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by Janetha on October 6, 2009

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hello and happy national noodle day to one and all!  did you celebrate?  in case you missed the noodle celebrations, i will inform you that tomorrow (wednesday) is national frappe day so adjust your menus accordingly.

thanks for all the fun comments on my lake powell recap! it was a lot of fun and i wish i was still there.. but i am loving this cold weather in the SLC and am dressed accordingly in my flannel, leggings and boots.  i am a total winter obsessed girl.

as promised, lots of fun things to tell you about!  i think i will start with some of that.

thing #1
when i got home from lake powell i had the most fabulous package everrrr from my bleep (blog peep.. deb’s own term and i love it!) deb!

meals 730
that is some homemade pecan butter and the most glorious creation ever.. homemade vanilla maple peanut butter!!! are you serious?!

meals 739
this stuff is unreal! i was so touched that deb was thoughtful enough to create a janetha-inspired nut butter.  i have always wanted a vanilla flavored nut butter and she was wise to the fact! DEB. you are the best bleep around :) (p.s., it is so delicious, i ate a few SPOONFULS!)

thing #2
i wrote a guest post for susan! it is all about fat blasting foods.  please go read it! click here.

thing #3
BIG UPS to two lovely ladies.. ANGHARAD & HOLLY! angharad ran a 10 miler and holly ran a marathon while i was away. they win for coolest things that i missed. you girls are my heroettes!

thing #4
we all know miss snackface is the hottest item on the block.  but now it is revealed that she is also the hottest item on the block of ice. do yourself a favor and click here.

thing #5
this may or may not be the best website around. it rivals and  check out RIGHT NOW. here is a little sample of the posts you will find on this website:

“When trying to fall asleep at night, I can never fall asleep until I have gotten up to go to the bathroom twice. Sometimes I’ll go once and then lay there for almost an hour until I feel the urge to go again. After I have gone the second time I fall almost instantly asleep. My old roommate even caught on that I had to do this. One time her boyfriend was visiting and he saw I was going to bed so he started to turn the TV down. She told him he didn’t have to really worry about it until the second time I got up.”

and another:

“I rewrite my paragraphs so that the last line fits the full width.”

um. hello? now i don’t feel like i am alone when i wonder if i am crazy for counting my steps on every staircase or making patterns out of phone numbers. special thanks to my sister for directing me to this website. i have now lost several valuable hours that i could be doing something productive but have instead been reading about everyone else’s weird quirks.  and i think you should too.

thing #6

the oh so fantastic tina has given me this fancy shmancy award! thanks doll!

and i am supposed to tell you 7 rando things about myself~ that will be easy as pie (where did that saying come from? it is not always easy to bake a pie. but it is always easy to EAT one.. maybe that is what they mean when they say “easy as pie”.. whoever “they” are..)

  1. i pop every joint in my body that i possibly can. and i count the number of pops. the number of pops HAS to be an even number or i get really irritated and try to pop at least one more joint to get that even number. yes, i am insane.
  2. when i was a kid i HATED dolls. i didn’t own one. i had stuffed cats. i was given a doll for my fourth birthday and i burst into tears. i remember it vividly.
  3. i had braces for 5 years. third grade to eighth grade. only on the top half of my teeth. these straight pearly whites didn’t come naturally.
  4. i want to make a day-to-day calendar (where you tear a page off every day, you know) that has every national food holiday and a recipe to go along with it involving that food. i am just waiting for someone to pay for me to do this. any takers?
  5. i think traveling is the absolute best way anyone can spend their money. hands down.
  6. i can raise just my left eyebrow, or both eyebrows at the same time, but not just my right eyebrow. and it is pretty amusing to watch me try.
  7. my mom is my best friend ever and the only reason i don’t move away to a far off land.. or even to a far off state.. is because i would more than likely die if i did not get to hang out with her on the regular.

i am also supposed to tag seven of you fabulous people and that is a really hard thing to do.. since i am the most indecisive girl on the blogging block.. so i will pull a jenny and pick all of you. yep. everyone reading this, you get the award. so go post it with honor and tell us 7 things about yourself :)

ok! that is all the fun things i have for now. hope you enjoyed.

so, tuesday. how was it for you? it was good for me, i am wondering where my appetite is though.. hmm.. musta left it at the lake?


meal 1: protein oats + mighty maple + cinnamon @ 9:30 AM

meals 731
i have now decided this is the most filling breakfast ever. for me at least.  some of you have asked about how i make my protein oats. i will be doing a how-to post soon.. should i do a video or a step by step? you pick.

meals 733

this was a really good batch today! and i was full and did not eat until SIX HOURS LATER!

meal 2: cottage cheese wrap @ 3:30 PM

meals 736
um yeah, i was full for a VERY, VERY long time. it was spooky! it must be october. speaking of october, i got to write on my desk calendar today and write in all the birthdays and events for the month. seriously, that is something i look forward to with every new month. i love writing on calendars. i wonder why i am so into it? i always have been, ever since my elementary trapper keeper days!

meals 738

anyway, this wrap was awesome. a flat out layered with laughing cow, sabra, cottage cheese, cucumbers and mushrooms. yummo!

after work i had some errands to run.  remember when i went to the bar like 10 days ago?  well i left my debit card there and i have not been able to get it back yet because the bar is always closed and they never answer their phone! i have literally called them over 100 times. irritating. anyway, i hung around downtown until i thought they might actually be open and FINALLY snagged my card back. i have been using my credit card in the meantime.. better go pay that off ASAP!

i ran some more secret birthday errands (marshall’s big 26th is on the 16th!) and when i finally made it home i was exhausted. and not hungry. weird. so guess what i didn’t do? i didn’t go to the gym. i never just skip the gym. but today, i did. it has been a hard day and i don’t feel too bad about it. moving on.

i finally got hungry again around 8..

meal 3: greek yogurt mess @ 8:15 PM

meals 754

about 1.5 cups of fage, kashi go lean and PB2. dinner of champs? probably not.. but like i said: exhausted.

meals 758

but it was delicious none the less.

then i did some secret online birthday shopping and caught up on the blog world.. procrastinated cleaning (story of my life) and surfed the net for potential places to live.  wait, what? oh.. ok..

*let’s take a time out for some pickle talk..totally non food related*

remember how i told you guys i was in a pickle? well about that.  we have given our 30 days notice to vacate our house.. basically it is falling apart and our landlord fails at life and never fixes anything for us.. so since the lease is up we decided to call it quits on the old abode.  i thought we would all just find another house to rent and life would go on as normal.  enter: pickle. one roomie is moving home with her dad to save some dolla dolla bills, another roomie wants to move out with her beau, one roomie is toying with the idea of moving home as well, can you see where this is going? i wasn’t blogging a year and a half ago when i moved into this spot (well i was blogging, just not food blogging) but the story went like this: 5 roomies living together and loved our house.. then one day 2 of the roomies bought their own condos, 1 roomie was pregnant and bought a house with her boyf, that left 2 of us and so i moved in with the friends i live with now and she found a shared room for rent (and she has since moved in with her boyfriend).  so i feel like the same thing is happening yet again.  i look around and almost all my friends live either on their own in their own place or with their boyfriends/fiances.. and i am still in “live with a bunch of your girlfriends” mode.  but i am 26. and i realize maybe i am supposed to be past that stage in my life. and it is crazy, because i was feeling all these feelings and then i read this post of whit’s today and it did make me feel better about where i am in life. i am totally happy with where i am.. but people are growing up left and right and i feel left behind.. i haven’t bought my own place and i don’t want to live with my boyfriend.  and all the girls that i have lived with in the past have done one or the other. and now my situation is looking similar to how it has in the past.  it is totally awesome that they all have moved on with their situations and i ask myself why haven’t i? should i? i have no idea. i just know that i have been super stoked on my situation for the past year and a half and now it is going to change again. i am soon to be homeless in about 3 weeks.. so, yikes. we haven’t worked out the details of what is going to happen with everyone, but i do know i will be moving from where i am now.. so that is going to be kind of a big deal this month. just wanted to talk about it because i am sure it will be an added stress =/

*end pickle talk*

so! that was a little serious, eh? and longer than anticipated. i about some fun giveaway links to lighten the mood..

also! congrats to the nominees for the foodbuzz blog awards! click here to vote!

i think that is enough for now, don’t you? sorry about the monster post.. sometimes they just spew out of my fingertips and i can’t help it :P

1. what is one neurotic thing you do that could go on i know you all have an answer to this! let’s hear it!
you can see mine above. i am a total freak.

2. what is your living arrangement? alone? with friends? with a boyf or hubs? with 4 dogs, 1 cat and 4 girls?
that last one is me now.. however i am not sure where i will be at the end of the month!

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Ally October 13, 2009 at 9:09 am

omg. im not the only one :)

hahah, i absolutely positively HAVE to turn my pillow over every night (i have 4 pillows on my bed and rotate out which one i sleep on every night so that i sleep on a new side) and absolutely, positively must wash all of them at least once a week.

aka i have oily skin and don’t want unnecessary breakouts. plus, it just grosses me out to not sleeo on a new side of a pillow every night.

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