and i still couldn’t come up with a title.

by Janetha on December 29, 2009

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sometimes i have a title in mind before i start rambling.. but most times i hit publish on windows live writer and it reminds me that i have to enter a title before publishing.  today is most times.. let’s see what i can come up with~ am in a pretty random, sassy mood so this could get interesting!

let’s start out with a search term from today’s wordpress statistics:


oh wow.  that is comforting to know that

A) someone is searching for “”

B) my blog comes up when this is searched. oh boy!

okay. moving on.


i ended up eating breakfast pretty late today~not until 9:30.  i cooked myself some protein oats on the stove in my work kitchen.


one of my bosses was in the kitchen with me and says: “hey janetha, could you maybe remember to turn the stove off when you get done making your mush? you’ve left it on a few times.”

um. oops. so i guess i have almost burned down the building once or twice.  i must be such a space cadet to actually leave the stove on.. that or i am just REAL excited for my protein oats and forget to turn it off!


topped with mighty maple and eaten along side a cup o joe~ perfecto.


my day was filled with lots of year-end busy work and trying to prep things for my new assistant~she starts monday and i am in no way prepared to train her!  ah well, lucky for me we already knew each other so i am sure she won’t be bothered by mess of a self come monday morning.

lunch was a repeat of last night’s dinner, minus the bleu cheese and plus honey mustard.

buffalo chicken salad~


i actually think that this was even better today! all the flavors had the chance to meld together fabulously.


i had to work late today and had a lifting session straight away so i fueled up shortly before leaving the office.

chocolate banana protein shake~


the shake itself was pretty unphotogenic so i decided to show you my shake with this kailey style steeze.  all this outfit does is remind me how much i wish i had an h&m in salt lake.  it is, hands down, my favorite clothing store.  my top and my shoes are from there~the cardigan is from nords and the jeans from good old nordstrom rack, another one of my favorite clothing stores. even though it can be a hassle to deal with the rack shopping, you gotta love uber cheap true religions. oh and P.S. my bosses who care were out of town so jeans at the office it was!


today as i was driving to the gym i pulled out my body for life journal from my first challenge.  i was flipping through it to get ideas for today’s workout.  i got a huge kick out of some of the stuff i wrote so i thought i would share it with you.

OH! first of all it was a sign from god for me to check out this old journal because look what i found!



and then i read some of the entries. they were rad and made me realize i need to start doing this again, just so i can look back on my thoughts. writing things down in a book is a lot different than typing on the blog.

exhibit A:

these were the meal/exercise logs from DAY ONE of my challenge. (click to enlarge)


i love how i wrote down “planned” meals and then “actual” meals. dang, i was one organized janetha b! i want to be that girl again. she was determined and had mayjuh success.

exhibit B:


this day is from the end of october. so yeah, you can see i did taper off on the meal planning but i still kept track of what i ate.  what i love most about this page is that i wrote “PENNY!” with a triple underline. that was the day i got my little bean and i am glad i have that on paper :)

exhibit C:


haha. “i feel skinny & good!” YES. and that was only 4 weeks into my challenge. love it. i also love that i can read my meals & moves for that exact day that i felt “skinny & good” and see what i was doing right and what works for me to feel good. that is worth solid gold, folks.

anyway, all this BFL reminiscing had me wanting to integrate some BFL lifting into my workout today.

my workout was of the lower body variety today.  unfortunately my ankles hurt from running in my new shoes yesterday.  gotta break them in!  so i didn’t do calves but i did everything else.

  • warm up=5 min on treadmill @ 6.0 incline 2.5

*i did 15 bench tuck crunches between these sets:

exercise weight reps
bulgarian split squats 10# db each hand 12 each leg
bulgarian split squats 12# db each hand 10 each leg
bulgarian split squats 15# db each hand 8 each leg
bulgarian split squats 17.5# db each hand 6 each leg
bulgarian split squats 10# db each hand 12 each leg
step up w/ knee raise 5# db each hand 12 alternating

*i did 30 floor crunches between these sets:

exercise weight reps
barbell dead lift 25# barbell 12
barbell dead lift 30# barbell 10
barbell dead lift 40# barbell 8
barbell dead lift 50# barbell 6
barbell dead lift 30# barbell 12
stability ball ham curl body weight 12
exercise weight reps
laying bridge 10# on hips 20 x 3 times
mountain climbers body weight 20 x 3 times
donkey kicks body weight 20 x 3 times


the end!


i refueled with quite possibly the most chemical-laden protein bar out there:


i am fairly certain that the ingredient list is longer than randy the basset hound.


i made up for it by having a super clean dinner!

i started out with some chicken that apparently graduated from college by the looks of the cap~


good thing! i would not want to be eating stupid or even semi-unintelligent chicken.

this chicken was not only smart, it was also vegetable grain fed, antibiotic free and all sorts of natural.

i finally had the chance to use my cute new mini le creuset casserole dish!! (which, by the way, i snagged for five dollars at tj maxx)

i coated the chicken in lots of seasonings, such as garlic, basil, thyme, oregano.. you know. the basics.


i topped the chicken with some chopped red onion~


and covered it all with marinara~


baked it for about 40 minutes at 400 degrees [f] and then topped the final product with some fresh grated parmesan using my cute new mini cheese grater~


ah i love mini things! mini grater, mini baking dish. i was in mini heaven!

i ate the chicken over a bed of steamed vegetables~



and now i am sipping on some english breakfast tea and hanging out at mi casa.


one page i saw in my BFL journal was this:


i wrote: “went to gyno – she was rude about protein. lame!”

ah! it all came back to me! back on october 7, 2008 i went to the OBGYN and she seriously reamed me about eating 120g of protein daily.  i was very active in the body for life message boards back then and posted about it.  that post can be found here (with replies) but i have copied/pasted part of it for convenience:

the gynecologist asked what supplements i was taking, i told her CLA, fish oil, and that i used protein powder. she asked me why i used protein powder, and i explained to her that i eat 6 times a day, balance my protein and carbs in every meal, and aim for 20g protein a sitting so i end up with 120 g and 120 g protein each day. when hearing this, she kind of went berserk, it was weird. she freaked out saying that it was WAY too much protein for someone to consume daily.

her exact words were “well this better just be a temporary weight loss plan and not a program you intend to follow for the rest of your life!”

heh.. i said well, it is for life actually. and then i made it clear that it was not just to lose some quick weight. instead, it is to stay in shape and maintain a healthy figure. she was not having any of it.. she told me that if i eat 120 grams of protein a day, my bones will become brittle and weak and my body will pull all the nutrients in my bones to process all the protein my body is taking in.

i told her that i take a multivitamin and that i still eat food that have a lot of calcium. she told me that there is nowhere near enough calcium in any of the food i eat to balance out eating that much protein. the worst part is she was very rude about the whole issue.

i do not know much about how our bodies process protein and what protein takes away from our bones, i am no nutrition major..i just follow BFL recommendations for my body size and all i know is that it has made me feel better than i ever have.”

wow. i remember this appointment like it was yesterday!  the doctor was so rude to me.  i thought it was a little out of line for her to be lecturing me on my protein intake when i was not asking for her opinion on it~i was simply there to get an annual exam.

it is ironic that i saw this journal page today because.. back to the doc i go tomorrow! yes, i know.. it has been OVER a year since october 7th.. oops, my bad. a little late. hey whit~i guess that is my confession for today!

when i made the appointment i made a special request not to see the same practitioner.  although i think it would be fun to see her again and tell her that i am doing just dandy with this much protein in my daily diet, nearly 15 months later.

anyway.. i guess there is no real purpose for that whole ramble~i just found it ironic and interesting that i came across it today!

hey, i warned you at the beginning of this post that it may be a little odd.  hope i delivered.



1.A: what are your thoughts on my experience at the doc last year? do you think it is out of line for a gynecologist to criticize, in a very rude manner might i add, your healthy eating habits when you have not asked for an opinion?

1.B: what are your thoughts on protein intake? is it important to you? do you keep track, or not really pay attention? how much protein do you aim for daily? i know that my body responds well to and equal daily intake of carbs/protein so that is what i aim for.  typically, i like to eat 1 gram of protein for each pound i weigh (roughly).

yeah.. those are long and intricate questions~but i would love to hear what you all have to say!

and if you don’t feel like answering those~

2. what is your favorite clothing store? h&m for liiiiife. oh h&m, please come to the SLC.

oh gee- i just realized i still have no idea what to title this post!

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Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce December 30, 2009 at 10:28 pm

girl only you could turn a weight room into a photo shoot, you are so pretty! ick. hope you luck out with a different gyno tomorrow!

ksgoodeats December 31, 2009 at 9:11 am

I’m LOVING that outfit – super cute! You should inform your boss that oatmeal is not mush ;)

Yikes to the doctor! I’ve been lucky that my doctors haven’t been too bad. It helps that my doctor is someone I know outside of the office so there haven’t been issues.

Fav stores (I don’t have just one) = Macy’s, Banana Republic, Express, H&M, and Gap

carolinebee December 31, 2009 at 9:14 am

OOweeee i love reading all the intense comments :D LOL I agree with April, and mostly everyone..but either way u should NOT be disrespected or condescended to, ESPECIALLY when you are already in a vulnerable (ahem) “position” at the gyno!!!! My nonny always nags me to start a journal and i really need to do it, it would be so awesome to look back and see a more private record that isn’t really blog stuff. XO good luck girl!

mom December 31, 2009 at 10:35 am

So glad you kept such a great journal to refer back to… I have to rely on my mind that is almost like a sieve!!

Doc was totally rude, I’m pretty sure I was there (see the whole mind thing!)

I love to eat protein because it fills me up and gives me tons of energy to get going! I don’t keep track but I am always low on the consumption unless you are cooking for me!

LOVE the look of the chicken dish, yummmm!!

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) December 31, 2009 at 11:43 am

LOL I love seeing what people search for to get to blogs. Amazing.

Your body for life journal is so motivating to me. I think I’m going to try it out.

How rude of the doctor. It bugs me because I personally feel like most doctors do not understand nutrition as much as they should. And don’t always trust that their patients do actual research to make sure they are bein healthy. Blah. how annoying!

Jessica (jesslikesithot) December 31, 2009 at 12:30 pm

Ughh I HATE days when a title just won’t come to mind….that’s probably why half of mine are shorter, and major cop-outs?? HAHAHA, oh well :)

But Janetha, those jeans look HAWT on you!!! I love the h&m style…wish there were more closer to me too! It’s like a cheaper Urban Outfitters!

And wow–i would NEVER guess that extra protein could make your bones brittle….wouldn’t it be the other way around LADY?! protein makes you strong and sexyy!!!!!!! which is J’s middle name… hahaha–you’re fab just the way you are, and have learned what works for YOU…so i’m glad you stood your ground!!

I shoot for at least some type of protein with each meal and snack, but since i’m a veg…i don’t really get THAT much–compared to others!
And I looooove URBAN. So, so much!!! XOXOX HAPPY NYE!

rny_alison January 1, 2010 at 1:10 pm

I eat ~125 grams of protein a day. I had RNY surgery and lost 211 lbs by adopting a high-protein, clean-eating lifestyle. I now maintain my goal weight, but this eating plan is for life.

I am going to the bookstore to pick up a copy of The China Study today. Have you read it?

Jenn N. January 1, 2010 at 10:51 pm

I remember reading that thread on tracker. She was rude and clueless. For most of humankind, people have eaten higher protein diets. The high carb low fat diets are partially to blame for the obesity (and all that comes with it) epidemic.

I LOVE Anthropologie although I can’t really afford it. I like shopping at Tulle online. Mod Cloth online has lots and lots of things I’d love to buy as well. I can usually find something I like at H&M too.

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