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by Janetha on January 21, 2010

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hey party people! it is thursday night.. FINALLY friday tomorrow. i know several of you had a short week due to the holiday on monday… but this girl didn’t~ so i am extra relieved to only have one more day of work until the weekend.  and while we are counting.. i only have TEN more days of work before i leave for jamaica!! it’s okay to be jealous.

really interesting to hear everybody’s opinion on monitoring your heart rate during your workout.. some do, some don’t, some want to but don’t have a monitor.. for those of you who asked, i have a polar f7 heart rate monitor and i love it. pretty sure it was anne who suggested this one to begin with.  for some more info on heart rate shenanigans you should all check out naomi’s post! girlfriend knows what’s up!

before i ramble about today, i HAVE to show you a couple highlights from last night..

remember how i told you i was going to have deb’s hot chocolate protein smoothie for dessert? well i did. and i am hooked. it was so freaking amazinnnng!!


and yes, for the record, deb and i have the same placemat :)

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 heaping TB hershey’s cocoa
  • 1 TB PB2 (could have done w/o this, couldn’t taste it)
  • sprinkle of xantham & guar gums (thanks HEABs!)
  • 1.5 cups piping hot water
  • 1 packet stevia extract


so. amazing.

i also tried some polish chocolate last night.


my roommate is from poland and her mom ships her treats!  this chocolate was unique because it has bison grass entwined right in the chocolate:


i guess you nibble on the grass prior to eating the chocolate. i had 2 of these 3 squares~


it was to die for! but honestly i went back to my hot chocolate smoothie and happily finished it.  it was so filling and delish!

today was a pretty ho-hum day as far as meals & moves go.. but since that is what you all came to see, i suppose i will talk about it despite the boring factor ;)


meal 1: egg white wrap @ 8:30 AM


this was one la tortilla factory high fiber/low carb tortilla, 1 cup egg whites (microwaved) and 1 wedge laughing cow+1 TB low sugar ketchup~


filling, simple, delicious.

meal 2: leftover chicken & veggie stew + 1 toasted arnold thin (dry) @ 12:20 PM


i know a lot of people hate on the sandwich thins because they are low-calorie bread..but i am a fan. plus, i can buy them at costco! love a bargain.

IMG_5478 IMG_5475

i nibbled on 1/3 of a nuts over chocolate luna for dessert~


meal 3: apple cinnamon YAPPLESAUCE! @ 3:40 PM


ready for a crazy story?  i bought some apple cinnamon (no sugar added) applesauce at the market on sunday because i was wanting to bring back an old favorite: yapplesauce.  this is yogurt mixed with applesauce and i basically lived off of it when i got my tonsils out last may.  susan actually coined the term yapplesauce because she is clever like that.

all mixed up…


RIGHT when i got done eating this, i got a comment from susan on my protein packed post that said:

“Remember yapple sauce?? That needs to make a comeback!!”

okay. that is TOO crazy!!!!!! i love random things like that! anywho, comeback it made! and it was deeelish as ever :)



lower body workout today!  i was feeling a little tired.. thursdays are always killer for me to drag myself to the gym~ i am always a bit burnt out.  but i forced myself to get there and once i got going i was fine!

  • 5 minute warmup on treadmill (6.0 MPH @ 4.0 incline)

i did supersets today. i worked my glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and outer/inner thighs.  here is the superset breakdown:

superset #1: four times through


muscle worked



stability ball ham curls hamstrings body weight 15
donkey kicks glutes body weight 15 each leg

superset #2: four times through


muscle worked



standing calf raise machine calves 40# 15
walking lunge w/ twist and leg raise at end (can’t find a link) glutes 10# plate 20 (10 each leg)

superset #3: four times through


muscle worked



single leg press quads 80# 15 each leg
single leg laying calf raise calves 80# 15 each leg

superset #4: four times through


muscle worked



hip adduction inner thigh 75# 15
hip abduction outer thigh 75# 15

superset #5: four times through


muscle worked



barbell deadlift hamstrings 30# 15
barbell squat quads 30# 15

the end! this took an hour.

i came home and only had one scoop of protein powder left. SO.. instead of using it to make my muscle armor drink~ i used it to make something i was craving…


meal 4: green protein smoothie @ 6:30 PM


don’t let the size of this cup fool you.. it actually made 2.5 glasses!


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • sprinkle of xantham & guar gums
  • 3 cups spinach
  • 1 cup mixed berries

YUM. i know some don’t get full from a smoothie but i am not some. i am always left stuffed after consuming one of these.

i also munched on 100 calories of kettle corn because i do what i want :P


okay, technically i shouldn’t have had this.. but really~ it could have been worse.

i haven’t had dinner yet because that green smoothie is keeping me ultra full!  i will probably have some yogurt and fruit before bed.

WELL.. since this post has not been very exciting, i decided to spice things up a bit by finally talking about an award that i have received a couple times in the past.. uh.. month?


ildie and tamzin both passed the happy 101 award along to moi. thanks chicas!  as the rules go, i need to tell you 10 things that make me happy. easy peasy!

  1. DOGS.. specifically my dogs. and when i see dogs hanging their heads out of car windows with their tongues flapping in the breeze.
  2. SNOW.. which we are lacking this winter. but snowboarding is one of my passions and i love blizzards and playing in the snow every winter!
  3. COOKING.. i honestly don’t get it when people say they hate to cook. it is so much fun and actually relaxing for me. i love creating new dishes.
  4. TRAVEL.. i think traveling is the best way you can spend your money. hands down. i have been to several countries and plan to visit several more before i die.. starting with jamaica in two weeks!
  5. SLEEPING.. i live for saturdays because i can sleep in until noon. and yes, i sometimes still do.  i don’t think i will ever be an early riser. i could sleep for days on end. i love to dream :)
  6. FAMILY + FRIENDS.. ahh.. i love my family and my friends and my boyfriend!  they all make me so happy. i am a real social butterfly (gemini) and i honestly would die if i didn’t have some sort of social interaction every day.
  7. LEARNING.. i am always happy when i learn something new. i find myself saying, “you learn something new every day!” all the time~ always with a smile on my face. you can never have too much knowledge.
  8. SHOPPING.. this goes for clothes and groceries. i love to shop, i could spend hours in stores and hours online just shopping my little heart out.. if only my funds would cooperate ;)
  9. BEING HEALTHY.. i have been unhealthy and i have been healthy. it is safe to say that i am seven million times happier when i am healthy aka working out, eating well, living life to its full potential.
  10. BLOGGING.. saved this one for last. i love to write and ramble. i love the friendships i have made through blogging. i love this community and i love to blog! it’s the bees knees.

there you have it. just 10 little things that put a smile on my face.

i think my stomach may be ready to eat again so i better jet.  hope you all have a fun filled friday! it is national blondie day so celebrate accordingly :) i will be back with flashback friday in my next post!


1. how long do shakes/smoothies keep you full for? as long as they include some protein powder + delicious carbs i can usually last a good four hours.

2. what puts a smile on your face? see above.

xo. janetha b.

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Sweet and Fit January 22, 2010 at 8:44 pm

yapplesauce!?!?! omg! i have to try this!

1. smoothies and shakes (with protein) keep me full for about 3-4 hours, but I still can’t make them taste ok – need to work on this! I’ve been trying to learn from reading Deb’s blog

2. what puts a smile on my face? the blogging community, Lilly, sunshine, and of course you!

oh and I’m so psyched about the oxygen thingy! need to kno more!

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