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by Janetha on January 10, 2010

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happy sunday, friends! sorry i didn’t end up posting last night.  we ended up staying out later at our friends’ place and didn’t get home in time for me to ramble!

but now i am sitting here with marshall and he is watching football.. you KNOW i have plenty of time to ramble.. i hate foodball. ugh.

first off, i would like to thank those of you who have already sent in your mini guest post submissions!  they are so fun to read and i think it is going to be awesome when they are all published in a few weeks.  in case you have no idea what i am talking about, check out my last post to see my request of all my readers!

it was fun to hear your favorite forms of cardio in the comments from my flashback friday post.  sounds like everyone likes to get their heartrate up in the most creative ways! so rad.

sooo.. time to rewind.  to friday night to be exact.  i left off showing you the sun dried tomato basil hummus that i whipped up for bunco night with the girls~


i also whipped up susan’s sunflower hummus and paired both hummuses (is that the plural for hummus? or should we say hummi? like octopus.. octopi.. :P) with veggies, pita chips & wasa crackers~

IMG_5061 IMG_5058IMG_5060IMG_5054

i also assembled a tray with triscuits, tillamook cheddar & turkey pepperoni~


and my friends brought some yummy bites.. cucumber zippy bites a la rachael ray (i believe)~


and artichoke cheese dip + bread~


i had to pop some popcorn in honor of my girl julie!  and serve it in my super sweet popcorn bowl ;)


it ended up being quite the delicious spread!


we buncoed our little hearts out.. it was a really fun game! we all had a super good time.


i am not gonna lie, i did go against some of my challenge guidelines. i ate starchy carbs after meal 3 and i ate full fat cheese.  i also had one too many pita chips.  damn those things!!  but to be completely honest, i don’t feel horrible about my decisions.  i kept it in moderation, didn’t drink anything but water, and since i didn’t have a proper dinner on friday night, i think it all balanced out. 

saturday is where shit hit the fan…


so i woke up and wanted one thing: cereal.  so.. i have a confession.


i went cukoo for cocoa puffs.

not once, but twice. yep. i had two bowls of cereal for breakfast.. at 11:30 AM (YES i sleep in. late. i am not an early riser like all of you!)  not my most shining moment.  i thought getting all my cereal out of the house would keep me from eating cereal but turns out i was wrong.. it just makes me eat cereal i typically wouldn’t touch, like my roomie’s cocoa puffs.  crap.

i also had some french press coffee using my new electric kettle!


yay. this was so rad.

guess what came next?? i went back to bed.

i have no idea why i was so tired! i didn’t even drink!  but i was sleepy.. so back to bed it was.  when i finally came to, i was hungry again.  i made something lots healthier than cocoa puffs..


mmm.. green protein smoothie at about 2:30 PM~


in the mix:

    • 1 cup almond milk
    • ice
    • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
    • a pear
    • 3 strawberries
    • handful of blueberries
    • 2 to 3 cups of spinach

this was super delicious and nutritious!


don’t be fooled.. the vitamix actually made two glassfuls of the green goodness. i drank it all to the last drop.

after this the *plan* was to workout.. but instead i lollygagged in my PJs and eventually marshall arrived.  we were going out for my friend’s birthday dinner so i decided to ditch the gym and shower.

our dinner out was at desert edge pub…


i got the balsamic grilled chicken sandwich sans mayo~

it came on a wheat but and a side of chips and roasted veggie+feta salad.  i ate all of it, no shame in my carb game.

marshall got a fantastic chile verde burrito and it was too pretty not to show y’all~


i had a few bites.

one last confession.. when we got home at midnight i had another small bowl of cereal.

earlier on i had decided to dub yesterday an all out “free day” because i knew i’d blown it with the cereal and still wanted to enjoy my dinner out.   and to be honest, the eats were not horrible compared to free days i have taken in the past.  i had 3 bowls of cereal, a semi-healthy entree at the restaurant and a protein shake that was packed with nutrients.  no dessert, no super fattening foods.  just lots of carbs :D

when i did my body for life challenge in 2008, i would go all out on free day.  pints of ice cream, fried foods, soda, sugar, carbs, fat, the whole shabang.  and i still had stellar results.  that is why i am not stressing over yesterday.  in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t horrible.  i am just going to keep on keepin’ on!

another fail regarding yesterday was my lack of water consumption and the fact that i neglected taking my supplements.  i need to make those two things a priority even on the days i don’t work out!


today i woke up and brewed some french press coffee and got to work on making breakfast for marshall and i…

first i cooked some eggs (2 eggs+4 egg whites) with some spinach~

 IMG_5100 IMG_5101

and then sandwiched the eggs between two halves of a whole wheat english muffin along with a wedge of laughing cow, slice of turkey & 1/5th of an avocado~


served with love.


packed with goodness.



after eating my delicious (and healthy!) breakfast, i decided to let it digest while i blogged.  after i publish this i am going to head to the gym for the HIIT+total body workout i had planned for yesterday.  i feel totally refreshed and have a feeling that the reason i wasn’t feeling it yesterday was just from a long, hard week at work and the gym.  i have had a chance to recharge my batteries and an ready to go!

i probably won’t be posting again until tomorrow night, after the gym i am heading to my parents’ place to make dinner and then to marshall’s house for some hang time.  i also have to stop by whole foods and stock up on some greek yogurt!  essential item.

i will be planning my meals for the week and posting them on my challenge page later tonight, so make sure to check back!

i hope you all enjoy the rest of your sunday and have a nice, productive monday! 

1. tomorrow, january 11th, is national milk day… what is your favorite type of “milk”? i am an unsweetened vanilla almond breeze girl all the way. i don’t really care for cow’s milk anymore.

2. one of my favorite weekend questions.. what is the best thing you ate this weekend? i have to say the cereal. i am a fiend ;)

xo. janetha b.

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Angharad January 11, 2010 at 8:32 am

I grew up on Coco Pops at home. Love.
I also love your idea for guest posts while you’re gone! Awesome! I need to hop on that!
I like normal skim milk but also unsweetened almond milk is delish.
Best thing I ate this weekend? Toss up between margharita pizza saturday night or greek lamb dish last night. Ay ay ay!

Tina January 11, 2010 at 10:42 am

Finally had some time to catch up on your posts again! Girl, you are getting me through the exams! I’m gonna (kinda) use your routine during the exam week, because I cannot do tests without exercising (or else I’m too tired/hyper in class!).

I’ll be sending that mini post with my favourite meal and move (if I don’t forget :P – I won’t, I won’t). But what’s the deadline? So I can schedule it in (I must schedule in all important things!).

My fav milk is homemade almond milk :D
And the best thing this weekend was by far the mountain of tangerines I consumed – I am SO into citrus lately, it’s creepy.

Love you!

Paige @ Running Around Normal January 11, 2010 at 11:02 am

Heyyy I had bunco on Friday too! And I won :D Um can you please host next month? Your spread is outrageous! You really went all out, girl.
And you don’t play on the pool table do you? Just wondering if there’s other ways to play.
I’m a sucker for coco puffs, too. I have a coulple mini boxes at my desk here at work that I can’t help but tear into some afternoons! I confess!

louisianagrown January 11, 2010 at 12:12 pm

My favorite type of milk is the traditional Vitamin D whole stuff. But I’m way too scared to drink it, so I go with the skim instead.

Tamizn January 11, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Everyone needs a free day! My fav milk is vanilla rice milk and the best thing I ate this weekend my homemade soup, I love it! x

katecooks January 11, 2010 at 1:57 pm

a free day won’t deter your progress! you could have woken up the next day and said what the heck and done it all over again but you didnt! every day is a fresh start :)

i like plain jane 1% milk the best! and the yummiest thing i ate this weekend would have to be my homemade pizza? or maybe the indian food i indulged in last nite? yeah, lots of good food this weekend :)

Bekah January 11, 2010 at 5:21 pm

Favorite milk- also almond. or hemp. Almond is pretty cheap though, compared to hemp. I grew up deprived of cow’s milk, so I’m used to not drinking it.

No worries babe about the slip ups- your plan was a little TOO intense, even for four weeks. You’re still doing great though! Didn’t know you went ALL out on BFL on your free day either.. that’s interesting. I guess it balances out though, when you’re following a pretty much seamless, perfect meal plan.

love ya. xoxo

RunToFinish January 11, 2010 at 6:35 pm

I think like you I’ve learned out to splurge without going NUTZ, but some days I just need or want a little more food and that’s ok too…eh hem after i’ve had 3 bowls of cereal today

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