weird wednesday.

by Janetha on October 28, 2009

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today was a weird day.

first off i woke up in a new house and had no idea where i was.

then i showered in a brand new shower.. lucky for me it has amazing water pressure and a good head. twss?

then i drove a totally new way to work.. from my new house.. and had no idea how long it would take.

18 minutes, FYI.

i hope my autopilot realizes that i moved and i don’t try to drive to my old house at the end of the day.

then i put my oats on the stove. i usually put them on and leave the kitchen, go about my morning routine.. lalala.

and then for some reason i totally forgot i was making oats. and the water was all used up in the pot. and the oats were burning and sticking to the bottom of the pot. woops.

so that was weird.

i was too hungry to wait any longer for another batch of oats to cook.. luckily i had backup.

oikos+PB2+shredded spoonfuls

10-28-09 001

my boss came in my office while i was eating this and told me it “smelled horrible” in my office. and “what on earth” was i eating? um.. weird.

“it is YOGURT and CEREAL!!” that is exactly what i said. like 5 times in a row. i also gave my breakfast a sniff. it smelled like yogurt. and cereal. he is a weirdo.

10-28-09 002 10-28-09 006

i got a page in the afternoon. my boss (a different one) told me to get downstairs to the showroom immediately. um, ok, that is weird.

don’t worry.. it got weirder.

10-28-09 032

for the past week there have been roosters and chickens in our parking lot. not sure why.. the guy next door to our building has all sorts of random wildlife. i guess they wanted to come say hello.

so today, my boss beckoned a rooster and a chicken in with crackers.

totally normal.. right?

10-28-09 008 10-28-09 011 10-28-09 021 10-28-09 023

why did the chicken cross the road?

to get to our showroom to buy windows, of course.

don’t worry.. the rooster flew up onto the window sill.

and my boss had a feathery photo shoot.

this is all in a day’s work, right?

10-28-09 018


when we tried to shoo them out, they repeatedly ran face (beak?) first into the glass. it was hilarious. look, i took a video of the whole shenanigans:

youtube videos take forever to upload. get with it youtube.

and it is not showing up. hmm. so if it didn’t work for you, i highly suggest you click here.

so then i decided to eat..

savory oats

10-28-09 033

1/3 cup oats, 3 egg whites+1 whole egg, TJ’s peach salsa, TJ’s corn salsa, frank’s, LCL wedge..

okay, let’s be honest. this looks like a bowl of disgusting.

10-28-09 035

not appetizing at all.

so a lady i work with is heating her lunch up as i am putting the finishing touches (aka dousing the bowl in hot sauce) on my lunch.

“that looks SO GOOD!” she says.

liar. it looks like vomit.

i then had to explain to her the concept of savory oats.

so that was weird.

10-28-09 036 10-28-09 034

i won’t bore you with any more details of my weird day at work.. just know that it involved long phone calls and trying to figure out a bunch of weird problems in quickbooks.

want to know what was not weird? my new scarf. love.

10-28-09 045  10-28-09 041  

yeah, we have a weight room at work. and i don’t think it has been used once.


even weirder? my boss has not one, but TWO different gym memberships.. in addition to this office gym. a bit much, no?

after work i drove home. had to remind myself where home was.

that felt weird.

went to my mom’s house and whipped up like.. 18 pounds of funeral potatoes.

we have a work luncheon tomorrow.

the potatoes will make their debut in the next post. promise.

then i did a new HIIT on her treadmill! not weird at all.

incline 10.0 the whole time. two minutes at 3.5 mph.. and then 4 sets of this: 1 minute at 4.0 mph, 1 minute at 4.3 mph, 1 minute at 4.6 mph, 1 minute at 4.9 mph. and then one minute at 5.5 mph. at an incline of 10.. and DOMS in my legs.. that was a challenge.

then i went to marshall’s.

made dinner.

chicken picatta with mushrooms + green beans + caeser salad

10-28-09 064

i took some play by play photos. not weird.

thinking about the chicken in my showroom earlier today as i was making this?

way weird. and not in a good way. sigh.

dredged the chicken breasts in whole wheat flour & italian seasonings.. then cooked them in extra virgin olive oil..

10-28-09 038

flipped them over..

10-28-09 049

dumped a plethora of sliced mushrooms over top..

10-28-09 050

and this stuff..

10-28-09 05310-28-09 054 

served on a bed of whole wheat thin spaghetti..

10-28-09 069

marshall didn’t complain about the mushrooms.


good dinner!

10-28-09 071 10-28-09 065

the only bad thing was a moth landed smack dab in the middle of my pasta as i was eating it.

way weird.

and way gross!

and then i decided to type this.

i will probably have a greek yogurt mess before i call it a night.

weird? i think not.


1. where does  your autopilot take you? i am always accidentally driving to this freeway entrance that has been closed for MONTHS. but i always drive to it.. and then remember it is still closed. and yell profanities in my car to myself.

2. why did the chicken cross the road? to buy windows.. obvi.

xo. janetha b.

p.s. i am a horrible person/aunt.. yesterday was my niece lucy’s 6th birthday and i forgot to give her a holler on last night’s post. we call each other twin and i love her. she got her ears pierced yesterday! love you lulu.

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Jessica (jesslikesithot) October 30, 2009 at 5:01 pm

I spy shredded spoonfuls! My faveee :)

Sorry about the weird day Janetha…but hey, it kept you entertained at least?!

And I STILL haven’t tried savory oats. WHO AM I!?

Love youu!!!

Jessica (jesslikesithot) October 30, 2009 at 5:02 pm

ps! love the scarf, so cute.

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