five day weekend, i adore you.

by Janetha on December 22, 2009

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hey guys!  happy friday tuesday!  well, it is like friday for me because i don’t have to work tomorrow.  or the next day. or the next day. or the next day. OR the next day.  wow! holler at five whole days off.

loved hearing your answers to yesterday’s Qs.  for a brief summary, i will show you the season-loving breakdown:





so basically.. i am in the minority and summer was the winner!

also, you all love yourselves some ketchup on yo’ burgers.

the end.

onto today!


breakfast was pretty dang festive.

mighty maple protein oats


wooooooooow. santa is coming to town real soon!


is it just me or is eating and drinking things out of holiday themed dishes just more fun?


mighty mapley. oh and YES lauren~i am so down for a bloggie switch. i have just been too lazy busy to reply to my comments this week :P

between breakfast and lunch i had to go to hell costco to grab a few things for my boss.  and just because he made me endure such a crazy situation, i went ahead and let the company buy a new coffee maker for the kitchen.  oh joy! i can’t wait to have delicious coffee… on monday :)

since my work fridge was bare and i was way too dang busy to do anything about it, i picked up some lunch to-go.  from my favorite soup spot.. the soup kitchen.


turkey on jack sprat wheat + mustard, sprouts, lettuce, tomato & cup of tomato soup


favorite. soup. ever.


and the sandwich was pretty far up there on the delicious turkey sandwich chart as well.


when five o’clock hit i couldn’t get out the door fast enough.  it has been SNOWING all day (hooray!) so the traffic was horrendous.  the price i pay when i pray for snow.  totally worth it.

i went to my mom’s town and met up with my sister and her fam!!  they are in town from california and they were at the ski shop renting their skis for tomorrow :)  my nieces have never been skiing so it should be a good time.  OH and my sister and mom haven’t skied in about 15 years so i will make sure to take a LOT of photos ;P

as much as i wanted to work out, family time took priority.  i munched on this clementine while catching up with them.


i just love that the sticker on it says “happy juicydays”~ha!


we ordered take out pizza from a new pizza spot here in bountiful.  it is called arella pizzaria and just so happens to have a 100% rating on urban spoon.

we kept the order small.. just four 18” pizzas!


pizza #1: margherita


olive oil, basil, cheese, tomato sauce.

pizza #2: the arella


arugula & spinach tossed in blue cheese dressing, pears, caramelized onion? something amazing. this was the best.

pizza #3: combination


mushrooms, pepperoni, basil, peppers, sausage, tomato sauce.

pizza #4: half veggie, half hawaiian


veggie side: portobellos, peppers, tomato sauce.

hawaiian side: ham, jalepeno, pineapple.

not gonna lie. i ate 3 pieces of pizza.

IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_0041

yum. i loved the paper-thin crust.  thanks for dinner mom! super delicious.

sooo after dinner we did lots of hanging out.  i busted out some of my winter clothes so my sister could get some gear for skiing.  in the meantime, my mom managed to find this volcom hoodie of mine that zips all the way up. and has a gnarly scary monster face. it was amusing so i decided to show you all~



my kids were cute all night.


it was fun to have my sister and brother in law and nieces here.  i wish they lived here.. but at least they are able to come for the holiday and we can have some quality time together!!

IMG_0066 IMG_0070

i was admiring my mom’s christmas tree.  i don’t have one at my house this year.  but i have a TON of ornaments tucked away just waiting for me to have a tree!  something that has become a tradition in my family is to collect tree ornaments.. any time i leave town i get an ornament souvenir.. usually for my mom and myself and sometimes for my sisters.

i decided to photograph a few that i have given my mom over the years and or/been with her when it was purchased.  we usually like to get an ornament that says the name of the city or country we are in (so we actually remember where they are from!!)

when i was 19 i lived in london and traveled to a bunch of countries.

this one is from paris~


this one is from holland~


this one is from london~


this one is from ireland~


my mom came to visit me when i was living there and we traveled to switzerland.  i should definitely whip out the scanner and scan in some of those photos for a flashback friday post!  it was so much fun and here is the ornament we got to remember our adventure~


one time when my mom and i were visiting my sister & her fam in california we went to the jelly belly factory which, of course, did not have christmas ornaments. so we got a key chain instead! sometimes you must improvise :)


we also went to santa cruz and had to get a key chain for our ornament~


pretty sure i was 17 years old when i went to niagra falls~


and this pearl harbor ornament was from just last year when marshall and i went to hawaii~


that is just a small dose of the ornaments we have collected over the past decade or so.  it is so awesome to have all these ornaments and remember the fun places i have been.  also, i NEVER have to wonder what souvenir i am going to get my mom!  always on the lookout for an ornament. 

i can’t wait until i actually have a house with my own christmas tree.  sigh, maybe next year :)

well i didn’t get my workout in today.  BUT i did do 50 crunches on the floor while staring at these two~


handsomes :)

and to be honest with you i kind of feel like garbage.  i ate pizza and didn’t work out and i feel like a slug.  i am craving a sweat session but now it is past 10 PM and i am not a crazy person so i will not be heading down to the gym for a workout.  i will just have to get a good one tomorrow~which i totally think is possible since i will be snowboarding all day and have some time for HIIT afterward!  so i just keep telling myself that and hopefully this slug-like feeling will go away ;)

that is all i have for tonight!

oh wait-one thing.  see my blogroll there to the right? yeah.. it is SO outdated.  i am going to make a blogroll page this weekend so if you would like to be on there and do not see your name~holler at me! please and thanks.

well.. hope you all are getting your last minute christmas shopping done and have some time to relax!  also i hope nobody has to work too hard this week.  it should not be allowed :)


1. do you have any holiday (christmas/hanukah/etc) traditions you would like to share with the class? in addition to the ornaments, my family always has clam chowder on christmas eve!

2. it has been asked before but tonight seems fitting for me to ask… favorite pizza (as in toppings/crust/etc)? i am a thin crust, tomato sauce, lots of basil, cheese, bell peppers and mushrooms kind of girl.

xo. janetha b.

p.s. i haven’t forgotten about you all! my reader is just up past 200 :P

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jenngirl December 23, 2009 at 8:07 pm

Wow those pizzas seriously look incredible!! YUM ;)

And your ornament tradition is so neat.

1. My mom always makes Corn & Crab Bisque on Christmas Eve, and we ALWAYS walk across the street to visit our neighbors who are like an adopted set of grandparents to me.

2. I really like Margherita style pizza with thin crusts–the way the Italians do it.

Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo) December 25, 2009 at 11:52 am

Love love love the fact that you collect ornaments- that’s more practical than what I collect from foreign lands: patches. So that when I’m 103 I can sew them all onto a blanket. Thrills.

Not gonna lie, unless your santa placemat is huge, your oats look TINY. That would fill me up for oh, about 5 minutes! :-) I guess you don’t get hunger issues!

Yah, I HATE that slothy feeling. I deal with it quite a lot actually. On the days that I’m not running around like mad, I am slothy and I feel terrible. I have a post in the queue about it. Will publish it one day. You’ll get back. I’m surprised that you would go Snowboarding and then do HIIT. Isn’t that doing double duty??

Love any pizza with very very thin crust. My fave.

We are often out of town in different places. So our tradition is to be totally nontraditional! Doh!

Hope you’re having a really super day! :-) ho ho ho!

snackface December 29, 2009 at 1:12 pm

OMG Pizza. I don’t even like pizza that much, but those look killer right now!

So, at home, I shared your Christmas card with everyone. The dogs were loved by all and my Grandma wanted to know what the shirts were about! haha so cute.

Our Christmas tradish is to go to our neighbors’ house on Christmas Eve, chat, drank, be merry. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without it.

Onto the next! (I’m so sorry. Saving the best for last isn’t always the best method. I would never want you to feel as though I’m not reading! I love you too much for that!)

Jenn N. January 1, 2010 at 11:21 pm

“your kids” are so cute. Like I said, I’ve hardly been on the computer but I did open up your blog really quick to show my mom (who is a major animal lover) your dogs! She agreed they are adorable!

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