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by Janetha on September 29, 2009

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holler! so like the title says, marshall’s internet is down.. but that won’t stop me from typing my ramblings now and posting them tomorrow!  so when i do post this it will in fact be tuesday.. just keep in mind that right now it is monday night sooo yep mmm hmm ok moving on.

basically all of you love to cook for other people! what would we do at a party all together?! there would be some serious cooking of delicious food going on. speaking of delicious food, it was fun to read what your favorite foods were!

WHY do dogs get into cat litter boxes?! WHY, WHY, WHY? it is so gross! and 90% of the dogs i know love to dig for hidden treasure in the cat box and come out with kitty litter moustaches and it is really quite disgusting. and i don’t get it. anyway, that is the drama of the evening!

anyway! how was your monday? mine was swell, want to hear about it? well i guess you must.. that is why you are here.  either that or you are just really into my dogs or my boyfriend.


well as you can guess, it was the original pancake house for the monday morning meeting. ah, so sick of that place.

thank goodness for the incredible, edible egg.

meal 1: egg whites+onions+mushrooms+tomato & side of strawberries+bananas+peaches & black java @ 8:00 AM

 meals 573 meals 572

side note: tomorrow (tuesday.. so today as you are reading this) is national coffee day! drink up.

hmmm work was rather uneventful today. aside from a few angry customers and some bosses picking on me, i would say it was a pretty average day at the office. 

meal 2: chicken quesadilla & vanilla chobani @ 1:00 PM

meals 575

hmmm. that dude looks pretty unphotogenic, no? i promise, it may not look very fancy but the taste was a different story. what was inside?

meals 576

it was a flat out stuffed with grilled chicken, a laughing cow light wedge, trader joe’s black bean dip and some frank’s red hot. melted to perfection. stellar combination! not my dream quesadilla, but it was what i had on hand in the fridge at work so it did the job.

and then since this was not very substantial i had some room for lunch dessert today.. another chobani!

meals 577

anybody know who’s blog i was reading?! if you guess right i will give you a dollar.

vanilla this time.

meals 578

best part about this flavor before even opening it?

meals 579

the carbs did not outweigh the protein.  mayjuh plus in my body for life world.

meals 583

mmmm.. creamy and dreamy.

meals 586

you can tell it was thick because it just stuck to the spoon. i love how thick greek yogurt is!

and my thoughts? loved it.  although it was no vanilla bean ice cream (come on now) i still enjoyed this flavor of chobani quite a bit! vanilla is by far my favorite flavor in the world.  even above cinnamon, even above coconut, even above peach. shocking, i know. i love vanilla so much. this yogurt had a nice balance of vanilla-to-tartness-of-greek-yogurt ratio.  i hate it when the flavor of the greek yogurt is totally lost.. but the vanilla was present as was the classic taste of greek yogurt! and with such great nutrition stats.. this is one for the shopping list.

final grade: A+

i managed to survive the rest of the work day but i was very anxious to get out of there since i was going to the lake! by the time i left work i was hungry again because my lunch was not that mondo so i snacked on this gem while driving..

meals 592

and then it was to the lake!

meals 656  my mom wanted to take her shiny new wakeboard out before the boating days come to an end for the season. my sister & her husband took us to pineview, a lake here in utah, along with my 2 nephews. boat snacks were on board, naturally, and i guess you could kind of count them as meal 3 and 4? i don’t know.. it was over the course of a couple hours.

my next meal: hummus+veggies & cottage cheese+albacore+ranch+cucumber+kashi crackers

 meals 636  meals 638 meals 640 meals 642

and no boating post would be complete without some action shots!


IT WAS COLD! the water was so so so cold!

 meals 611

can you tell by my face? it wasn’t as bad once i got out of the water. meals 617

my mom was a rockstar today, going in and out of the wakemeals 609    

my sister sunimeals 633

my bro-in-law mike

meals 644

good times! but it was a little cold after! my mom was bundled up :)

meals 651

thanks for the fun time everyone who went!

well by the time we were done wakeboarding my arms felt like jello AND it was late.. so i bagged my upper body workout. meh, it was a good workout i suppose? i will do some bicep curls tomorrow to make up for it, promise!

i headed to marshall’s and needed to eat but didn’t want to cook. so i went for the obvious choice..

meal..4? 5?: greek yogurt mess @ 10 PM

meals 660

i tried a new brand of greek yogurt, it was only $3 for 16 ounces!

 meals 657

this made me laugh.. i guess i committed the ultimate tragedy and marred the yogurt with my drama of kashi heart to heart and a fresh pear! woops!

meals 658

good stats!

meals 659

definitely will snag this brand again. cheap and delicious.. fine by me.

fine by evie too..

meals 661

for the record, the dogs were mega pissed that i was letting her do that. i shouldn’t create such tension between the kids!

well now i am done typing this but since the internet is down so i will have to post it manana! and i guess it goes without saying that i won’t be reading any blogs tonight.. but in all honestly i am OK with that. i can function without technology.. contrary to what marshall might think ;)

hope your tuesday is fantastic! another day, another dollar! i promise i will work on getting the recipe page up for the penne pumpkin pasta dish as well as a couple other new pages i have in the works.


1. what is inside your dream quesadilla? mmm i will take a quesadilla any way it comes but i do love using pepperjack cheese and adding lots of hot sauce, chicken and avocado.

2. would you rather be way too hot or way too cold? i pick cold. it seems to me like it is better because you can throw on the layers and bundle up in the blankets.. but when it is too hot you can be totally naked and still dying of heat!

xo. janetha b.

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hayleycepeda September 30, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Seriously Janetha…sloooooooow down…LOL…I can’t keep up with your posts! I LOVE quesadillas!! I haven’t had them in a while, but I usually make a faux quesadilla by “wrapping up” hummus, cheese and hot onions + peppers all together. Mmmm…

I’d have to say I’d rather be cold – you can always put on tons of blankets and/or sweaters and clothes, but if you’re super hot you get to the point where you can only take off so many clothes!

I can’t WAIT for my Chobani samples to arrive!!! The vanilla looks soooo yummy. I LOVE the pics of you and your fam wake boarding!

Emily September 30, 2009 at 6:17 pm

ahh, being too cold is my nightmare!! i can’t function when I’m too cold. you know that moby song “when it’s cold I’d like to die”? that. is. me.

(and I do love oppressive, disgusting heat!)

Seth @ Boy Meets Food October 5, 2009 at 1:42 pm

Ha ha, we refer to our dogs and cats as “the kids” too.

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