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ciao bellas.  it’s been, as marshall and i say, “a randy day”.. which, of course, refers to randy (our basset hound) because he is sooo looooong.  no, it does not mean it was a horny day. it means it was a long day.

and it was.

so i am taking the easy way out!  plus it has been ages since i did a yay/nay post.. which i think was invented by either julie or elise

either way.. here goes.

yay: snowflakes fell through the night!  it has been horrible air quality here (as in, the worst in the NATION) and so a little snow fall will probably help clear the air! plus, i wanna snowboard and we kinda need snow for that to be any fun.

nay: it took me AN HOUR AND A HALF to get to work. i passed three accidents. utah drivers are the worst.. i mean, it’s been snowing here for ever and ever, when will people get used to driving in the snow? it usually takes me 25 minutes to get to work.. by the way.

yay: killer DOMS from my workout yesterday! wow, that was not expected. you guys really need to try that one!

nay: killer DOMS from my workout yesterday ;)

yay: oatmeal & eggbeaters plus four yes FOUR cups of coffee at the original pancake house. for you newcomers, i have to eat at the original pancake house every monday for a sales meeting. i used to always get egg scrambles and toast, but since i started my jamaica challenge i have switched to eggbeaters and oats. trying to cut back on all that bread.


nay: still being sleepy despite the four cups of coffee.  i guess nothing can fix you when you only got four and a half hours of sleep the night before. (damn the food network for keeping me up!)

yay: i got more flat outs!  i used them to make my lunch.. flat out+2 slices turkey+1/4 cup cottage cheese+1/4 avocado+1 wedge laughing cow+annie’s honey mustard served up on my classiest of dishware..




nay: forgot to take my supplements this morning.. bah. if i don’t fill my giant old person pill container for the week, i totally forget. those old folks are onto something with those humungo pill keepers!

yay: left work on time! 3 oclock, to be exact.

nay: ate my snack too close to my workout so i had to postpone my workout AKA time was wasted

yay: my snack was delish! nuts & cranberry luna bar (you’ve seen it before) + 2 low fat string cheese sticks


nay: having to measure a whole house of windows and forgetting other shoes so i had to trounce around in the snow in my new pumas. blast.

yay: epic, epic, EPIC workout! i decided i wanted to try my hand at the incline on my mom’s treadmill today.  i kept the speeds slower but increased the incline more and more each minute.  dude.. it was so intense during the last few minutes! i was seriously screaming out loud.  good thing i was in the room alone! see here:

minute #



0-1 4.0 0
1-2 4.0 1
2-3 4.0 2
3-4 4.0 3
4-5 4.0 4
5-6 4.0 5
6-7 4.0 6
7-8 4.0 7
8-9 4.0 8
9-10 4.0 9
10-11 4.0 10
11-12 4.0 11
12-13 4.0 12
13-14 4.0 13
14-15 4.0 14
15-16 4.5 0
16-17 4.5 1
17-18 4.5 2
18-19 4.5 3
19-20 4.5 4
20-21 4.5 5
21-22 4.5 6
22-23 4.5 7
23-24 4.5 8
24-25 4.5 9
25-26 4.5 10
26-27 4.5 11
27-28 4.5 12
28-29 4.5 13
29-30 4.5 14
30-31 5.0 0
31-32 5.0 1
32-33 5.0 2
33-34 5.0 3
34-35 5.0 4
35-36 5.0 5
36-37 5.0 6
37-38 5.0 7
38-39 5.0 8
39-40 5.0 9
40-41 5.0 10
41-42 5.0 11
42-43 5.0 12
43-44 5.0 13
44-45 5.0 14

total time: 45 minutes, total distance: 3.36 miles

ab work:

  • 2 minutes of floor crunches
  • 1 minute of hanging leg raises
  • 1 minute plank on bosu
  • 2 minutes of elbow-to-knee crunches on bosu (1 min each elbow/knee combo)
  • 1.5 minutes of side planks (45 seconds each side)

*repeat above routine once through

total time for ab work: 15 minutes

total workout: 60 minutes

nay: not ever finding my heart rate monitor watch.. it would have been really nice to know the calorie burn on that stellar routine!’

yay: momma b loaned me her heart rate monitor watch! yay.. can’t wait to use it!

nay: had to cook dinner at marshall’s house. ugh.. his kitchen.. well, let’s just say 4 dirty boys live there!

yay: managed to create a delish dish regardless of the cooking conditions!  taco salad which was romaine + a mixture of ground turkey, green bell pepper, yellow onion, corn, fire roasted tomatoes, green chiles & taco seasoning + salsa + avocado + greek yogurt


nom. nom. nom.


nay: not having any energy to read blogs tonight. sorry friends, i will catch up with you soon! i still love you!

yay: i will be eating pears+cinnamon+greek yogurt before bed. yum.

nay: tomorrow is only tuesday.. le sigh!

yay: tomorrow is NATIONAL POPCORN DAY! hooray!



nay: this post was so lame.. sorry.

yay: i should be back tomorrow with something more interesting!!


1. how do you like your popcorn? plain? salted? buttered? kettled? carameled? do tell. kettle corn is my jam. i also love to coat plain with sriracha to make it spicy!

2. give me one yay and one nay from your day!

xo. janetha b.

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Heather Eats Almond Butter January 19, 2010 at 3:47 pm

Yay – happy to learn you had more coffee than me. I feel guilty if I drink more than 2 cups. Dunno why, but I do. Had 3 today.

Nay – I have to work late tonight. :(

Your treadmill workout would kick my booty. I never get the incline above 8. Nice Janetha. You’s going to have one sexy boo-tay! :)

Katie January 19, 2010 at 6:15 pm

Kettle corn for sure! I also like to dip a few pieces in peanut butter (but honestly, what DOESN’T taste good with pb?)

yay – I had a KILLER spin workout this morning that energized me for the rest of the day.

nay – my stomach hurts right now

Runeatrepeat January 19, 2010 at 6:42 pm

yay – spinning class

nay – my cut still hurts

Nicci January 19, 2010 at 7:00 pm

I love garlic salt on my popcorn or some cinnamon!

Melissa January 19, 2010 at 7:46 pm

Kettle corn is gooooood stuff.

Yay: I took a vacation day from work today.

Nay: Went to the eye doctor’s and found out they didn’t take my insurance.

glidingcalm January 19, 2010 at 8:52 pm

HAHA MY DAD ROCKS THE OLD-MAN PILL CONTAINERS. that’s the only way he remembers.

sorry for the nays- lame that it took you so long to get to work too!!

at least your eats look wonderful! STRING CHEESE- BOO YA!! also supes jealous of your flat outs!!

love you janetha!!

sophia January 19, 2010 at 9:04 pm

Oh please, a post from Janetha is NEVER lame.

1) Kettle CORN!! definitely! Or caramelized. With nuts. Mmm…

2) Yay: I found a delicious way to use miso!!
Nay: I also found out that I’m so….rusty with my drawing skills…boo hoo….

louisianagrown January 19, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Nay: I lost my job. This economy is bumming me out.
Yay: I got pulled over by a cop for speeding, and he just laughed at me and told me to slow my butt down. Seriously, this made me forget that I lost my job.

Bekah January 20, 2010 at 3:52 pm

an hour and a half?!! geeze louise! that’s insane!
And egg beaters+oats sounds way more filling than toast/scrambles anyway. I say go with it! (Although I did eat a fried egg in a hole today, holy goodness, was it GOOD.) hehe.

Yay- i ordered slippers from eddie bauer as well as a down jacket for ny, obvi, i NEED it. my slippers arrived today (i leave friday)

Nay- the jacket is on back order till the 29th. FML. i don’t know what i’m gonna do!

Leanne January 20, 2010 at 4:13 pm

Question….. Where would one buy a heart rate monitor watch thing-a-ma-bob?? I am curious to see how many calories I would burn at the gym on their exercise equipment. I don’t exactly trust the ones built into those machines they aren’t always accurate… OOooh and then I could use it when I use my Wii Fit! Score!

Thank ya!!

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