is basically all you get a restaurants. I’d rather make a wholewheat dish at home!

2. Only tried it once recently at that food fair with Deb. I didn’t love it but didn’t hate it…I could swing either way ;)

Runeatrepeat January 26, 2010 at 1:28 pm

Is that heart plate from Target? I almost bought one like it this weekend. Now I regret not getting it.

lisaou11 January 26, 2010 at 1:41 pm

I had never even heard about kombucha or whatever until a week ago! I second the spaghetti comment. I love spaghetti, but NEVER like it from restaurants!

Jamie (beautyandthebeef) January 26, 2010 at 1:47 pm

I love making baked chicken with the powdered ranch packets too! Never thought to use ground flax meal though, good idea! I may have to try that along with my cornflake crumbs.

Tamizn January 26, 2010 at 2:40 pm

I’m addicted to the hot chocolate protein shakes sooooooooo good! x x

RunToFinish January 26, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Ok…I have a question because I feel like I’m going crazy. I stopped weight lifting for…let’s just say a LONG time. Recently I have started again with 40 minutes 3x’s a week and I swear my appetite has gone off the charts! I have been doing marathons for years and not felt the need to eat like this.

Did that happen to you when you first started? Does that still happen?

Erica January 26, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Hey girly ;) I never thought about mixing prepared oatmeal in with yogurt= brilliant! Totally trying this. Yum Yum. Your workouts kick major booty and are more than worth mentioning!! I’d rather make huge salads at home than get them out (most of the time)- a lot restaurant don’t use all the fun ingredients I would use ;)

We don’t do a lot for Valentine’s day…just usually try to spend extra time together! I’m thinking about an aquarium and frozen yogurt celebration this year and then maybe making din din together!

jenngirl January 26, 2010 at 4:14 pm

Thanks for answering my question both via email and in this post! I think having a “bit” of a plan heading into a workout helps me with any anxiety I may have, but it’s good to know that you don’t have to have a perfectly planned out routine to have a great session! :)

And I always use 1/2 cup of oats now, it’s only 50 calories different, but satiety and volume-wise it makes a BIG difference!

1. Sandwiches are a big one for me, I’d rather eat mine from home. And pretty much any type of vegetable!

2. never tried it!

snackface January 26, 2010 at 4:24 pm

OMG I am roasting broccoli with taters AS I TYPE. I’m actually eating a red-skin tater, but whatevs. But I am roasting the broc specifically because you said it’s better than fries. So excited!

Oooh I love that my workouts are ALMOST like yours! Haha except, I only do M, W, F 50 mins cardio, 15-20 mins abs. I carry weights on the elliptical now for a little arm boost!

Note to self: must try HOT oats in COLD Oikos!

Hmm I prefer to make almost all restaurantish meals at home. It’s the easiest way to get it as close to veg as possible, yet still have tons of goodness. Cheetahs are obvs my fave :D

I LOVE KOMBUCHA!!! I wrote a kombucha taste test in an issue of VegNews. It was a blast to sample different brands! Actually, I don’t think I’ve had it since SF :(

Hope you’ve had a splendiferous Tuesday! Love you long time! xoxoxox

katie January 26, 2010 at 5:13 pm

I Love Kombucha!!!! I love the guava goddess one!!! The best!!!!!!

I like to make mexican at home, I make it healthier!!!!!

Have a great night girl!!! xoxo

Jenny January 26, 2010 at 6:09 pm

I have totes been slacking on the motivation as of late — but I keep reminding myself that once I get off my arseeeee and DO IT I’ll feel muy bueno :) “Just Do It”.. nike totes knows whats up (except for the whole Tiger Woods spokesperson thang.. but I digress..)

hot greek oats = my shit. mad mad lurve.


Errign January 26, 2010 at 6:51 pm

I hate raisins too!

I generally refer to Kombucha as prison hooch, so no, it’s not my fave. :D

Happy Tuesday!

simplyshaka January 26, 2010 at 7:05 pm

Served with love—love it hehe :)

I usually alternative in between oats with fruit or greek yogurt with fruit but have never had the two together. I love hot messes so bring it on!!

actorsdiet January 26, 2010 at 8:12 pm

i do like kombucha. call me crazy but i think it tastes a little like champagne – since i don’t drink alcohol i like to put it in a fancy glass when i’ve got friends over.

Brooke January 26, 2010 at 9:56 pm

1) French fries, pasta, french toast, pancakes??
2) Such a love/hate relationship with kombucha… but I want to get back on the LOVE train!!!

Alyson January 26, 2010 at 10:49 pm

I totally posted about the wonderfulness of Toasted Wheat Germ today too! And hot oats + cold greek yogurt?!?.. I’m loving this.. must try asap!

Sweet and Fit January 27, 2010 at 7:42 am

have you ever thought about bringing your own stevia/protein powder/add ins to the pancake house to add to your oatmeal?? yes – i am one of THOSE people =)

1. burger! most definitely!

2. sometimes i love it and other times I can’t stand kombucha!

Jenna @ Health and Happiness January 27, 2010 at 5:30 pm

Great blog! One of your recipes was featured on Katie’s blog and I’m so happy to have found it! I love your cheetahs! I just bought a huge sweet potato tonight and this is the perfect way to use it! And about the whole getting cold after you eat, I actually asked my doctor because it was happening to me, extremely bad! Like blue fingers and toes bad, and he said that after we eat, a lot of our blood goes to our stomachs to help with digestion which means less blood flow to the rest of our bodies causing a drop in temperature. Neat huh? It was an Aha! moment for sure when I found out! Can’t wait to read more!

brad July 30, 2010 at 8:20 pm

Great healthy tips. The more the better keep it up :)

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