christmas crunch.

by Janetha on December 19, 2009

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happy saturday everyone!  i know i usually don’t post on saturday but i thought i would drop in to holler atcha.

last night was SUCH a blast! turns out my friend who had the party lives in a ridiculously huge mansion.  that made for a good time.

the best part about the night was i was able to see old frends~some people i have not seen since last winter and i was just so happy.  there is nothing better than catching up with good friends.  i dare say it is even better than ice cream!

here are a few photos from the shenanigans~

this room was covered in mirrors and 110% dedicated to flip cup.


hooray! a successful flip!


la la la ladies.


i never get to stand in the back! i am always too short!


speaking of too short. this was a miniature room. see the ceiling? yeah.. i could stand up straight with lots of clearance. nobody else could. oh the joys of being 5’1”


the worm was indeed busted out.


and other killer dance moves. too bad the flash was on.. because you are missing the effect of the totally black room with a colorful strobe light. yep. jealous?


more ladiesss!


love it when i see people that i havent seen in forEVA!IMG_9753IMG_9741


since my dinner last night was a PB&J i woke up starving.. actually my hunger is what woke me up! does that ever happen to you guys? i know this girl knows what i am talking about!

i immediately went to the kitchen and made some english breakfast tea~


then i scrambled 2 egg whites+1 whole egg


and paired them with a double fiber whole wheat english muffin+garlic herb laughing cow~


it made for a lovely breakfast!


i ate it while checking out the pottery barn catalog.  sheesh, how many possible products can you have monogrammed?!


i spent the next 2 hours working on christmas stuff.. including FINALLY doing my holiday cards.  better late than never!

i caught up on some blog reading but eventually announced defeat and goggle reader won with about 51 left unread. ah well, ya win some, ya lose some.

somewhere around noon or one i decided it would be a good idea to go to the gym. i had my pod shuffle charged up and upper body on my mind.  i wanted to get it done quick so i decided to do supersets and made up a little workout using two different exercises for each muscle group (triceps, chest, shoulders, abs, back & biceps) and supersetting them with each other.  here is how it went down:

warmup: 5 minutes on elliptical level 10


cycle 1: three times through

triceps & chest
exercise weight reps
dumbbell chest press 20# each hand 15
barbell skull crusher 20# barbell 15
dumbbell flyes 10# each hand 15
bench dips body weight 15


cycle 2: three times through

shoulders & abs
exercise weight reps
overhead dumbbell press 10# each hand 15
ball crunches body weight 50
dumbbell shrug 25# each hand 15
ball plank body weight 1 minute


cycle 3: three times through

back & biceps
exercise weight reps
standing cable high rows 40# 15
cable biceps curl 30# 15
bent over underhand barbell row 30# 15
dumbbell hammer curls 10# each hand 15


my arms were literally shaking as i drove home. they still are!! i love it.

after the gym i needed a little post workout nutrish so i went with some thing light since i will be having a heavier dinner tonight.

the star of the show?


YEAH! my roommate found some christmas crunch!! and actually, for bing a “sugary kids cereal”~the stats and ingredients are really not that bad. check it:

IMG_9763 IMG_9764

yep. that is why my title is “christmas crunch” although it could also refer to the time crunch that is going on right now.. seeing as how christmas is less than a week away! yikes!

of course i put my christmas crunch over 0% oikos. you saw that coming i am sure.


this was actually a pretty small bowl. i took a photo of it in my hand above the dogs. you can go ahead and compare the bowl size to each dog head.


why do i get so excited about christmas colored cereal?


it was not long before my bowl became a christmas crunch blizzard.


too bad it is not snowing here :( it better soon~i want a white christmas, damnit!

okay well i just got done eating that. my arms are still shaking. the dogs are still begging.

i figured now was a good time to check in on my december goals since the month is 2/3 the way over! wow~where does the time go?!

eat less.

  • success. i have been rocking at this one. hardly EVER have a bite, lick or taste of anything! and i think it is paying off in the weight department. i can see my abs popping through :) after all, abs are made in the kitchen.

move more.

  • fail. well, as of late. since i was sick i took 5 days off from the gym. 5 days in a row. so.. gotta hit it hard these last couple weeks.

drink a gallon of water a day.

  • semi-success. i have been about 70% on this one!

remember to take vitamins & supplements. 

  • fail. probably remembered 4 days this whole month.

finish unpacking/stay tidy.

  • semi success. eh.. my room has been clean but i haven’t had time to unpack anything! woops!

print out photos and hang them in my room/office.

  • fail. the month is not over yet :)

eat out less.

  • success. hardly ever eat out! yes.

add one meal and one move to their respective pages on the blog each week.

  • success. i have been building that up this month and have more to add!

try new workouts.

  • success. yes. i have been making up new workouts left and right!

make more of an effort to keep in touch.

  • mega-success. that is all i do! i have been a social butterfly this month. fantastic.

and there you have it. lots of green, that is what i like to see :)

items of business!

  1. please keep sending me questions you would like to ask emily alvers, the 2008 body for life grand champion.. i am taking questions for the next few days so go ahead and ask away! if you missed it, you can check out her before & after photos and story here.
  2. i really need to change my about page. it is so outdated. that is not really an item of business but i am just sayin…
  3. today is national hard candy day so yeah.. celebrated accordingly. i can’t, since i don’t eat candy. but i hope you have a jolly rancher for me. a watermelon one. i love those.

well folks~i have to go do more socializing!  i am going to marshall’s for a bit and tonight i am joining my mom, sister & sister in law for a dinner out at the tin angel cafe and to the jon scmidt concert~ he is a new age piano player & composer. should be fun!

hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  i may or may not be back tomorrow~lots to do!!


1. what is your favorite kind of cereal now? what was your favorite kind as a kid? favorite now is shredded spoonfuls~aas a kid i would say cinnamon toast crunch or fruity pebbles!

2. favorite kind of hard candy? watermelon jolly rancher para mi.

xo. janetha b.

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danica December 21, 2009 at 12:23 pm

It looks like you had such a great time – I LOVE the party pics – you are such a doll and your friends are a total hoot!

OMG I’d get all excited over Christmas colored cereal especially Captain Crunch :D Sometimes you just need to have it

Hope you had fun with the family.

Sarah December 21, 2009 at 2:40 pm

Way to go on completing most of your december goals! i definetely need to try and reach that goal of eating less. i have been eating every little thing in sight lately. even when i’m not hungry. wah.

hooray for being short! i am also 5’1” and can fit in small spaces (high five)

1. my fav fav fav ceral is peanut butter puffins. when i was little it was lucky charms–well really only the charms part

2. my fav hard candy hmmm.. i don’t really like hard candies as much, but i do like the butterscotch werther drop things. yum yum

Kristie December 21, 2009 at 5:24 pm

Strobe lights?! You guys are the cooooooolest

I want that cereal, why don’t we have fun christmas themed cereal around here? I feel so deprived!

Awesome job on the goals girlie! I really gotta kick my own butt on the bites and licks dept. I’m pretty bad for that.

Cereal? Hm.. I honestly don’t even remember what cereal I ate as a kid! I know I was never a big fan of super sugary cereals though, I think I ate Cheerios. And I don’t eat hard candy much but I like.. humbugs? And scotch mints, do those count?!

glidingcalm December 21, 2009 at 9:32 pm

fav cereal?! I loved Post’s banana nut crunch! ohhhhhh memories!!!

other favorites were GRANOLA duhhh, AND frosted cornflakes.

the picture with the puppies is adoraaaaaable

looks like a fun weekend!


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