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by Janetha on October 21, 2009

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ahhhhhchoo! i have been sneezing my brains out all day long.  thanks for all the get well wishes in my last post.  and for making me feel better about taking some time off from working out.  i am off to the doc in the morning so hopefully i can nip this thing in the bud. what the crap does that even mean anyway? “nip it in the bud”.. sayings are so weird.

well it is already nearly eleven and i am a sick girl so this post is going to be on the weak side of things!

to make it a little more interesting, i am going to turn to my wordpress dashboard for some blogging material!  i will be mentioning some random search engine terms that people plugged in (to google and the like) and for some strange reason my blog popped up!


meal 1: mighty maple protein oats @ 8:00 AM

10-21-09 002

search engine term: “pig eating oats”

yep. that was me all right.

unfortunately i couldn’t celebrate waffle wednesday because i am a waffleless woman and the kitchen clearing challenge is not letting me buy any more. i am sure someone celebrated for all of us!

search engine term: “what is a great special meal for a guest”

hmmm.. well if this girl was my guest i would def make her some protein oats before we hit the slopes!

10-21-09 004 10-21-09 003

i was too busy for my own good again today! i will be grateful when the weekend comes.

meal 2: chicken + black bean + peach salsa wrap @ 1:00 PM

10-21-09 011


star of the show? this stuff..

 10-21-09 00510-21-09 006

dear trader joe’s.. please come to utah. thanks. love, janetha b.

10-21-09 008

search engine term: “huge mouth”

why yes, i have one of those.. i can fit my fist in my mouth actually. and i used my huge mouth to eat this:

10-21-09 012


after work i packed up half of my life and hauled it all up to marshall’s house.  this sounds like a simple task, right? wrong. i had 11 or 12 heavy boxes and i had to play tetris to fit them all into the bed of his truck. did you know australians call the bed of the truck the “tray of the ute”? weirdos. i can say that because i have lots of aussie friends ;) actually i love hearing the terms other countries use for the same things!  they also call cigarettes durries.

search engine term: “i have DOMS and it worsens every day”

dang. i wish i had DOMS. not me. i haven’t been to the gym in a week! mayjuh fail.

once i got to marshall’s around 7 PM we had to run to the store to snag some costume items for a halloween party we are attending on friday. our costumes are going to be so rad! well.. at least i think so. i will let you be the judge.

the last thing my sniffling, sneezing, aching self wanted to do was cook… so…

10-21-09 013 

not having to cook when i am sick gets two thumbs way up.

10-21-09 014

10-21-09 017 10-21-09 015

meal 3: whole grain tuscan linguine with chicken & side salad @ 8:00 PM

10-21-09 023

i had never tried this dish from noodles. it is always hard for me to decide if i want an american dish, a mediterranean dish or an asian dish.  this time i went with italian. from what i could taste (which is not much.. damn those taste buds not functioning properly when i am sick!) this was absolutely fantastic!

10-21-09 019

10-21-09 021 10-21-09 022

search engine term: “angharad pronounced”

wrong blog. try here!

hated it.

10-21-09 025

search engine term: “how to open a smoothie business”

wrong blog again! try here!

after dinner we did some more shopping for our halloween costumes and then went back to marshall’s and unloaded the tray of his ute. and then i took seven thousand photos of the dogs. here are two.

10-21-09 059 10-21-09 032

oh! and randy got a new halloween collar!

10-21-09 064

it glows in the dark :)

my boyfriend made me some theraflu because he loves me.

10-21-09 044

delicious. hot, steamy medicine.

10-21-09 050

search engine term: “three hundred pounds of hummus”

i wish. not today! but i bet she may have had that much for lunch alone!10-21-09 045 10-21-09 046 10-21-09 047 10-21-09 048

search engine term: “cute coffee mugs”

there you go! you came to the right place! love my J mug.

and that ends the day’s eats and drinks. pretty uneventful.. i warned you.

marshall got new sheets! penny wouldn’t get off the bed when he was trying to put them on.

10-21-09 071

so she went under the fitted sheet.

she eventually got out.

 10-21-09 076

guess what? we got penelope jane one year ago tonight.


search engine term: “happy eating cheesecake pic”

unfortunately no eating cheesecake pics today. too bad.. it just so happens to be national pumpkin cheesecake day! sure wish i had celebrated!

oh well, maybe next year!

the end.

told you this was going to be lame!


1. wordpressers.. tell us some of your silly search engine terms as of late!

2. when it comes to eating noodle dishes.. what type of cuisine do you prefer to consume your noodles via? i pick thai. pad thai rice noodles are so delish!

xo. janetha b.

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Allie (Live Laugh Eat) October 22, 2009 at 11:09 pm

Jealous of your J mug!!!! I want an A one so badly! You are a cutie patootie. I’m not a big noodle fan but if I did, it would be with a cream sauce (muahahaha).

carolinebee October 23, 2009 at 7:06 am

The best for me was “cream colored cabana pants” hahahha siiiick

Stephanie (Surviving Chicago) October 23, 2009 at 8:18 am

you have a basset!! i loveeee them!

get well soon!

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) October 23, 2009 at 11:31 am

Haha, those are definitely some random search engine terms! Great commentary!

Amanda, another priorfatgirl October 23, 2009 at 11:58 am

i’ll take penne noodles with a tiny bit of butter and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. heck, just give me the noodles. no frills, just carbs :) please quit being sick already, ok? thanks.

glidingcalm October 23, 2009 at 10:31 pm

vietnamese or thai! pho is sooo good, but i also love ramen, udon, soba!

i’d pick that over cheesy creamy pasta ANYDAY.

love youuuuuuuuu
your BF is so cute!

Lizzy October 25, 2009 at 7:53 pm

i find it so funny what people do to search! makes me giggle! i love noodles and company and usually i order from the Mediterranean menu!

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