a waffleless wednesday.

by Janetha on December 9, 2009

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top of the evening to you blogettes! congratulations, we have officially made it over the halfway mark of the work week.  hip, hip, hoofreaking rayyyy.

i have no witty banter to start my post with tonight.  sorry, i guess it is just one of those days.  how about i just dive right into the daily details and see what rambles come up?  good plan. 

my morning started off with coffee in a snowman head, just the way any fine winter morning should start. PS: it was nine degrees on my way to work today!

IMG_9007 IMG_9008

this java had to tide me over for quite some time before i could sneak off to the kitchen. i was out of freezer waffles and didn’t have time to make some waffles from scratch. waffle wednesday FAIL.  instead i made…



oats in a jar!

yes, the empty peanut butter jar bowl that HEABs made all the rage found its way into my breakfast today.


said jar that was empty?


the mightiest of the mapes.  OH. did you guys HEAR?! they are discontinuing mighty maple! i am wondering if this is a rumor or if it is legit.  anyone know? anyone??  i would die. it JUST found its way to the SLC and now it is goin to vamoose? sad story. i better go stock up!

mighty-mapley-protein-oaty goodness.


hum. i wonder if i am going to die from BPA something or other. i guess you aren’t supposed to heat plastic containers up and eat out of them.. so, if i die.. someone can have my christmas countdown placemat :)


sixteen days ‘til santa!

woah. that is getting a little too close for comfort considering the amount of christmas shopping i have left!

i spent the day running errands for my boss. i was out of the office for over three hours this afternoon! talk about a wasted day. ohh well. i did make it back to the office eventually and was so hungry, i thought i was going to eat my arm.

snack plate time!


cucumbers, red peppers, mushrooms, sunflower hummus, garbz+cottage cheese & a few sliced of oven roasted turkey for good measure.

IMG_9024 IMG_9023

i need to get some more ranch seasoning. OH for those of you who asked, when i said i like my ranch salad dressing from scratch~i really meant i like to make my own ranch from the hidden valley ranch packet+1 cup of milk+1 cup of mayo.  needless to say, i don’t eat this very often. usually i top my salads with either cottage cheese, hummus or balsamic vinegar (or a combo of all three!)~i really liked some of the salad dressing ideas you guys mentioned in my last post. thanks for those!

after work i got my permanent crown put on.. hopefully no more dentist until next may.  but hey~my mouth is now the queen. i’ve got my crown.

i went up to my parents’ house after the dentist and saw my sister in law & niece~they live there right now. my niece made the dopest edible train on the block!

IMG_9030 IMG_9031

yes i had to post both photos because one showed you her super proud smile and the other showed you her ridiculous fashion sense. and she is only three!

check out this train!!



choo choo! all aboard for a workout!

i worked out in my mom’s gym today.  it was an incredible lower body workout!!

  • 5 min warmup on treadmill @ 15% grade

cycle 1: 3 times through

  • jump squats holding 6# medicine ball x15
  • reverse lunges holding 15# dumbbells x15 each leg
  • laying bridge x30
  • floor crunches x30

cycle 2: 3 times through

  • single leg calf raises (on leg press machine, sitting upright) @80 lbs x15 each leg
  • single leg leg press @120 lbs x15 each leg
  • stiff leg deadlifts @30# x15
  • plank: 1 minute

cycle 3: 3 times through

  • plie squat w/ calf raise holding 15# dumbbells x15
  • angled calf raises @ bodyweight x15
  • stability ball ham curls x15
  • hyperextension bench: back extension x15, left side extension x15, right side extension x15

cycle 4: 3 times through

  • wall sit: 1 minute
  • donkey kicks x15 each leg
  • side leg raises (scissor style) x15 each leg
  • bosu ball oblique elbow-to-knee crunches x15 each side

lots of strettttching!

the end.





not a huge fan. too artificial tasting. i don’t like the frosted bottom part. ick. won’t buy it again.

went home and made myself a proper dinner~

chicken nuggets and fries!


well.. healthified of course ;)

i diced some chicken and sliced some sweet potato half moons~i breaded the chicken with italian panko bread crumbs & garlic powder.


i baked it all at 425 degrees [f] for about 30 minutes.

side note: did you know that the formula to convert fahrenheit to celsius is: take the fahrenheit, minus it by 32 and then times that number by five ninths.  geez, we should all just be on the same system.  fahrenheit makes NO sense (32 is freezing? why not zero?!) plus it is hard to spell.. 

post baked!


i paired the chicken with organic bbq sauce~ (even though i really wanted some annie’s honey mustard.. but did not have any in the house.. honey mustard is my fave for dippage of nuggets!)


and paired the sweet potatoes with organic ketchup~


this meal made me much happier than a happy meal would have! ;)

now i am watching the jazz game with my roomies and contemplating going out.. i don’t think it is going to happen..

OH! tomorrow morning i have an appointment with the business counselor at the university. yep, janetha b. is going to go back to escuela!

ok, i think this is long enough, don’t you? see you tomorrow everybody!


1. what is your favorite dipping sauce? man there are so many.. ranch, bbq, honey mustard, sweet & sour, ketchup, hummus, salsa, guacamole.. i really don’t want to pick. but if i must, it would be hummus. as far as dipping for chicken goes, however, honey mustard wins. ha, i used to be so indecisive back in the wendy’s chicken nuggets days and would get THREE dipping sauces for my FIVE piece nuggets! hah. ridic. anyway.. moving on.. favorite dipping sauce para tu?

2. fill in the blank:  if (insert specific product here) was discontinued, i would be tempted to jump off of a bridge/out of a speeding car/into shark infested waters because i would be so sad. i am sad about mighty maple. but not devastated. i think if oikos discontinued the 0% plain greek yogurt i would die a sad slow death from being depressed.

xo. janetha b.

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dailygoods December 11, 2009 at 1:41 pm

danggggg for a second i thought that little cutie was a pic of you when you were younger! she is CUTE! :) ranch dressing and franks red hot is THE SHIT

Jessica (jesslikesithot) December 12, 2009 at 12:04 pm

Nooooooo mighty maple’s the ONE flavor i’ve been dying to try and just cannot find anywhere!! Aw, sad news :( hahah

You are so adorable. And that train is so adorable!! The cheetahs look delicious girl, have a good weekend! LOVE U!

1. GUAC! or hummus! does that count? mustard’s pretty fab too.

2. And hmmm, i’d be pretty depressed if barbara’s cereals, sabra hummus or FSTG chips were discontinued!

Jessica (jesslikesithot) December 12, 2009 at 12:05 pm

I almost forgot–CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

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