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by Janetha on October 15, 2009

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oy vey! it is almost midnight and i am just finally sitting down for the first time today! well, aside from the time i spent sitting at work.. but that doesn’t count as chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool.

so, sorry to say, this is going to be a speedy post! well, speedy for janetha b, at least.

THANK YOU for all the feedback on carb cycling! it has started some great emails back and forth and you all had a lot to say about it. but i think my mom takes the blue ribbon for her comment on carb cycling:

“Hmm carb cycling – is that where you eat a really yummy roll while riding the bicycle??”

i laughed out loud.


meal 1: waffles! & protein chocolate milk @ 8:00 AM


wait, what? waffles and ice cream? oh no. i wish. this is a photo katharina sent me last waffle wednesday! aren’t those epic? check out the article on them.

these were my boring waffles…

meals 879

i had to celebrate waffle wednesday but did not have the ingredients for my protein waffles.. so i did some more kitchen clearing and had a couple kashis!

meals 875 meals 874

and i was going to make a protein mocha but i realized i left the blade to my magic bullet at home so i just mixed up a little almond milk + chocolate protein powder to balance out my breakfast and keep me full until lunch!

meal 2: turkey on wheat & tomato soup @ 12:30 PM

meals 883 meals 884

i had a lunch date with one of my bestees whom i had not seen in aaaages, so i skipped out on the kitchen clearing challenge for lunch and we went to a delicious deli called skool lunch.  i love their turkey sandwiches because they use real turkey.. as opposed to the lunch meat type. this is the real deal.. just like leftover thanksgiving turkey sandwiches.. ohhh i can’t wait for those!

meals 885

mmmm. the only thing missing was avocado!

well i had a dentist appointment at 4:20 and had no time to eat beforehand.  big mistake. since you can’t eat for 2 hours after a cleaning.. i was sooo hungry. and i also learned the joys of not having dental insurance (when i turned 26 i was booted from my parents dental plan..boo).  $150 later i decided to do some HIIT!


i munched on 15 almonds pre-workout.


warmup @ 5.0 for 2 minutes

then i repeated this cycle 4 times through:


  • 1 min @ 6.0
  • 1 min @ 6.3
  • 1 min @ 6.6
  • 1 min @ 6.9
  • 1 min @ 4.0

then did one minute@ 9.0 mph

stats: 31 minutes, 257 calories, max HR 185, ave HR 154

i didn’t have my ipod today but i was at my mom’s so i watched TV while running. i watched family feud.  just an FYI, the feud doesn’t power me through those tough speedy minutes as much as my music does! but i love game shows. i could watch them all day long.


emily made the yummy enchilada recipe danica posted on my blog while i was in lake powell and i was wishing i could make it but it was totally against my challenge! well, i was in luck, since i was at my mom’s i decided to make dinner there! so she went to the grocery store and snagged the ingredients for these beauties!

meal 3: spinach, mushroom & chicken enchilada @ 8:00 PM

meals 893

gah! 7.5 hours between meals with only a few almonds in between IS NOT OKAY!! but my teeth are shiny and clean.. so i guess it was worth it. here are the enchiladas pre-broil:

meals 886

and post-broil:

meals 889

YUM! thanks again for the great recipe danica!



after dinner it was time for a POM PARTY!

meals 896

the folks at POM wonderful contacted me and wanted to send me their new line of iced coffees. since i am not big on drinking my calories and each one of these bottles carries 190 calories a pop, i recruited some guest reviewers to taste the iced coffees with me :)

marshall, my mom, my sister in law lindsay & i all sampled each flavor.  here is our collaborated review! i asked for their comments and also to give each flavor a rating from 1 (worst) to 5 (best).

POM chocolate

 meals 900

marshall said: “tastes like chocolate milk.” rating: 4

mom said: “smells bad.. but tastes pretty good. it is way chocolatey and not very coffee-y at all.” rating: 3

lindsay said: “smells chocolatey. tastes just like chocolate milk” rating: 4

janetha said: “yep. chocolate milk. only a hint of coffee. i am not a big chocolate lover.” rating: 3

conclusion: pretty average/above average ratings.. but it was unanimous that it tastes more like chocolate milk rather than coffee. this was the flavor marshall and mom liked most!

POM vanilla

meals 898

marshall said: “smells better than the chocolate. but ew! it tastes like cough syrup!” rating: 2

mom said: “smells like vanilla extract! but i don’t like the flavor.” rating: 1

lindsay said: “smells yummy. tastes yummy! i would drink this.” rating: 5

janetha said: “mmm.. vanilla.. my favorite. smells good. tastes good!” rating: 4

conclusion: i think linds and i are more vanilla lovers and mom and marshall are clearly missing something here. this was the flavor linds and i liked most!

POM cafe au lait

meals 897

marshall said: “smells good. weird after taste. ew.. it gets worse and worse every time i taste it!” rating: 1

mom said: “this is flat out bad." rating: NEGATIVE 1. haha

lindsay said: “doesn’t smell like much. and doesn’t really taste like anything. it isn’t sweet.” rating: 2

janetha said: “this is gross. and bitter. yuck.” rating: 1

conclusion: this was everyone’s least favorite. i drink my coffee black and don’t like sweet stuff so i thought this would be my favorite.. but it was sooo bitter.. and tasted real bad.

thanks for the chance to review your iced coffees POM wonderful! unfortunately, i am not in love, and will not be purchasing these in the future.  if the flavors blew me away i would consider buying one as a treat.. but for 190 calories and 30 grams of sugar.. so not worth it.


after the reviewing extravaganza marshall and i spent a couple hours making a gift for our friends who are getting married saturday. yes, a couple hours. this is why i am blogging so late! but the gift turned out AMAZING and i can’t wait to give it to them!! i think homemade gifts mean the most. we could have gone out and bought something off their registry.. but this gift is unique and i know they will love it. plus, we already got them a waffle for the bridal shower ;) this makes me think of the office episode where phyllis tells pam she is getting her a bird house mailbox for her wedding gift instead of cash or something off the registry. hah, classic!

after the hard work i was famished. yes, i ate some ice cream. sometimes you gotta ;)

meal 4: 1/4 cup haagen daaz vanilla bean five

meals 906 meals 908

meals 911

mmmm. dreamy and creamy and my favorite food in the world! look at those vanilla bean specks! specks of love i tell you.

OK! wow, not too shabby.. i managed to type this all pretty quick. no time to ramble about anything else. but i did want to holler to paige who won my 5,000th comment giveaway!! yeaaaah girl! you never know the next giveaway.. maybe it will be 10,000 or i might get a little crafty and pick something like 6,789!

hope you all had fabulous wednesdays and have a happy thursday! we are almost to the weeeeekend <3


1. what is your favorite game show? i love fam feud circa richard dawson. he was a pimp, kissing all the ladies. but i also love match game! i am all about the old school game shows! and of course the price is right, gotta love bob barker and his love for spaying and neutering the pets. ohhh remember supermarket sweep? that was a good one too.. can you tell i am obsessed?!

2. when buying a gift for a wedding/baby shower/bridal shower/etc.. do you buy off the registry, give cash, or just get something totally on your own? it all depends on the person i am buying for. if i know something that they would love that is NOT on the registry i do that. but if i am not sure what to get them i will buy off the registry so i know they are getting something they need.

xo. janetha b.

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burpexcuzme October 15, 2009 at 9:59 pm

Haha, that first waffle pic BLEW ME AWAY! I LOVE it, but yours ain’t too shady either! Hello?? Waffles are ALWAYS good, are they not?

Oh, and I’ve never been to a bridal shower before, or anything like that…Haha, not that age yet? Soon, though!

buffmuffy October 15, 2009 at 10:15 pm

omg i hated cafe au lait too but since i liked chocolate i loved that one. the vanilla i couldnt try .. i have a coupon somewhere but i cant find it in store :( it wasnt out when i got my package.
that 5 ingredient ice cream is awesome !!! how neat is that!?!

danica October 15, 2009 at 10:18 pm

Your moms response is uber cute! LOVE it! How cool would that be if that was the case?! Such a great visual.

Yeah!!!! So glad you tried the enchiladas. I was hoping to entice you enough by making the BFL friendly and with all your favorite things :)

I agree – sometimes you just need ice cream :)

J @ Whole Body Love October 15, 2009 at 11:44 pm

I always try to buy off the registry …it’s there for a reason. If not, I give cash. I don’t want to get someone a gift they may not want or like

Lara (Thinspired) October 18, 2009 at 7:03 am

Ok, I just took a closer look at your treadmill workouts and I think I can push myself to do them :) The 9.0, eh, not so sure…but I am going to try!

I know I say this whenever she is on the blog, but your mom is so adorable and seems like such a sweet lady!

I was always against buying from a registry until I got married myself. I don’t know, I thought the idea of a registry was tacky. Now I really appreciate its function and always try to buy off the registry (something I like, of course!) :)

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