flashback friday round twenty one.

by Janetha on January 15, 2010

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holy balls! i already have fifty addresses lined up for the secret bloggie valentine gift exchange!!  i mean.. i thought it was a fun idea and all.. but DANG i am stoked that so many of you agree!  i am excited to see how it all pans out. 

remember, if you would like to participate please email me your name & mailing address ASAP.  i will distribute information regarding who you should send your valentine on january 30~ this leaves plenty of time for you to get your package mailed before V day.  please also include your blog address if you have one.  BUT~ with that said~ you do not have to have a blog to participate!

i have had a few international bloggies ask about being involved with this.  i have a couple of you in canada and also some over in australia and the UK.  please let me know if you are from one of those places and want to participate~ i am sure we can line you all up together according to your country!!


sweet, now that the business stuff is out of the way, shall we talk about some meals & moves?  yes, i think so.  i have a lot to show you since i didn’t blog last night!  let me open the old camera card folder and see what i’ve been eating.  i kind of don’t remember!



ah yes.. that’s right. protein oatmeal~ surprise surprise.  but this was a bit more special because i made it differently..

meal 1: cinnamon vanilla protein oatmeal

i used 1/2 cup almond milk to make this with 1/2 cup of water instead of the usual 1 cup of water.  it created a super creamy consistency.  i also added a LOT of cinnamon before cooking the oats~ this made the cinnamon flavor more present.  and finally i added a touch of vanilla extract to the mix right before it was done.  this made the oats extra vanilla-y which is spectacular.. i am a vanilla lover!

i ate this on my boss’ floor.  or is it boss’s?  either way.. boss man took my photo.

like my new cup and saucer? ikea baby.

meal 2: the last of the turkey meatloaf :(

i will have to make another batch soon! i ate this 4 out of the 5 work days this week and it didn’t get old. it was super yummy every time!  i ran out of flat outs (the horror!) so i paired the meatloaf with a whole wheat pita.


meal 3: pear berry + greek yogurt

no no.. not that kind of pear berry.. while it is a delicious scent, i have a feeling that it would not taste as good as it smells. 


i actually went with 1 cup of 0% oikos and then heated a diced pear & 3 diced strawberries in the microwave with some cinnamon (all in a ziplock bag) and then poured the steamy fruit over the cold yogurt.  talk about a fab combo! NOM NOM NOM.


next up was the gym!  i had a lower body workout on the agenda.  i loved the way my upper body workout panned out on tuesday so i decided to do a lower body workout using the same structure. 


i picked 3 different exercises for the 5 muscle groups i wanted to work and then did a block of 5 exercises for a total of 3 blocks.  the only difference here is i had six muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, calves & "innies and outies" which my mom calls the inner and outer part of the thigh.  i didn’t want to work my calves for 3 sets so i split it up with 2 sets of lower back work and one set of calf work.  make sense? i sure hope so.  here is how it went down:

  • warmup on bike 5 min

block #1: stability ball & mat work

move (hams) weight sets + reps
stability ball curl body weight 3 sets of 15
move (quads) weight sets + reps
ball wall squats 20# 3 sets of 15
move (glutes) weight sets + reps
laying butt bridge w/ feet on ball 10# 3 sets of 15
move (lower back) weight sets + reps
ball hyperextension body weight 3 sets of 15
move (innies + outies) weight sets + reps
leg lifts (both ways) body weight 3 sets of 15 each leg, each way


block #2: bench and free weight work (and one machine)

move (quads) weight sets + reps
bulgarian split squats 10 lb db ea (20# total) 3 sets of 15 each leg
move (hams) weight sets + reps
single leg deadlifts 10 lb db ea (20# total) 3 sets of 15 each leg
move (glutes) weight sets + reps
donkey kickback body weight 3 sets of 15 each leg
move (innies + outies) weight sets + reps
hip abbductor/adductor machine 75# 3 sets of 15 each way
move (lower back) weight sets + reps
hyperextension on bench body weight 3 sets of 15


block #3: machines

move (calves) weight sets + reps
standing calf raises 40# 3 sets of 15
move (glutes) weight sets + reps
glute kickback machine 40# 3 sets of 15 each leg
move (quads) weight sets + reps
single leg press 80# 3 sets of 15 each leg
move (hams) weight sets + reps
laying ham machine 50# 3 sets of 15
move (innies+outies) weight sets + reps
fire hydrant kicks body weight 3 sers of 15 each leg

whew!  this took me an hour and 5 minutes including the 5 minute warmup sesh.  i was zipping through the workout but still made sure to take my time so i could practice proper form.  i sure worked up a sweat!  it was fun.


i was pretty hungry after the gym and didn’t want to wait to get home for my post-workout nutrition.  i dug into a (meal 4) honey yogurt peanut balance bar in my car on the way home.. and of course didn’t take a photo.. so yeah. that’s that!

after cleaning myself up a bit i only had a few minutes to spare before jetting off to the birthday shenanigans.. AND i had to post about the secret bloggie valentine.. AND i was craving some spinach in liquid form.. so i drank my dinner.

meal 5: strawberry banana & spinach protein smoothie @ 8:30 PM


this had:

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • handful sliced strawberries
  • 3 cups spinach
  • whole lotta love


this was so creamy and delicious.  i love what a frozen banana can do… for consistency.  among other things.  you guys! i kid.

it made a LOT!!


i drank it all.

fun with friends!

and no dranks for this girl. my friend did get slightly butt hurt when i kept refusing his offer to give me free beer.


finally friday!  the eats were typical.. i am not going to ramble about them but i may as well show them to you since i took photos.

meal 1: egg white + laughing cow + avocado + reduced sugar ketchup + la tortilla factory high fiber tortilla


meal 2: humungo salad from whole foods

i had a lunch date with my boss and my bestie, who used to work for our company.  it was a reunion of sorts and it was such fun! 


plus free whole foods salad bar?  can’t beat that.


i had a plethora of veggies and some chicken for protein along with the most epic of epicness when it comes to tofu.. whole foods has the BEST chile tofu EVER, don’t you all agree?

meal 3: 1 cup 0% oikos + cinnamon & pb2 + 1 nuts & cranberry luna bar


thennn i went to the gym.

i had some new friends:


i subscribe to real simple. i bought the women’s health. still can’t decide if i should subscribe to that one.


i felt like a mindless 45 minutes of cardio.. so i put the stairmill on fat burning intervals for 45 minutes and let it do the work while i read.  45 minutes, 3.25 miles and a lot of sweat. 

then i did 15 minutes of random ab work.  i have read (in oxygen) that you should not count ab reps, but instead you should do the move until you are fatigued and then do 5 more reps.. so that is what i did. it was fun!

now i am typing this.. not sure what dinner will be yet?



flashback friday round twenty one!

in the shower this morning i was pondering today’s flashback topic.  yes, these are the things that go through my head as i am washing behind my ears.  i thought it would be fun to flashback to my 21st birthday since it is round #21 but i honestly have no idea where those photos are.. so that was a no-go.

then i got to thinking about marshall and his passport.  which, by the way, he FINALLY got.  yesterday he sent me a photo of the passport with the caption "let your heart not be troubled".. haha, he is sweet. i am definitely relieved.  check it:

his hair makes him look slightly like a terrorist, no? maybe that is why he had trouble getting it processed ;)

i remember the first time i used my passport.  i was at the ripe young age of nineteen:

awe. and yes, for the record, my bday is june 1. feel free to send gifts.

for this flashback i had to bust out the big guns:

yep. old school photos paired with my scanner.  i hope this flash back is worth the time it took to scan these babies in!

i was traveling to london to study abroad!  my best friend (at the time) and i were going to live in london, study castles and museums and cool stuff, travel around europe and basically have the time of our lives. 

here we are at the airport~ this was our class.  there was a total of THREE boys in the whole group.  i thought that was a little odd! i am on the far right looking like an idiot. typical.


since i had over 10 rolls of old school film to look through, i ended up just picking out a few highlights to show you.  while in london we were able to travel to different countries on the weekend.  i visited wales, scotland, ireland, the czech republic, the netherlands (twice), paris, belgium, switzerland (when momma b came over to see me) and ummm i think that is all?  anywho.. here you go. old school photos of janetha b!

in front of harrods:


the changing of the guard:


at kew gardens, such beautiful plants and flowers.. and dragon statues, apparently.


we went to trafalgar square the first day.. running on NO sleep!


first time waiting for the underground aka the tube~


you can see the sleep deprivation in my face!

this was in leicester square.. apparently harry potter was all the rage!


first time out to a pub~


sight seeing!


we lived in paddington and this was the view from my balcony~


here we are in ireland:


we went to a lot of plays.. including my favorite, les mis!


we celebrated thanksgiving while living there (bad photo!!)


i found a group of australian boys and made one of them my boyfriend and we traveled to paris and amsterdam together. these will be forever friends!!

ha check out the disposable cameras..


on the london eye~LONDON19 LONDON18

and celebrating halloween in wales.. i was a witch.


the tower bridge~


and the white cliffs of dover~


the baths in bath~


feeding the birds in hyde park~ we walked through hyde park everyday en route to school.


ALWAYS loving up on the animals.. even in dirty subway stations and i am sure i caught 7 diiseases..


it was so fun to look back at these photos.  i haven’t in probably over four years. wow.  this seems like so long ago but i can honestly say that the time i spent in europe was the best time in my whole life and i will always remember the experience.  it was the best!

sorry~ that was long :)

i hope you enjoyed this installment of flashback friday! did you participate?? let me know and i will link back to your post! 


well girls (and boys?) i am off to see a movie with my honey bear.  hope you all have a great weekend and i will be back tomorrow with an ultra amazing giveaway! make sure to check back!


1. if you have a passport~ where is the FIRST place you went when you used it? and if you don’t have one.. what country would you most like to visit?  london was the first place i went, but then i went to like 8 other countries in the short time i was there.. it was fun collecting all the stamps in my passport!

2. what magazines do you subscribe to? do you think women’s health is worth a subscription? i subscribe to real simple & oxygen.


xo. janetha b.

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Bekah January 20, 2010 at 10:43 am

Love these flashback pics! Uggh so now wordpress is deleting MY comments. I’ve had to re-type the past two posts.ughh. But anyway LOL at your passport mistake (just read your next post) and ironically my first and only passport stamp is from Jamaica! I still remember the good looking Jamaican boy who stamped my passport. :) I was 16.

I think my parents subscribe to Health (idk why it just comes randomly), and Oxygen, Muscle, and a few more body building mags, and I like Self, Shape, Women’s Health to read just for fun, like on the elliptical at the gym.. but I don’t agree 100% with a lot of what they say.

Errign January 22, 2010 at 9:02 pm

I studied abroad in Ireland in 2006!

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