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by Janetha on September 27, 2009

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heyo! sorry that i was MIA last night, i was out painting the town purple.

it was awesome hearing about the awards and medals you have all received.. a talented bunch of people hanging out around here!  i also enjoyed hearing about the races you have run as well as the races you hope to run one day.  i gotta say, my mom’s comment made me laugh the most: “I used to want to run a marathon before I turned 50 – wow was I ever glad when I finally hit 50 and that goal was thrown out the window!”  hahaha.. nice mom.

oh and for those of you who asked, yes the cauliflower that filled me up so, so full was raw.  i actually had cooked cauliflower in my indian meal the day before and did not get super full, so i think that the fact that it was raw had something to do with it. i love raw cauliflower.. much more so than cooked.

oooooh kay, i am just going to jump right into saturday’s shenanigans because there is a lot to tell!

i popped out of bed at 7:30 yesterday morning. um, huh? if you know me, you know i have a very hard time waking up.  so this was weird! but i welcomed the situation with open arms and had a little somethang before the gym..


meal 1: blueberry chobani @ 7:30 AM

9-26-09 002

first off, i liked the color.. it immediately made me think there was going to be a plethora of blueberries in the container.. seeing as how the yogurt was colored like a blueberry and all.. (speaking of which, it is not really blue per say. it is more purple. i vote we change the name to purpleberry!)

9-26-09 005

the stats were quite similar to the peach i had tried previously..

9-26-09 007

the taste was not nearly as good as the peach.  i actually thought the flavor of the blueberry yogurt was a tad on the artificial side.  i just didn’t think “blueberries” when i ate it.. instead i thought “sugar”.  kind of a bummer. i thought this would be the saving grace:

9-26-09 008

see the last bullet? “delicious fruit on the bottom.” it says. well, much to my disappointment:

9-26-09 009

not a one blueberry in sight.

so sorry chobani, i loved your peach flavor but the blueberry just didn’t tickle my fancy.  it did not taste bad by any means.. but not worth the 20 grams of sugar it totes. 

final grade: C aka.. average.


yesterday was my planned day for HIIT but guess what was at 8:30 AM?

a spin class!

i am not usually one to do classes at the gym but i have been saying over and over that i needed to try a spin class.. well yesterday was the day that i finally did.  it was an hour long class but when i got there the 70 year old instructor was amped up and informed us it would be a 90 minute long sesh.

um, ok, i can do 90 minutes i suppose..

i had a good time with the spin class.. but i have to say, the soundtrack was horrible.  not only did homeboy sing along to the songs.. the songs were straight out of the 50’s and 60’s!

we were just about to hit a really intense part of the class and he declares, “let’s take it back to 1962 with peppermint twist!” haha.. i am sorry, but i just cannot get my heart rate up listening to the oldest of the oldies! 

but i pushed through it and managed to make it through the whole hour and a half.  i ended up burning 600 calories which is gnarly for me!  quite the workout.  while i would really like to do another class.. i don’t know if i can handle going to this guy’s class again.

oh and.. ugh, my crotch hurts so dang bad. you know, that spot where the bike seat sits? ahh.. i am in so much pain! that paired with the DOMS from my lower body workout and it is safe to say i am moving at the pace of a snail today.  so for you avid spin class goers.. does this happen every time, or is it just something that comes with the territory?! ouch ouch ouch. the only other time i have hurt this bad was when marshall and i rode our single gear bikes the 36 miles from my house to his house. i couldn’t sit right for weeks!

anyway, enough crotch talks.


yesterday was national pancake day!

naturally i had to celebrate.. i swooped by the grocery store for the three essentials:

9-26-09 010

that’s right, it was time to bust out the pumpkin! my first can of the season :)

9-26-09 011

meal 2: pumpkin pancakes & chocolate protein shake @ 10:30 AM

9-26-09 016

for the pancakes, i mixed 1/2 cup of the pancake mix~which has great stats:

9-26-09 029

with 1/4 cup pumpkin and a plethora of pumpkin pie spice and some cinnamon for good measure. i loved the color of the batter:

9-26-09 012

this made 2 big pancakes that i cooked on the griddle..

9-26-09 014

and topped with a drizzle of agave

9-26-09 018 

and to balance out the meal i had a chocolate protein shake made with 2/3 cup almond milk,, ice and protein powder.

9-26-09 020

these pancakes were banging! they were so pumpkinlicious.. ever bite was an explosion of autumn in my mouth :)

9-26-09 023

i also had some coffee in my utah state fair mug

9-26-09 028

side note: a lot of new readers have asked about that tattoo.  mable was my yellow lab who passed away about 2 years ago. you can read about it here.

then i was off to run a plethora of errands!

after a stop at whole foods and some building hunger.. i ate some lunch on the fly aka in the subaru!

meal 3: whole foods salad + luna bar @ 2:00 PM

9-26-09 034

i kept this pretty protein-dense with marinated tofu, a hard boiled egg, tuna, garbanzos and black beans.  i also had artichokes, pomegranite seeds, cucumbers, spinach, corn and parmesan on the salad. since this was not too huge or carb filled, i had a little room for lunch-dessert. i had this beauty.. my fave:

9-26-09 030

i think i like the luna bars that DON’T have chocolate in them..

9-26-09 032

then i met the newest addition to the family.. evelyn!

9-26-09 050

evie for short. she wasted no time warming up to me and sitting on my laptop!

9-26-09 054

i am not sure that we will keep her, i think marshall’s mom is going to take her.  marshall rescued her from his job site :) she is a sweetie, that is for sure. i LOVE cats!

welllll fast forward to night time and marshall and i went to a BBQ at his brother’s house. i kept it pretty body for life friendly!

meal 4: hamburger & pasta salad @ 7:00 PM

9-26-09 064

i was happy to see they had wheat buns!

9-26-09 063

it was deeeelicious. there is just something incredible about a real hamburger hot off the grill with all the simple fixings.. lettuce, tomato, mustard, onion & cheese.

9-26-09 067

i also enjoyed veggies that i dipped in both hummus and a bit of chicken salad..

 9-26-09 060

9-26-09 0589-26-09 061

later on we went to my friend’s house for some hang time. i was pretty full from the BBQ so i didn’t eat meal 5. it was a lot of fun to be together with these 3 characters.. we go all the way back to seventh grade so there was a lot to talk about. 

9-26-09 076

mitch, kristen, danny and me. danny and i were boyfriend & girlfriend our junior year. funny story, he is actually gay. we joke that maybe i turned him. but i didn’t, i promise ;)

needless to say, marshall and the other people hanging out were ultra bored with us and left the room! haha, oh well. we ended up heading downtown and hung out at a bar that was super dead. catching up is amazing and sometimes nothing can compare to it. here are a few more photos from last night.

haha.. mitch and i held hands in 7th grade. i should dig up some photos of us in junior high for flashback friday sometime.

 9-26-09 077 9-26-09 078 9-26-09 084 9-26-09 088

a little billiards action!9-26-09 092 9-26-09 096

9-26-09 098

9-26-09 101

good times.

what was not good was marshall got pulled over on the way home! he somehow snaked his way out of getting a speeding ticket.  i have never gotten out of a ticket in my life! psh.

well that is all she wrote! my google reader is up past 100 now so i am going to try to dig into that for a bit before heading to the parents for dinner.  guess what i am making??

  • penne pasta with sausage and pumpkin
  • sauteed broccolini and asparagus
  • mozzarella balsamic spinach salad
  • pumpernickle garlic bread

and probably some vanilla bean ice cream for dessert! hooray for cooking new things and free day :D

hope you are all having a lovely end to your weekend! check you all later!


1. how do you feel about classes at the gym? do you like them? or would you rather do your own thing? if you do participate in them, which is your favorite? i usually do my own thing but spin was a killer workout and i will take the occasional pilates class. i wish my gym offered body pump!

2. what is your favorite thing to eat at a BBQ? not going to lie.. there is nothing like a delicious, simple burger.

xo. janetha b.

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evelyn November 15, 2009 at 10:54 am

Hi Janeth, My name is also Evelyn and my husband Les love your website. By the way we are spinning instructors and are also into eating well.W We live 20 minutes outside of SF. Even though I believe we are years apart in age we are so similar. Our lives are dedicated to helping people to change their lives and live a better life and live longer its so funny that I came across your website.. I always check our crazy youtube video spinning keeps you young (which is a joke and people do not read is was a audition for a show) and I miss spelled a word like usual and their your wonderful site fell into my lap By the way we just became vegans and are working on new recipes every day. We have to eat 6 small meals a day because we work at the gym. Life can be wonderful if you think young and eat right. People cannot believe we are seniors. By the way our music we play in our classes are the most current and young people love it. Rap dance hiphop and any other wonderful fast and slow new music.. Well it was a pleasure to met you and your wonderful friends and family. Be well. Evelyn

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