lake powell was the jam.

by Janetha on October 5, 2009

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heyo!  thanks for all the welcome home wishes!  i missed you all equally as much and it is nice to be back, it will be even nicer when i am caught up and back on  my usual schedule.  i hope there were no hard feelings that i clicked the dreaded mark all as read button.. and i am not going to lie.. when i got home from my 10 hour day at work tonight and it was pushing 100.. i clicked it again :P yeah, rebellious, i know! please don’t hate me ;)

THANKS to my ladies who guest posted. they were all amazing posts and i really appreciate it!!

anyway enough rambling i suppose.  this post is dedicated strictly to my lake powell adventure!  i have LOTS of fun blog business to talk about.. packages, websites, a fun giveaway.. but that will all wait until tomorrow. i like to let the suspense thicken

so buckle your blog reading seatbelt, this one is gonna be a doozy!


woke up at 6:30 AM, a little too early and it was not very bright.  it was cold, dark and, well, earlyshowered, packed up the coolers, i ate some pumpkin overnight protein oats and lollygagged a bit.. then had to pull a tetris game to get everything to fit into the car.. even though the hamburger patties had to go up in the back window dash. then we hit the road at 9 AM. we dropped penelope jane off at marshall’s mom’s casa on the way out of town.

thank goodness for marshall’s DVD player in his car. and coffee. and grapes (i eat the skin off first). and wasabi peas. and yogurt covered pretzels (well i hate them. but marshall ate them). the first 3 hours of the road trip went something like this.

 10-1-09 001 10-1-09 002 10-1-09 004 10-1-09 005

and then we got the phone call. if you follow me on twitter you know what happened.  marshall’s mom called—hysterically crying—penelope had run away! and had been gone for TWO HOURS.  panic mode.  i started crying, we pulled off to a gas station, we decided the only thing to do was turn around.  i called my mom and she was racing to the spot penny was missing from.  i was worried she would get hit by a car or something.. she had wiggled out of her collar and so she would not easily be identified (but she does have a microchip).  FREAK OUT.  so i called the animal control offices and after a few random transfers i spoke with a woman who said she believed the do catcher had penny on his truck. what?! that would be some serious good luck! she had us login to the website (thank goodness for marshall’s iphone) and check out the photo that the dog catcher uploaded. well, what did we see?


the convict!! HALLELUJAH! they had her! whew, it was a lake powell miracle!  crisis avoided, penelope was broken out of the clank and we were back on the road.. with more DVD viewing and more snacks..

10-1-09 026 10-1-09 009 10-1-09 010 10-1-09 024

and then we had another canine crisis when we stopped for gas and found this starving stray sweetie pie at the gas station :(

10-1-09 017

the poor pup. we asked everyone at the gas station if they knew if he belonged to anyone and nobody knew. we called the sheriff’s office and reported the pup and we fed him some bread and jerkey while we gassed up. it was so, so sad.

10-1-09 021 10-1-09 012 10-1-09 014 10-1-09 019

sad. i hope he is ok.

well then we finally rolled into lake powell around 4 PM!

10-1-09 028

glory! it took awhile because we had to go to walmart to get some essentials.. we had to wait for a few more groups to arrive.. we had to load up the houseboat with our gear.. etc, etc, etc. by the time we got to where we were going I. WAS. STARVING.

enter: chicken salad sandwich on a croissant

10-1-09 043 

veggies & sabra

10-1-09 036 10-1-09 040

so happy to be there and FULL! the kitchen in the house boat was pretty classy.

10-1-09 049 

we spent the evening hanging out and celebrating pete’s 22nd. of course, there was cake.

10-1-09 076  10-1-09 080

10-1-09 081 

here are a few hang time photos for your viewing pleasure!

10-1-09 087 10-1-09 055 10-1-09 059   10-1-09 068 

and then we had a late dinner of hamburgerssss. but nobody remembered condiments.. so it was just bun, cheese and hamburger.. but they were still delish as ever!

10-1-09 08410-1-09 104

10-1-09 096  10-1-09 094

we finished off the night with games and good times.

10-1-09 109    


friday morning marshall and i were in charge of breakfast for all 20 people on the trip!

breakfast burritos!

10-2-09 007  10-2-09 00110-2-09 010    

everyone thought they were scrumptious!

i also snacked on some pomegranate seeds

10-2-09 011

then it was time for some fun! which included things like building huge jumps out of rocks and mud, placing a tarp on top and having a jet ski pull a tube down the jump and fling people into the air. casual.

10-2-09 121 10-2-09 113 10-2-09 114

i have video footage.. i will have to upload it when i get the time. classic.

annnd there was hiking.. and lizard catching :)

10-2-09 051 10-2-09 057 10-2-09 059 10-2-09 048

and kayaking adventures!
10-2-09 063

and hanging out on the top of the houseboat in the sunnnn.

10-2-09 025  10-2-09 022 10-2-09 024 10-2-09 042  

then it was lunchtime! it was burgers again because team 1 didn’t get the memo from team 2 and planned the same meal. oh well! i spruced mine up a bit with wheat bread, spinach, tomato & hummus..

10-2-09 067

and then marshall shotgunned a dr pepper

10-2-09 072

people were shotgunning beers all weekend.. so they convinced marshall to do a dr pepper.. i can’t imagine that was rad.


10-2-09 076 10-2-09 080 10-2-09 086 10-2-09 092

we saw the cutest dogs back at the marina!

10-2-09 095 10-2-09 094

my heart melted and i wished we had the pups with us!

i ate a lot of apples.

 10-2-09 110

we played cards and had chips & queso10-2-09 123 10-2-09 124 10-2-09 125 10-2-09 127

marshall won all the money.

dinner was spaghetti & garlic bread but i was not even hungry due to the mass amounts of snacking going on all day.. so i had some garlic bread+marinara

 10-2-09 128

and then it was time for more games!10-2-09 131

oh but someone found a frog. and i won at apples to apples. 10-2-09 132 10-2-09 134

later i had a pb&j10-2-09 135

the a bunch of us tried the six saltine challenge.. where you try to eat 6 saltines in one minute without a drink.

everyone failed.

i got it on video.. i will have to upload that one later too.

okay. has anyone heard of the cinnamon challenge??

ugh, this almost ruined my love for cinnamon for life! gasp. you are supposed to try to eat a tsp. of cinnamon.  um.. sounds easy? NEVER, EVER TRY IT. it made me so incredibly sick! no documentation, unfortunately, my camera died. but my friend and i were leaning over the sink in pain. it was the worst ever!

that was the end to the night, i went to bed rather early after that tragedy.


woke up and heard that breakfast was bacon, eggs, hashbrowns & pancakes.. and the eggs and hashbrowns were cooked in the bacon grease.

guess what janetha b had?

greek yogurt mess!

10-3-09 001

fage, shredded spoonfuls, banana, naturally more & raspberry preserves

want to guess how many people thought i was clinically insane for eating this? want to ask me how much i cared? yeah. it was delicious. and nutritious. the funniest part was this guy said “i think my body actually rejects healthy food, i can’t eat it.” i laughed. and ate my yogurt mess.

10-3-09 002

it was amber’s birthday so she opened some rando goofy gifts.. including sling shot airplanes.. so we messed around at the back of the boat for awhile.

10-3-09 007 10-3-09 009

then.. more wakeboarding!

10-3-09 015 10-3-09 014

and then home to.. more food!

turkey avocado spinach and cheddar sandwich on a croissant

10-3-09 039

so delicious. i also had some couscous chickpea chicken salad in a mug. i actually ate this a few times throughout the trip.

10-2-09 064 then we played presidents & assholes on the deck. ever played? it is fun. whoever ended up being the asshole each round had to jump in the lake!

  10-3-09 042

10-3-09 062 10-3-09 048 10-3-09 050 10-3-09 059

i hopped into jessica’s pocket. we ate a lot of goldfish. the whole time.

10-3-09 04110-3-09 060

i got rallied on the tube. whiplash.

10-3-09 082

marshall caught this fish with just a string, a safety pin and a kernel of corn!

10-3-09 112

he let the fish go, no worries.

10-3-09 113 10-3-09 10010-3-09 097 

then it was time for dinner.. burritos!

mine had it all. chicken, elk (that amber’s dad shot himself.. i don’t love hunting but i can appreciate an elk burrito), lettuce, olives, beans, rice, sour cream, avocado, corn, salsa, tomatoes.. all on a whole wheat tortilla that amber’s mom brought just for me. so thoughtful!

10-3-09 122

yeah.. it was mondo.

10-3-09 125

and amazing! and messy.

birthday cake round 2!

10-3-09 128

amber got some good gifts, her boyf pete gave her such a tender gift (frame with photos of them and ticket stubs of places they have been) and it made the both of them cry.. SO adorable. but they did not cry for long.. cake fights were in order ;)

10-3-09 152 10-3-09 150

the rest of the night was spent playing games, getting rid of hiccups, standing by the fire and bonding in the moonlight. it was sooo fun.

 10-3-09 139     

i called it a night pretty early.. i managed to sleep through everyone’s shenanigans.  people were pretty amazed the next day, telling me they couldn’t believe i slept through all the noise. but i promise.. i am the heaviest sleeper you will ever meet.


not much to report for sunday! woke up, scrounged up some food for breakfast (which was an egg on a piece of bread and a few slices of a peach) and then cleaned the boat and hit the road!

10-4-09 005

it was an awesome trip and i had a LOT of fun, ate a LOT of good food (and healthy food, i was glad i packed accordingly!) and made a LOT of fun memories!! i hope we go again next year!

whew. you made it to the end! thanks for coming along with me on my lake powell recap, hope it wasn’t too boring :)

obviously ALL the food i ate was not photographed.. and now i am feeling the effects of the “vacation weight”.. it was nice to be back to protein oats, cottage cheese + ranch seasoning, greek yogurt messes and LOTS of water. oh, and HIIT. makes you feel so dang good after a weekend of no intense cardio.

so it is back on the wagon and i will be back tomorrow with my regularly scheduled meals & moves!


1. what is your very most favorite thing to do outdoors? i loved wakeboarding, kayaking, hiking, swimming, tubing, all that.. but snowboarding has my heart!

2. how do you respond to people who give you a hard time about eating healthier/differently than the group? i got a lot of guff this past weekend for my eating habits.. it didn’t bother me one single bit.  i stood up for myself, told them why i like to eat how i do, and continued eating.  it was the whole food photography thing that took a little extra explaining.. but everyone eventually got used to it!

it is good to be back :)

xo. janetha b.

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Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) October 6, 2009 at 8:53 pm

OMG at comment #50 I can rest assured that no one will read mine :-D Oh well. Outdoors: hiking, stairclimbing, mountain biking. Healthy living haters: I tell them I was 90+ pounds heavier and that shuts them up!

loved your recap- soo much fun. I’d be all over that elk burrito by the way! It’s admirable that you ate as well as you did. I hate the whole “ewww what IIIIISSSSS that?!?!?!” while pointing to your cous cous routine. You did great. But I bet it’s really nice to get back to the CC and Chickpeas. :-D

kristi (sweet cheeks) October 6, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Awesome recap!!! you are just adorable. period.

1. I have to say that I love being out on the lake, too!

2. Yes, it is hard sometimes…but then I think, who cares what anyone else thinks. I’m going to eat the way I know will make me feel good.

broccolihut October 6, 2009 at 9:35 pm

Whoa, what an awesome weekend! As always, I appreciate the doggie pics too:)
1. I really love to run outdoors, water ski, snow ski, and kayak.
2. I don’t let the comments bother me either. I kinda have an excuse to eat healthy since it’s my future career (as an RD), so people don’t criticize…TOO much.

Lizzy October 6, 2009 at 9:40 pm

girl you and your friends are the shiz! what a fun weekend. I coulnd’t believe that puppy you found at the gas station, ah so sad, but i hope he’s ok!

When i’m with my friends and i have to explain my healthy eating to them, i just try to embrace it, because why should i have to justify something that i love to eat! my friends are pretty accepting of my eating habits anyway!

Glad your home girl! :)

Michelle October 7, 2009 at 11:02 am

AHHH the Cinnamon Challenge!! My ex boyfriend tried that once (I wasn’t there) when he lost a bet…he said you’re basically cough puffs of cinnamon…awful!

1. I love hiking outdoors…and swimming/tubing for sure!

2. I do have to explain my eats a lot, but now my friends and familia are used to it! :)

Glad you had such a great time!!

Susan October 7, 2009 at 1:06 pm

Aahh, Penelope! That little rascal! Good thing she got picked up. Although, we had to spend Christmas without our poodle once because some do-gooder a few houses down picked him up when he would have just come home! :P

Things I am loving in this post:
Multiple hamburgers
Getting to wear bikinis in October (I’m wearing mittens!!)
Spoonfuls of cinnamon
People whose bodies reject healthy food
The plethora of adorable and fun pics!! :D

1. Read! I know, it’s “boring,” but I could waste a whole day reading in the sun :)

2. It used to really bug me, but I’m used to it now. I just hate it when my healthy eating makes others feel guilty about their unhealthy food choices. That’s not my intentions!

Jenny October 7, 2009 at 6:49 pm

oh my gawdddd this is an EPIC weekend for real! but cinnamon challenge? no thanks. and seriously, I almost cried when I heard penelope ran away! that little rascal! she was probably going to look for you :)

Lara (Thinspired) October 8, 2009 at 7:37 am

That hungry doggie breaks my heart :(
Fun, fun, fun! Looks like you had a blast. The breakfast burrito definitely caught my eye. I want one but it’s not exactly breakfast time ;)

erinbee. October 8, 2009 at 8:10 am

im glad im not the only one who peels my grapes!

erinbee. October 8, 2009 at 8:10 am

also: so. fun. !

kelly October 11, 2009 at 2:14 pm

hey how do i subscribe to this blog?

Felipe September 2, 2010 at 6:58 am

Hi there. I would love to go on this vacation with family and friends. Could you please give us more details on how to make this happen? We live out in the DC area so we would have to fly out there and go from there. Any help would be appreciated !!!
– Felipe

janetha September 2, 2010 at 3:51 pm

Hi Felipe!

Unfortunately I don’t know a lot about planning a trip to Lake Powell. My friends planned it and I went along for the ride! I know that this time of year is the cheapest for house boat rentals, you may look into this website:

Best of luck!

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