flashback friday round twenty two.

by Janetha on January 22, 2010

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round 22! that is my favorite number ever! and how freaking crazy is it that it falls on the 22nd of the month?!  i love, love, love random synchronicities like that. that is one thing that belongs on my happy list.

WELL, we made it to the weekend!  i am not going to lie, this morning when i was dealing with work drama i honestly didn’t think i was going to make it through the day without gouging my eyes out.. BUT, alas, here i am~ off work with eyes full intact. whew, that was close.

i went into the office early today so i could leave early.  i know.. SHOCKING, right? i woke up at SIX on a friday. that is not like me one bit.  i made myself a half-full pot of french pressed coffee before leaving the house.  i added some unsweetened vanilla almond breeze for a special friday treat :)  this actually filled me up quite a bit so i held off until 8 AM to eat breakfast.


meal 1: vanilla + cinnamon protein oatmeal @ 8:00 AM


you guys!  i am outraged. i buy my EAS premium protein powder at costco.. it is a triple blend (whey, casein & soy protein) and this is the only protein powder that i like to make protein oats with.  i have tried it with EAS 100% whey and other brands of powder and the protein powder clumps up and gets all sorts of gnarly in the oats.  SO~ i’ve relied solely on my EAS premium protein powder.  WELL.. seeing as how i have just one scoop left~ i went to costco to buy another bag.


they don’t carry it anymore.  the horror!!! now i am going to be forced to pay full pop for the stuff! blarg.

my lunch was enormous. or so it seemed..

meal 2: TWO arnold thin sandwiches + veggies & hummus @ 12:00 PM


yeah that’s right. two. i put a laughing cow wedge on one and some annie’s honey mustard on the other.  i put a slice of oven roasted turkey on each sandwich.


may seem like a lot, but the total calories for both sandwiches came out to 340.  not too shabby, eh?


i had a mix of carrots, baby portobellos and sugar snap peas with some sunflower seed hummus on the side.  mushrooms sure are not photogenic.. well, unless the photographer is this girl. her fungus photos are a thing of beauty!

since lunch was so big i didn’t have my afternoon snack and went straight to the gym for my workout.


it was a cardio+abs day and i wanted to keep it interesting so i did three 15 minute sessions on three different pieces of equipment.


minute # speed (MPH)
0-1 4.0
1-2 5.0
2-3 6.0
3-4 7.0
4-5 8.0
repeat minutes 0-5 two more times 4.0 to 8.0
total time: 15 minutes
total distance:1.5 miles



minute # resistance
0-1 5
1-2 6
2-3 7
3-4 8
4-5 9
repeat minutes 0-5 two more times 5 to 9
total time: 15 minutes
total distance: 2.1 miles

for some reason whenever i am on the elliptical i think about this girl. she is the elliptical master!


minute # level
0-1 5
1-2 6
2-3 7
3-4 8
4-5 9
repeat minutes 0-5 two more times 5 to 9
total time: 15 minutes
total distance:1.35 miles


i finished the workout with 15 minutes of ab work:

  • 1 minute twists on decline bench (15 lb weight)
  • 1 minute lower ab crunches on decline bench
  • 1 minute standing right side crunches (25 lb weight)
  • 1 minute standing left side crunches (25 lb weight)
  • 1 minute bench tuck crunches
  • 1 minute reverse crunches on bench
  • 1 minute ball crunches with twist
  • 1 minute ball plank
  • 1 minute stability ball tucks
  • 1 minute crab abs
  • 1 minute leg thrown downs
  • 1 minute scissor kicks
  • 1 minute side planks (30 seconds a side)
  • 1 minute floor crunches
  • 1 minute floor plank

the end! it was an awesome workout and i was feeling awesome afterward.

i came home, showered, hung out with the pooches had a few handfuls of emily’s amazing trail mix and then eventually ate something..


meal 3: greek yogurt mess @ 5:00 PM


this had:

  • 1 cup 0% oikos
  • sliced strawberries
  • sliced banana
  • 1 TB unsweetened cocoa powder
  • tiny squirt (1/2 tsp?) agave. i love the word squirt! and the drink!


all mixed up.


yum. and now i am typing this! i am not sure what i’ll have for dinner yet.. hmmm.. as per my jamaica me bikini ready meal plan it says “not sure yet” and i am still not! hah!


flashback friday round dos dos!

if you read last week’s flashback, you will remember that i was showing you my first passport experience and i showed you all the photos from when i moved to london for school at the age of 19.

well, i am an idiot~ like i told you in monday’s post~ and my REAL first passport experience was when i was EIGHTEEN and i went with my parents to italy! doh~ just a minor blonde moment there.

i thought i would do an accurate account of my first passport experience this week with my trip to italy in august of 2001

i was 18.  my brother, doug, had served an LDS mission in italy and it was time for him to come home.  instead of coming straight home, my parents and i flew over to italy to see the sights, meet some of the people he had made friends with and just experience a little slice of what doug had been living for the prior two years.

now.. please do not make fun of me.. my sense of style back in 2001 was a little ridiculous.  i was really into punk rock and worked at a skate/snowboard shop and wore guys’ shorts and spike belts and skate shoes. you’ve been warned.

okay~ this was nearly a decade ago so i don’t recall all the details.. we will see how this goes ;)

one city we were in was lecce, italy and doug had a family he was good friends with.  my parents and i became fast friends with them as well!

p.s. the dates on the photos are way wrong!

janetha + pier


janetha + pier rocking out


janetha + raffi (left) + another friend after church one sunday


we went over to sicily on a ferry~

janetha + doug


another town we were in was licata, sicily and a family we became great friends with was the sclafani family.

eating authentic italian pizza and coca cola!


in the clothing store they owned.. it was so crazy because in the afternoon, all of the shops would close down and everyone would go home and eat a giant meal and chill out! it was rad!

this is back row: doug, dad, sandro & front row: janetha, angela, mom


out front of their house~ it was an AMAZING house.. look at their cute pup on the balcony!


they had a chicken farm. obviously i did not look too stoked on it..


italy and sicily had awesome graffiti everywhere. i loved it!

scan0025 scan0024

not sure where this castle was.. but it was super old and fun to explore. sorry for being so vague.. i just have a bad memory!

scan0028 scan0027

there were lots and lots (and LOTS) of great restaurants in italy. the food was so good and there were so many courses! here we are after a big meal~


it seemed like every bathroom anywhere we went was immaculate. beautiful tile work! maybe that is why my brother ended up starting his own tile business?! ;)


i loved how slow-paced everything was in italy.  there were plenty of old men sitting out front of all the shops.. playing checkers, hanging out, being friendly!


not sure where this water was but you can see in my face that IT WAS COLD!


and as always, i had to snap photos of animals <3


look at those tiny puppies!! too bad i couldn’t take one home!

here are a couple photos out front of something rad elephant statue thing. sure wish i could remember where it was.. in italy somewhere!

scan0021 scan0020

well folks.. there you have it! my REAL first passport experience!  i feel like i have redeemed myself :) hope you enjoyed this installment of flashback friday!

i know that lindsay has already thrown up a flashback friday post of here own, check it out! and if you participate.. let me know so i can link back!  i know, i know, i didn’t link back last week. i am so sorry! to make up for it, the flashback posts of last week:

sorry girls! nothin but love!


that’s it for tonight! i have a busy day tomorrow so i am not sure if i will be posting, but i will be emailing those of you participating in my secret bloggie valentine with your secret valentine mailing info! 

hope you all have a fun, relaxing weekend!


oh! oh! before i forget! sunday, january 24 is national peanut butter day! thought you would all appreciate that bit of info :)


1. if you use protein powder, what is your favorite brand and flavor? i like EAS brand (chocolate and vanilla) the most but i honestly haven’t branched out much. for fruity kinds, i like syntrax brand. i really want to try some sort of cinnamon protein powder!

2.  any fun weekend plans?! i have a baby shower, dinner for a friend’s birthday, snowboarding and SLEEPING!

xo. janetha b.

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BroccoliHut January 25, 2010 at 2:49 pm

I’ve tried LOTS of brands of protein powder, but I think my favorite will always be Spirutein. However, I have a “Guide to Protein Powders” on my blog, if you’re interested in others.

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