trifecta of events.

by Janetha on October 18, 2009

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turns out trifecta is not a legitimate word.  oh well, i like it.. it stays!

so i have been MIA for what seems like ages!  i actually haven’t even been to my own house since friday and i won’t be going there until tomorrow.  i have been up north doing all sorts of things!

friday was marshall’s birthday party, saturday was the wedding of two of our friends and today was marshall’s birthday celebration at my parents’ house.

rather than bore you with every last little detail and morsel of the past three days.. i will just go over these three events.. that still leaves plenty of photos to share!


so as i mentioned, friday was marshall’s birthday. i was off work at a bit past 3 and spend 5 hours racing around like a mad woman getting last minute gifts, picking up his birthday cake tiramisu, cooking goods for the BBQ.. ahhh.. it was crazy! once we arrived at the party i let a humungo sigh of relief!

it was a fab time. we started out with some grilling..

10-16-09 005

and for some reason someone thought it would be a good idea to have a habanero pepper eating challenge.. so some of the dudes popped the peppers into their mouths! i got video footage of this but it is taking forever to upload so i won’t be posting that. but here are a few photos from the ridiculousness..

they look little and not so bad, right?

 10-16-09 004 10-16-09 006 10-16-09 007 10-16-09 008

they all spent the rest of the night talking about how their insides burned. i learned my lesson from the cinnamon challenge.. i will just admit defeat before even trying!

next up was some gift giving.. i got marshall some rvca shirts, an analog hoodie, some puma golf shoes and rubber floormats for his subaru. how romantic, right?

 10-16-09 018 10-16-09 022 10-16-09 023 10-16-09 027

and what birthday would be complete without cake tiramisu and candles?

10-16-09 029

glory!! so incredible!

10-16-09 030


 10-16-09 032 10-16-09 033 10-16-09 034 10-16-09 035

all 26 out in one breath! 10-16-09 036

this photo cracks me up..10-16-09 038

marshall & dave had a bonding moment with the wafer straws (what are those things called anyway?)

10-16-09 039

of course i had a piece! yum!

10-16-09 042

the tiramisu was not vegan so i made some cookies & cream vegan cupcakes from a recipe i got from emily. they were SO delicious, even those who don’t usually like vegan baked goods agreed they were incredible!

10-16-09 014

at the end of the day i was beat.. it was go, go, go all day after only 4 hours of sleep thursday night. i need more than that to properly function!


saturday we slept in and had bagels and coffee for breakfast.  penny drove.

10-17-09 029

and before we knew it.. wedding time!

the ceremony was fabulous and marshall was looking sharp in his tuxedo. always a groomsman, never a groom!

some pre-ceremony prep..

10-17-09 049 10-17-09 053 10-17-09 055 10-17-09 050

standing on the veranda before the ceremony~

10-17-09 052

husband and wife!

 10-17-09 073 10-17-09 074

we had some time between the ceremony and the reception so some of the girls and i went to get supplies to decorate their getaway vehicle. the funny part was that they were using our friend’s car, not their own.. i made sure he was ok with us plastering condoms all over the windshield ;) oh and i also grabbed a clif bar from the gas station because i was starving!10-17-09 082 10-17-09 085 10-17-09 086 10-17-09 089 10-17-09 092 10-17-09 094


10-17-09 097

we went back to the party and i fixed a plate~

10-17-09 098

lots of fruit, some stuffed mushrooms, two meatballs, veggies & some turkey

the rest of the night was spent celebrating the marriage of the happy couple.. dancing, mingling.. and WEDDING CAKE

10-17-09 105

cute cake topped of the groom with a football and the bride on his back. when i saw this i decided that there should be a company that makes wedding cake toppers that actually look identical to the bride and groom.. if that sort of company doesn’t already exist, it totally needs to. before i get married.

here are some photos!

10-17-09 144 10-17-09 115 10-17-09 118 10-17-09 128 10-17-09 129 10-17-09 139

my throat had felt scratchy all day long and i was hoping that i wasn’t coming down with something.. i went to bed around midnight.


i didn’t wake up until one o’clock! and i felt like garbage. yes that is 13 hours of sleep.. i guess my body really needed the rest. i had a bowl of cereal and some coffee.

around 3 PM we headed to my mom’s.  marshall had requested a birthday dinner menu and my mom happily whipped up each and every request. it was weird to not have to cook everything like i usually do! i enjoy cooking but it was really nice of her to make us this great meal.

the chef!

10-18-09 008

on the menu?

vegetable beef stew

10-18-09 006


10-18-09 007


10-18-09 004

the very best food on the planet: my mom’s homemade scones

10-18-09 003

and homemade raspberry jam

10-18-09 009

wow, what an incredible spread!

10-18-09 001

my bowl~

10-18-09 012

the stew had a plethora of different veggies!

10-18-09 013

i promise you, there is nothing better than these scones. deep fried pockets of love as i like to call them. so bad, so good.

10-18-09 015

i polished off more than my fair share of scones. they really reminded me of my childhood. i love it when food can take you back to a different place in time!

they also really made randy’s mouth water drool

10-18-09 017

after dinner my family showered marshall with more gifts! my niece helped him open them.

10-18-09 024 10-18-09 019

and eventually i was ready for dessert ;) peach cobbler & vanilla bean ice cream~

10-18-09 030

yum! two of my favorite things: vanilla bean & peaches!

after dinner we went and saw where the wild things are which was really cute.. not so much for little kids.. and not so much something i would race out to see again.. but i am happy i saw it. i loved the book when i was a kid. i really think they should make a movie out of “if you give a mouse a cookie” because that was the ultimate childhood book!

whew, how was that for a 3 day recap? it has been a jam packed weekend and to be honest i need a weekend to recover from my weekend!  but it is back to work in the morning.  i better get some shut eye before my 5 AM wakeup call.

i haven’t worked out since thursday. eep. back to work AND back to the gym tomorrow!

p.s. my reader is clocking in at triple digits.. i can’t wait to read about how everyone spent their weekends.. but alas, i will have to wait. sleep is #1, especially since i am trying to ward off a cold!


1. what was one of your favorite childhood books? in addition to “if you give a mouse a cookie” i was all about the boxcar children & the babysitter’s club.. i guess those were a bit later in my childhood that the short books like “where the wild things are.”

2. what do you prefer for your birthday “cake”? birthday cake doesn’t always have to be cake! marshall had tiramisu. i prefer ice cream cake.. i have some friends who prefer pie and others who like cheesecake. how about you?

hope you all had a great weekend!

xo. janetha b.

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Angharad (Eating for England) October 19, 2009 at 10:01 pm

Thank you for not posting for a few days, I have so many blogs to catch up on….so thanks for thinking of me ;)
Love your weekend. Happy bday again to your boy. Let’s see what my notes on this post say…
1) you look gorgeous in your wedding get up
2) tiramasu is a GREAT idea for a bday cake
3) you are a nice gfriend running round like a mad woman
4) Your mom’s cooking makes me want to go home….or just to your mom’s house.

Seriously, I want to come and hang out in the slc so bad. My parents took a cross country road trip last year (for a whole year, bastards) and they raved about utah so much! yay!

Ok I should probs answer your qs:
1) Umm I loved a series called The Famous Five as well as Mallory Towers. Both tres British circa 1950. Thanks mum.

night love xx

Lara (Thinspired) October 20, 2009 at 3:29 am

What a weekend!! I just love weddings. Looks like you had tons of fun. And sleeping until 1?! You must have needed it :)

Family parties are the best, aren’t they? Looks like your mom had quite the spread! The beef veggie soup looks so comforting.

1. As a kid I loved the Goosebump books series…do you remember those?!

2. Oh, too many! My mom makes a wonderful German Chocoalte Cake, and of course my favorite red velvet is always good :)

Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) October 20, 2009 at 6:29 am

I love the birthday cake question! I don’t really like cake, so instead of a birthday cake I prefer to have either brownies, cheesecake, or ice cream cake!

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