i heart foodbuzz. round two.

by Janetha on November 9, 2009

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miss round one? check it out here :)

hey guys! i am currently up in the air! special thanks to momma b for loaning me her baby computer so i could actually have blogging capabilities while away from home.  i didnt want to lug my laptop all over the place.

i am going to jump right in to my saturday recap of the foodbuzz blogger festival!

we woke up bright and early at 7 AM.. yes that is bright and early for me. allison, jasmine, danica, jay (danica’s hubs), quinn, ashley and i went for a brisk morning walk on the fantastic steep hills of san fran.  some of the hills are so gnarly! it reminds me a lot of downtown seattle.

after the walk we snagged some coffee in the hotel lobby and cleaned up.  i managed to get a couple photos of the swag bag we received upon checking into the festival. make sure you take note of the stellar houndstooth carpet :)

foodbuzz 059 foodbuzz 060 foodbuzz 061 foodbuzz 062

what was even more exciting was the incredible gift bag danica put together for each of us ladies.  her kindness is out of this world. i can’t even put a label on how freaking nice danica and her husband are! and they are SO much fun to be around!!

foodbuzz 063 foodbuzz 064

all of my favorite TJs loot! thank you thank you danica!

we headed over to the morning at the market and were ready to eat our own arms.. super hungry!!  it was a short walk from our hotel to the market at the ferry building.


foodbuzz 065 foodbuzz 066

when we arrived we were excited for the breakfast spread we were anticipating. ummmm so, about that “spread”~

foodbuzz 068 foodbuzz 071

yes. it was grapes. and nothing else. oh wait. and coffee.

a little lot disappointed and still hungry.. we decided to take matters into our own hands and find some breakfast. we walked through a fabulous market in the ferry building and tried bits and pieces of this and that while looking for something to eat.

foodbuzz 069

this coffee cake was incredible.  the woman we spoke with from the california coffee cake company said she baked all of the cakes herself!  i tried some pumpkin pecan and also some walnut spice, which you see here.

foodbuzz 081 foodbuzz 082

of course i had to do some ladies proud and try the spicy hummus!!

foodbuzz 075

danica was being her amazingly sweet self again and got some organic pot stickers for us all to share!  maybe she just didn’t want us to eat her arm?

foodbuzz 076 foodbuzz 079

we finally found something for breakfast!  rose pistola & rose’s cafe.



foodbuzz 086

the line was super long so while waiting to order i had to run over and take some photos of this sweeeeeetie bernese!! her name was luce and she was 2 years old. totally made me miss penelope! even though she was about 5 times the size of penny jane :)

foodbuzz 093

i really wanted the mushroom scramble but it was sold out so i went with the egg sandwich

foodbuzz 090

foodbuzz 096

it was really rad that the had organic NON HFC ketchup!  but i was really disappointed that there was no fontina or mozzarella on the sandwich like the menu said.  this was good, but not $10 good.  still.. good. and it filled me up which is all that mattered at the time!
foodbuzz 101

ashley’s butternut squash brioche french toast with caramelized pears and cinnamon whipped cream really looked epic, no??

foodbuzz 094 foodbuzz 095

after breakfast we didn’t have much time and unfortunately couldn’t hang out at the market (or with luce) because we had an olive oil tasting to attend.  i now officially know way more than i need to know about olive oils. and we all scored a huge bottle of local olive oil!

foodbuzz 111



foodbuzz 108 foodbuzz 110

you swirl and sniff the olive oil.. just like wine tasting.

foodbuzz 112 foodbuzz 113

not gonna lie, it was a little weird drinking olive oil straight. probably won’t be doing that again. but it was fun!

after the seminar we headed over to the metreon for the tasting pavilion. probably one of my favorite parts of the whole festival!!

foodbuzz 195

holy crap. i don’t even know where to begin. i will just throw it all up.. gloriousness upon gloriousness!

brittany and brandi were bread ambassadors and got to whip up their award winning recipes for us all to try!

foodbuzz 191 foodbuzz 115

this seafood ceviche was a great blend of flavors and it reminded me of a ceviche i tried at the taste of the nation event a few months back. LOVED the squid in there. when i was in 6th grade my dad made me try squid and i haaated it. who knew i would one day love it? not me!

foodbuzz 116

shortbread and pumpkin butter. yum and yum.

foodbuzz 120 foodbuzz 121

this next bite was hands down my favorite thing i tasted!! it was a pastry base filled with rice and caramelized onions, topped with a bleu cheese dijon mustard and pomegranate seeds. the taste and texture combination was an explosion in my mouth.. what a creative bite!

foodbuzz 123

somehow.. kerrygold knows how to make plain old butter taste epic. foodbuzz 129

another thing kerrygold is good at?? CHEESE! i had a few pieces of the aged cheddar cheese infused with irish whiskey.  it was my favorite variety they had to offer. it was very soft and creamy!

foodbuzz 131 foodbuzz 133 foodbuzz 134 foodbuzz 135

bertolli was passing around some delicious pizzas and bruschettas!

foodbuzz 181 foodbuzz 183 foodbuzz 141

we were able to get a bread cookbook signed and sample a recipe from the book.. can’t wait to crack that open!

foodbuzz 159 foodbuzz 161foodbuzz 160

and you can never have too much cheese.. apparently this le petit dejeuner wone best cheese in the USA.. wow!  to be honest, i liked the aged cheddar better ;)foodbuzz 162

hey ladies!!

foodbuzz 172

brandi told us we could not miss the watermelon wheat beer..

foodbuzz 167 foodbuzz 168

foodbuzz 166foodbuzz 170

i was really into these oregon dukkah dry dips!!  i wish i could find them in the SLC.  such a fun new concept i had never seen. you dip the bread in oil and then the dry dip. yum!foodbuzz 176 foodbuzz 177

americano is the restaurant located inside hotel vitale. they were serving up some meatballs..

foodbuzz 179 foodbuzz 180

so this next thing is caraaazy. it is a cast iron pan that cooks these little lovely balls (TWSS)


foodbuzz 188

foodbuzz 186 foodbuzz 187

you can fill the inside of the balls with anything under the sun.. you can make it sweet or savory.  this pan was cool but the balls seemed like they were very labor intensive and take too much time/effort to make.. he said 9 balls can take about 20-30 minutes.  hmmm.. no thanks.

in between these fantastic tastes we went to a california sparkling wine seminar!

foodbuzz 156 foodbuzz 146

foodbuzz 149

we learned a lot about sparkling wine and how it is made.  it is actually made the same exact way as champagne.  foodbuzz 150

of the four wines we tasted, i liked the first one the most.  it was a blanc de blanc and actually was the cheapest of all four varieties.  go figure, i am a cheap date ;)

foodbuzz 152





we basically had to wheel ourselves out of the metreon!  so much good food was consumed.

i was in lots of luck because the incredible, amazing, fabulous DEB was in san fran for something other than the festival.  how random! i only had a small window between the tasting and our dinner event but she was sweet enough to stop by my hotel to say hi!

foodbuzz 197

she is just as amazing and cute in person as she is on her blog!  she also brought me some sweet homemade goodies.. chocolate almond macaroon kisses and pecan butter!  thanks again deb :)  we only had about 20 minutes to chat.. but i feel like we could have talked for hours.  i totally know why lara met up with her multiple times when deb was recently overseas!

after our brief meetup i raced to my room to get ready for the big dinner event.  i will post that in another post.. but here is a little preview ;)


edited to add: i didn’t have time to post this last night!  or all day today since i was so busy at work. but here it is now. yeeeeah.

p.s. i am back home now and it is so not rad! i want to go back to san fran!


1. red or white wine? still or sparkling? still white wine para mi.

2. favorite kind of CHEEEESE? are you kidding? i can’t pick! but currently it is the kerrygold aged cheddar with irish whiskey :)

xo. janetha b.

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Jenny November 11, 2009 at 10:59 am

bah, I have been trying my hardest to avoid the foodbuzz recap posts because they make me uber jealous — but I clicked on yours because I cant stay away from you…

..but now I’m uber jealous :(

thank goodness your home! Life ain’t the same without my daily dose of M&M.. and no, that’s not M&Ms..


dorothy November 11, 2009 at 1:55 pm

aw that doggie looks adorable!!

ive seen those one of those balls pans (er..) at street fair once but they were making pancake sorta thingies with it

Lara (Thinspired) November 13, 2009 at 8:42 am

Oh man, I’ve got all 4 foodbuzz posts to catch up on with you! I’m starting with Round 1 and working up ;)

Lovely photo of you and Deb. You are both fabulous. I am still holding out for a group meet up!

Oh, and I’m red wine all the way!

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