flashback friday round nine.

by Janetha on October 16, 2009

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hey!  so i had a post all typed up and ready to publish last night but the internet was out! ugh, grumble.  i could have tried to fix it but it was three in the morning (yes, three.. i was out at a bachelorette party) so i just called it a night and decided to cut my losses.

but because of my technical malfunctions last night, i get to post flashback friday early today!  so the disruption in my posting schedule is not too sad afterall. plus, i saved the post i typed.

before i get going i need to take a moment and say..


my babe is 26 today :D i make his work schedule and i was nice enough to give him the day off. what a sweetie i am!

so let’s talk about thursday!


first off, meals 1 and 2 and even 3 were all about my kitchen clearing challenge!  a big props to my fellow bloggettes (kailey, low, paige) who have been participating in the clearing of the kitchen!

meal 1: mighty maple protein oats @ 8:00 AM

10-15-09 031
guess what i remembered to do today?! take photos for a step-by-step how to on my creamy protein oaty goodness! maybe that ginko i have been taking is paying off after all?

step 1: dry measure 1/3 cup old fashioned oats into small saucepan

10-15-09 003 
step 2: turn stovetop burner to medium heat

10-15-09 006
step 3: add 1 2/3 cups water (or, be like me, and fill the 1/3 cup full 5 times and count as you put the water in the saucepan because you count everything)

10-15-09 005
step 4: brew some coffee. hang out. don’t watch the pot, it will never boil. it will start to get hot.. and look like this.. keep going about your business

10-15-09 007
step 5: once the water and oats come to a boil, let them boil on medium heat for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how hungry you are and how long you can wait

10-15-09 008
step 6: turn the burner to low and let simmer so the oats will plump and the water will evaporate a bit more

10-15-09 018

10-15-09 019
step 7: turn off the heat and grab your protein powder. NOTE: i think the protein powder you use will determine the deliciousness of your oats. i have tried making them with 100% whey powder and they are gaggy.  i have found, through trial and error, that this EAS triple blend (whey, soy & casein) protein works best for protein oats.

10-15-09 020
step 8: scoop a serving of powder into the oats

10-15-09 021
step 9: stir real, real well so all the powder dissolves

10-15-09 023

10-15-09 024
step 10: dump cinnamon in.. lots of it. stir well

10-15-09 025
step 11: pour oats into bowl

10-15-09 028

step 12: let the oats stand for about a minute so they can absorb the protein powder and get all sorts of creamy

10-15-09 029 
step 13: top with a dollup of mighty maple or other nut butter/fruit preserves/etc of choice

10-15-09 030
step 14: let the heat of the oats melt the nut butter a bit

10-15-09 032
step 15: stir it all up before devouring!

10-15-09 035
mmmm.. creamy!

there you have it.. a longer than necessary how-to for my morning protein oats with mighty maple staple.

meal 2: an old friend! @ 12:30 PM

10-15-09 037
it had been way too long! cottage cheese, chicken, garbanzos, ranch seasoning and i threw a few chopped mushrooms in for the fungus factor. yum, just as good as i remembered!

10-15-09 038 
after work i was in rush-mode because i had to work out, pick up a party gift, shower, change AND drive up north to meet at a friend’s house.. on the agenda? bachelorette party!

but first, my workout!

i noshed on this gala.. we will call it meal 3 for the record.  only a couple galas left until those are gone. buying apples at costco is always a good idea. they stay fresh for so long. i don’t keep my apples in the fridge, i hate biting into a cold apple, it hurts my teeth.  and since i usually eat my apple on the core, my apples always stay out on the counter.  probably more information than you cared to know.

10-15-09 039

it was upper body workout day! my chest was still sore from sunday’s upper body workout but i am a fighter and worked it in the weight room regardless.  because of the late hour i am not going to type the nitty gritty details, i am sure none of you mind..

  • db chest press/db chest flyes
  • barbell rows/db reverse flyes
  • db lateral raises/db side raises
  • db bicep curls/db hammer curls
  • db tricep kickbacks/bench dips

i superset the bis/tris and the chest/back.. i did abs between shoulders. can you tell it was a speedy workout? good thing supersets are considered a good thing because they sure are time savers!

after my workout i ate a string cheeeese. or as susan says, a cheesestring!

10-15-09 043

yes.. in the car.  i was REAL pressed for time. maybe when i live so close to my gym i will actually be able to do morning workouts? no promises, but that is something i would like to try to do. where i live right now it is totally out of the question, my gym is 10 minutes away on the freeway and i love my sleep too much to drive 20 minutes roundtrip for a workout.  but when i move, i will live sooo close to my gym.. so it could definitely happen! i really do wish i could become a morning person!

i cleaned up my hot mess of a self and hit the road for some bachelorette shenanigans.

first up was dinner at PF chang.. not my favorite, but i don’t hate it either. they aren’t the best for healthy eating but i did what i could to keep it in check.

meal 4: ahi tuna appetizer @ 7:30 PM


it was a little too soaked in sauce but it was pretty good.

after dinner we went back to a friend’s house and did the token naughty gifts and one of the girls recruited her guy friend to come be a stripper.. except he had never done it before and to be quite honest it was a little whack!  it was basically some dude who came over and had no idea what he was doing and expected us to all swoon over him. um, no. then we went to keys on main which is a jamming piano bar here in the SLC.  i love it.  have you guys been to piano bars? they are super fun! especially when you go with a lot of people.  after that we skipped over to another bat, the jackalope, which is more my scene. i finally made it home at 3 AM! here are a few photos from the adventures!

IMG_6837 IMG_6838 IMG_6827 IMG_6820

the end! so basically i got 4 hours of sleep, want to die.. but since it is marshall’s birthday i think i will try to survive ;)

speaking of marshall’s birthday… it is time for flashback friday! can you guess what today’s topic is? obv..




i have known marshall and worked with him for over 4 years but we have only been together for two and a half.  that means this is his third birthday i have celebrated with him in full force.

for marshall’s 24th birthday in 2007 we celebrated in the SLC with gifts and friends.. that year i got marshall the DVD “knocked up” because that is the movie we went to on our first date. i was stoked that the DVD came out right before his birthday!

upld 024

i also scoured the internet for 2 months trying to find his favorite pair of pumas that were no longer being made (his pair was real beat up and he was sad he couldn’t buy a new pair of the same shoes). when i finally found them on ebay in his size i was so excited!

upld 030

i think he liked me more back then ;)

 upld 004

randy got up on the gift shenanigans! this was before penelope even existed.   upld 022   

and the weekend after his birthday we took a trip to vegas together to celebrate!

upld 049

upld 053 upld 105 upld 026 upld 036  

it was a super fun trip :)

for marshall’s 25th birthday in 2008 we got a whole slew of people together and ate at one of our favorite restaurants: the red iguana. super good mexican in the SLC!



image image image 

we went back to marshall’s and randy helped him blow out the candles.. image

i got marshall 6 different desserts instead of one.. they included tiramisu, strawberry shortcake, cheesecake, tuxedo cake.. a few others.. randy was eyeballing all of them!


presents! i got him more pumas.. go figure.

image  image

he is pretty easy to shop for! i gave him some RVCA shirts this morning for his birthday and will give him the rest of his gifts tonight.. we are going to have a birthday BBQ with our friends!

well that concludes round nine of flashback friday. WOW.. it has been going on for quite some time now. a total of 11 weeks since i missed two while out of town!  if you participated this week then let me know and i will link back to you.  i know averie and tay already have their flashback friday posts up!  it is always so fun to reminisce. join in!


busy, busy, busy life ahead of me!

  • marshall’s birthday today, bbq tonight
  • friend’s wedding tomorrow! marshall is a groomsman
  • marshall’s bday celebration at my mom’s on sunday
  • where the wild things are sunday night! yesss
  • packkk pack pack pack on monday.. i won’t be home all weekend to do so
  • 6 month meals & moves anniversary giveaway on tuesday!

sooo sorry in advance if i am MIA from reading/commenting for the next few days!

well i am off to eat some lunch. hope you all have a SPECTACULAR weekend!

1. do you like your fruit room temperature or cold?
like i said, i don’t like cold apples. or cold pears, bananas, etc.. but i do love cold oranges and berries!

2. what did you do for your last birthday? i had all my friends over for a BBQ.. i like doing this instead of going out to eat because you get to mingle with everyone instead of sitting in one spot!

xo. janetha b.

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Kate Lemesany October 21, 2009 at 11:51 am

Hi Janetha,
I am a friend of Lainie from Deliciously Fit. I found your blog through hers. I love reading it, you are very funny!
I was wondering if you can tell me the recipe for your funny chicken, garbanzo, cottage cheese, ranch seasoning lunch? I am such a recipe follower, I need to know how much of each you put in?

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