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by Janetha on January 3, 2010

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hey guys!  how has your weekend been?  are you ready for the first monday morning of 2010?  well, ready or not, it is almost here.. so brace yourselves!

i have to make this post pretty snappy because i’ve got a movie date with my friends tonight~ we are going to see avatar.. i am really excited because i hear it is fabulous!

so without further ado..


i loved my parfait a la k so much yesterday that i had to repeat it!  except this time around it was way better because of my newly purchased berries!


no, my table is not slanted..  am just a moron and took the photo crooked.  this had oikos 0%, TJ’s fiber cereal, blueberries, strawberries and…


chocolate sauce special homemade nut butter from deb!  she calls this her “OMG OMG OMG” nut butter~ and i can see why!  it is a combo of roasted hazelnuts with hazelnut chunks, dark cocoa powder, cinnamon, cardamom, and stevia. it. was. fantastic.  and i love the way it drizzled over my parfait so beautifully. thanks deb!

i also enjoyed a mug of french pressed coffee~


right now i am boiling my water for my french press in a pot on the stove. 


ghetto fabulous.

i’ve got an electric kettle on the way.. can’t wait until it arrives!

i got some things done around the house this afternoon and began tackling my reader.. i wanted to go snowboarding but nobody could/wanted to go with me.  eventually 1 o’clock rolled around and a few friends decided they wanted to head up!  better late than never, right?

i was hungry so i made a quick wrap before heading up the mountain.

salmon + spinach + laughing cow + TJ’s peach salsa all on a flat out


remember the 1 lb salmon fillet i got from costco yesterday? i actually decided to bake the whole thing and then bagged it into portions and put it in the fridge.  i am notorious for letting fish go bad before cooking it.. so i hopped right to it and now i have salmon for days!  it was a delicious, portable lunch.




i was surprised that we were able to get so much shredding done in the short hour-and-15-minutes we had at the resort (they close at 4 on sunday).. we made the most of our time! enough to get a good leg workout, at least.


but then the sun began to go down and it was time to bail!


we NEED some new snow. everyone please send your snow my way!


when i got home i grabbed a hard boiled egg upon walking in the door~


hey, i never said i was normal.


i actually am a genius and hard-boiled a whole carton of eggs last night.  i love to have such quick and easy protein options stocked in my fridge!

and now we are current.  i am going to eat some dinner before heading up to the movie and i will probably take a couple bottles of water with me so i am not tempted to take a swig of marshall’s soda since i gave soda up as a new years resolution.  i will also take a few snacks to munch on throughout the movie~ not sure what yet.  probably some snap peas and berries!


and now, at last, i will tell you all about my jamaica bikini bootcamp plan!

i have titled it the “jamaican me bikini ready challenge” thanks to deb’s comment a few days ago.  so clever :)

i leave for jamaica on february 5th.  this is 4 weeks and 4 days from tomorrow.  my program is a 4 week program which will allow me a few days to get ready for the trip and not have to worry about hardcore workouts if i don’t have the time.

let me point out that this plan is intense and strict.. not something i would ever dream of following for a long term period of time.  but 4 weeks is very short and sweet~ so i believe it will be manageable for me.

i have created a page that details and tracks my progress on the plan: click here.  i will be updating this daily with my progress and thoughts.

this plan includes eating, working out, supplements/vitamins AND the steps needed to get my skin/teeth looking baller as well.

okay, enough rambling!  here’s the plan.

the meals.


  • consume between 1 and 1.5 gallons of water daily
  • one cup of black coffee each morning
  • drink unsweetened green tea as often as possible
  • NO other beverages other than these three (which=no booze!)


  • meal plan on sunday for the entire upcoming week
  • three meals + two snacks daily (designated as meals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  • no starchy carbs after meal #3 (beans are ok)
  • no cereal
  • no pasta
  • no rice
  • no nut or seed butters (PB2 is ok)
  • no full fat cheeses or full fat dairy
  • no eating after 9 o’clock PM
  • no sweets/foods with added sugar (fruit is ok, of course!)
  • absolutely NO bites, licks, tastes (BLTs)
  • limit potato consumption to two per week
  • one free meal each week (not free day~ free meal)

vitamins & supplements:

  • CLA twice daily
  • fish oil twice daily
  • multivitamin once daily
  • EAS muscle armor + 1 scoop protein powder after strength training (no more than 30 minutes after)


the moves.

monday cardio + abs 45 min + 15 min
tuesday lower body 60 min
wednesday cardio + abs 45 min + 15 min
thursday upper body 60 min
friday cardio + abs 45 min + 15 min
saturday HIIT + total body 20 min + 60 min
sunday rest day no workout
totals 6 workouts 6 hours & 20 min


this does not include warming up or afterward stretching.  i will be warming up and cooling down before and after each workout session.

everything in between.

  • take documentation photos once a week
  • get at least 7 hours of sleep each night
  • wash face twice daily, exfoliate/mask once a week (i am notorious for going to be with my makeup still on!)
  • begin using sensitive paste (i got it from my dentist~i have sensitive teeth!)
  • floss daily
  • brush morning and night (this i already do religiously but it’s good to note)
  • whiten teeth once a week
  • use jergen’s natural glow daily (helps build a faux tan!)

there you have it!  that is the plan. 

as a motivator, i am going to be scheduling a body fat composition screening appointment for the end of the month.  my mom and i have free certificates for the BodPod body fat percentage testing machine up at the university and they need to be used!  i told her that i will go with her right before my trip. i don’t want to be shocked by the results and so knowing that i have to go get my bf% tested will help me stay on track!

i will be keeping track of my progress and documenting my plans on this page.  check back to see how i’m doing!

here is my plan for tomorrow, monday, january 4th:

meals plan:

meal #

planned meal

planned time

1 egg white+veggie scramble 8:00 AM
2 salmon wrap 11:00 AM
3 greek yogurt+berries 2:00 PM
4 faux “pasta”+meatballs & big salad 6:00 PM
5 chai protein drink 9:00 PM

moves plan: 45  minutes of cardio + 15 minutes of abs

everything in between” plan:



water 1 gallon
CLA 2x
fish oil 2x
multiV 1x
coffee 1x
green tea 1x
floss 1x
brush teeth 2x
sensitive paste 2x
wash face 2x
natural glow 1x
take photos 1x


i have the whole week’s plan on the challenge page if you are interested in seeing it.  i won’t be posting my meals/moves plan on my regular posts, but feel free to check the plans and progress out over on the challenge page.

i have my meals ready to go for tomorrow and my workout clothes packed.  should be a good first day!  i just need to make sure i take photos in the morning.


a few items of business!

1. i finally updated my “about janetha b.” page.  check it out if you feel so inclined!

2. allie i still need you to email me your info because you won the skin MD naturals giveaway!

3. still working on my blogroll. please make sure you let me know if i missed you (i have missed a lot of you, i know it, but haven’t had time to go through my reader one by one~so it is quicker if you just let me know!)

4. i am toying around with the idea of making a FAQ page. thoughts?


well friends, this is long enough.  i hate to inform you all that i have not had a spare second to read all your lovely blogs.. and my spare seconds are not looking very plentiful for the next few days.  my assistant starts tomorrow so i will be busy with training all week!  hopefully i have some time tomorrow evening to catch up and see how everyone is enjoying the new year :)

just know that i love you all. lots and lots!

i am off to the movies~ have a great sunday night/monday. 


1. what is your favorite food/drink to have at the movies? my favorite is popcorn with no butter and dr pepper.  there is something about dr pepper and popcorn that i love. but.. no soda for me this year! so i will stick to water.

2. i know many of you have resolutions/goals for the YEAR, but what goals do you have set for january specifically? i would love to hear what you are all setting your mind to this month!!

xo. janetha b.

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dorothy January 4, 2010 at 6:12 pm

your plan sounds tough but do-able (not for me, but for you def hahah)
i also think after doing this uber strict plan for a month you’ll get much better habits- iwth the whole BLT thing. and then even if youre not AS strict as you are now, it’ll still be a big change. that;s just my two cents from experience, though

i’m rooting for you! :)

Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) January 4, 2010 at 6:17 pm

Good luck with your plan! I don’t think I could go that long without nuts or nut butter myself! I should follow your lead on the BLTs though… They probably amount to 200 extra calories a day or more.

Lynn at The Actors Diet January 4, 2010 at 6:23 pm

boy you are motivated, janetha! i love taking a whole carton of eggs and hard boiling them too.

elise January 4, 2010 at 6:35 pm

you can do it!!!!!!!!! love the plan girl, i have no doubt youll do yo thang.

lowandbhold January 6, 2010 at 9:18 am

You can have my snow!!! Take it all!

Love this challenge, I wish I’d done something like that before I poured myself into a bikini ;)

1. Hot tamales and Diet Coke. Love.
2. I really want to increase my ST workouts this month. I am ready to get ripped, haha.

carolinebee January 6, 2010 at 7:34 pm

Good luck with your plan lady!!! OMG costco is literally my faaavorite :D My roomie and i buy the HUGE salmon fillets, and cut it into 2-serving portions, baggie them and freeze them until lata! Same idea and saves soo much $$! haaallaaaa

April January 7, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Fudge the shirataki…I just had spaghetti squash for the first time…LOVE!!!!!

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