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ugh. SO. just had a big scare! i had a whole post typed up.. just had to insert my photos~ and i get some black screen on my laptop saying there is some sort of error and something or other is corrupt.


i was sure all my files and photos were long gone. history.  i spent an hour recovering my system…


we all crossed our fingers (and paws) that everything would be safe and sound.


well.. lucky for me, it was! now i am going to go grab my portable hard drive and do some surrrious backing up!

the bad news? well, i lost my whole post.. grumble. it was so long!

i am afraid to say.. you are going to get the shortened version via a list. sorry charlies, i just don’t have it in me tonight.

1. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the incredible comments, insight and wise words left on my last post. that is why i love blogging so much.. the feedback i get from all of you really impresses me and i feel so fortunate to be acquainted with all of you smart ladies! so yes, thanks much. xo

2. yesterday i mentioned that i got a new gadget! here it is:


meet “the baby computer” (as my mom and i call them) aka a netbook. this will make blogging away from home so much easier.. and if my laptop ever DOES bite the dust (as i was afraid it might tonight).. i have backup now ;)

3. yesterday’s workout was rad. 12 minutes on the treadmill @ 15% incline at 4 MPH, 20 minutes HIIT on the treadmill ranging from 6.0 to 7.5 MPH and maxing out at 9 MPH on the final minute. 22 minutes on the bike while reading my new mags: oxygen and real simple. hooray for them FINALLY finding their way to my new address!

4. yesterday’s dinner was whole foods salad bar with a little added protein from the seafood counter~6 ounces of shrimp.. doused in TJ’s sesame ginger dressing of amazingness.


5. today has been an incredibly productive day! i got all but one box unpacked in my room! yesss. confession: i still have 5 or 6 boxes in the garage to unpack, but hey.. out of sight, out of mind, right? right. ;)

6. i had not one but two almond milk lattes today. in a snowman mug. and there is no snow outside. i’m sad about that.

IMG_7982 IMG_7980

7. i had a fanfreakingtastic workout today! i did some research online and with some tips from susan’s blog and the oxygen website and a few ideas of my own, i put together a fun total body workout. here is how it went down:

i completed each exercise block 3 times through and then moved onto the next. in bold, after the move, i am going to list the main muscles the move worked.. of course, there were other muscles working (such as glutes during a step up) but i am just going to list the targeted muscles.

5 minutes/0.5 mile warm up on treadmill

block A:

block B:

block C:

block D:

10 minutes on stairmill

this workout took an hour including the warmup and stairmill. it was so awesome! i am going to do the same routine next saturday but try to up some of the weights to make it more challenging.  i loved combining the muscle groups during my workout. it was lots of fun :D it was a little rough as i have DOMS in my hamstrings (from last tuesday!) and my chest/triceps.

8. i made a yummy dinner tonight using some of my foodbuzz fest swag!!

IMG_7987 IMG_7985

i used some whole wheat linguine, 93% lean ground turkey, basil & oregano diced tomatoes & sliced mushrooms and tossed it all with the pesto.  served the pasta alongside some steamed broccoli with a side of bad lighting..


9. instead of doing anything exciting.. i spent the evening recovering my computer. bah. so happy it worked!

10. deb posted a really fantastic flashback friday post and you all need to go read it. now. please and thanks :)

11. tay also posted a fun disney flashback friday post, check it out!

12. i need to tell you guys about a little somethanggg called operation chocolate-covered kindness


katie is raising money through page view compensation to donate to charity!  i have copied and pasted this from her post~

What can you do to help?

  • Spread the word!  If you have a blog, please help me (Katie) get the word out by blogging about, or even just mentioning, the “Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness” page view charity drive on your blog.  (Feel free to use the logo as well.)
  • During the month, click on as many pages/links on my blog as you can.  Each post you click on, and each link you follow, earns more money for the charity drive.  Or, when you see my (Katie’s) posts in Google Reader, simply click on the posts instead of reading them in Google Reader format (which doesn’t translate to any page views).

so please spread the word and click for some chocolate-covered fundraising love!

13. the incredible and beautiful quinn posted a RAD tidbit the other day.. there is actually a recipe analyzer that you can simply type the ingredients of a recipe into a post and it will quickly calculate the recipe stats and display a nutrition label AND give the recipe a letter grade! check quinn’s post out here and you can find the recipe analyzer here. thanks quinn!

14. my family is having thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!my sister and brother have off years as far as being at my parents’ house goes.. so we are celebrating early so we can all be together :) i am attempting six different recipes! including angharad’s savory mushroom bread pudding and a sweet potato & goat cheese galette. mmmm. can’t wait!

okay. soo.. that is the shortened version (can you even imagine what the original one was like?!) i hope you are all enjoying your weekend! i know i still have emails and blog posts to get to.. but for now, i have HAD IT with laptop land :P see you tomorrow!!


1. where will you be spending thanksgiving this year? and with who? my fam is celebrating tomorrow but on actual thanksgiving i will be at my mom’s for round two turkey dinner! it will just be my mom, dad, grandma, marshall & me.

2. do you back up your files? what is your method? and how often? tonight’s debacle was a wake up call.. i need to back up my photos riiiight now! i have a portable hard drive that i use.

sorry this was not very entertaining! i was a little discouraged after losing post #1.. better luck next time ;)

xo. janetha b.

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