ya win some, ya lose some.

by Janetha on December 13, 2009

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hey hey heyyyy.  have you all had a chance to enter my æbleskiver giveawayif not.. get on it.

so, this weekend has been a pretty big downer since i have developed a sore throat, cough, sneezarific sort of sickness.  blah.  and of COURSE it has been dumping snow in the mountains all weekend. FML.  no snowboarding para mi, and yes, i am bitter.  but i also know what is good for me and what isn’t, so to prevent super-sickness over the christmas break, i am staying warm while sick as to not make myself even worse off.

this post is going to be short and sweet.  short because i am 5’1" i would rather not be online tonight and sweet because i made some delicious treats!

saturday after the æbleskiver shenanigans i went home and baked some of my chocolate chip cookies for a party marshall and i were going to that night.  i took a tip from one of my amazing readers, carey (hey girl!), and swapped the chocolate chips out with red & green m&ms! 

12-12-09 05812-12-09 07512-12-09 074

these turned out so festive and cute!  and delicious.. pretty sure i ate my weight in cookie dough.  ah well, ya win some ya lose some.

12-12-09 009 12-12-09 005

while i was baking, marshall made dinner!  i have the best boyfriend ever. :)

12-12-09 067

marshall can make two things: tacos and spaghetti. this time it was the latter.

12-12-09 065
paired with steamed broccoli and topped with fresh grated parmesan, this dinner hit the spot.

12-12-09 081 

a couple of hours later we went to the party.  it was a lot of fun and i got to see some of my ladies~ there was an incred spread of delicious sweet and savory eats~

12-12-09 010

i nibbled on some pita chips+jalepeno artichoke dip, veggies+dip and crackers+hummus.. all excellent choices.

12-12-09 01512-12-09 018

i opted to skip the booze and instead drank copious amounts of theraflu.. jealous?? i was wasted by the time we left.

12-12-09 087

i may or may not have had some cookies and milk before bed. and when i say may or may not i mean definitely did.  ya win some, ya lose some.

this morning i woke up to lots of snow and feeling sicker than yesterday.  i made the decision not to snowboard even though it hurt my heart. lots and lots. ya win some, ya lose some.

i made a delicious breakfast to console my broken heart.

ham+egg+cheese english muffin sandwich & baked sweet potato hash browns~


the sweet potato hash browns turned out delicious! i simply grated a sweet potato, spread the shavings out on a cookie sheet and baked at 425 degrees [f] while preparing the sandwiches.


i topped them with some annie’s organic ketchup. of course.


i used shallots in the eggs and added some grated cheddar at the end.

IMG_9328 IMG_9337

i toasted a double fiber english muffin and added black forest ham to the sandwich for extra protein and also added some avocado to the sandwich for some healthy fat and extra yum factor.


this breakfast was perfect!  fiber, protein, healthy fat, good carbs.  toot toot, there goes my own horn. ya win some, ya lose some. definite win :)

randy wanted in on the meal.  sorry randy, you’re a dog.


sorry penny.. none for you either.


ya win some, ya lose some.. the dogs lost this time.

i didn’t eat anything the rest of the day because i was feeling really sick and had no appetite.  i braved the crappy roads and made my way up to marshall’s house.

i had been wanting to make abby’s pretzel treats ever since seeing them on her blog.  i also saw emily and allison whip them up recently so i finally caved and made a batch of my own tonight!


i made a few varieties and plan to take them all to work tomorrow.  i am sure everyone will appreciate my urge to make christmas treats!!

hugs + m&ms~

 IMG_9359 IMG_9363

reeses + m&ms~

 IMG_9361 IMG_9366

and caramel kisses + almonds + m&ms~

IMG_9369 IMG_9372

i ate lots. and lots. and LOTS of pretzels.  not much protein intake tonight. ya win some, ya lose some.

sorry this post has turned out to be a tad on the lame side.  as you are aware..ya win some ya lose some.

you may have noticed that i didn’t post any moves.  um yeah, i haven’t worked out since thursday.  once more.. ya win some, ya lose some.  there’s always tomorrow!


1. what holiday treats have you made recently or are you planning to make? yes i stole this Q from you jessica!

2. ya win some, ya lose some. what was one “win” and one “lose” from your weekend?

hope you all have a great monday! it is national bouillabaisse day, FYI.

xo. janetha b.

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Michal December 15, 2009 at 5:01 am

I love making those – but your look so pretty! I love the striped hershey kisses so cute :)

lowandbhold December 15, 2009 at 9:18 am

Hope you’re feeling better soon and get to get out there and do your thang!

I haven’t made any treats yet. I’m such a bum.

Hmmm…. win: new part-time easy ass job. lose: not doing anything remotely social until Sunday night.

Have a good one Janetha!

Lara (Thinspired) December 15, 2009 at 12:06 pm

Seriously, I had no idea you were so into baking! That is awesome!

My mom and I keep saying we’re going to make Georgia Cookies (have you heard of them?), but we haven’t gotten around to it yet. I really feel like baking now after catching up on your posts!

Win: Get to see my parents because I am living with them now.
Lose: Get to see my parents because I am living with them now.

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) December 17, 2009 at 9:50 pm

Oh my gosh- I was laughing throughout this post. Love the wine some lose some theme- how do you come up with these great fun ideas? You rock the blog world sister.

Randy and Penny- kill me with cuteness.

Love the fact that Abby’s pretzels are making crazy inroads in the blog world- and LOVE the tweaks you did. I think I might have to do them too.

I love me a real home made egg mc muffin.MMMmmm. love.

Win: Made all the nut butters for the heabversary prize
Lose: no winner has stepped forward-gah!!

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