flashback friday round seven.

by Janetha on September 25, 2009

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oh hey!  welcome to the weekend!

so, who knew something as silly and small as mustard would generate such discussion?! you all have very strong opinions on the condiment.  i forgot to say that the only thing i liked mustard in as a kid was deviled eggs.  holy YUM.. i love deviled eggs! my mom even got me a fancy deviled egg platter a few weeks back, i think it needs to make a debut on the blog soon.

anyway, enough mustard musings, let’s jump into friday.

i have figured out the reason i was so full wednesday!  how did i figure this out?  well i am the exact same way today! full, full, fulllllll.  and i haven’t even eaten a lot.  what food is the culprit you ask? well, you will find out in a second. 

first up, breakfast! no i didn’t have something really different today, even though i have a long list of breakfasts i have been craving.. i STILL had protein oats.  they are just so delicious.  but i did eat them with a new twist…

meal 1: protein oats + pumpkin butter! @ 9:30 AM

meals 545


remember how i told you that you would slowly be seeing the trader joe’s purchases i made in seattle?  well here is one of them!

meals 542

the stats are not too shabby…

meals 544

and then i realized that a tablespoon of this stuff would go a long way and was even happier about the stats.  i ended up only adding 1/2 a tablespoon to my oats.. which added just 5 carbs and 20 calories. stellar.

meals 543

meals 546
mmmm. pumpkin butter is legit! i had never tried it before.  it had such a creamy texture and the flavor sent me straight to the end of october.  have you guys tried this? i know some of you rave about it.. now i know why!  and since a little goes a long way, this jar is going to last for. ev. er. (sandlot style)

meal 2: another baller wrap! & cauliflower + hummus @ 12:30 PM

meals 547
you may think this wrap is a repeat of yesterday’s.. but don’t let it fool you.  it was completely different!  as far as flavor goes, it was a completely new combo and it was equally as good as yesterday’s wrap.

meals 548

  • flat out base
  • TJ’s fat free spicy black bean dip
  • grilled chicken
  • crimini mushrooms
  • sprouts
  • red bell pepper
  • annie’s dijon mustard

it is all about the condiments!  the black bean dip + dijon made this wrap super delicious.  i can’t decide if i prefer this one or yesterday’s combo of peach salsa, laughing cow & honey mustard.  lucky for me i don’t have to decide.  i am the most indecisive girl on the block.

meals 554
yesterday i had green beans on the side of my wrap.  today? cauliflower and meza hummus.

meals 553
i was not incredibly full after this lunch.. i felt great. went on with my work day. lalala!

i then had to run to the credit union to payoff my auto loan (holler!) and as i was driving back to work it hit me like a ton of bricks.  i was sooo fullllll!  it was a little funny, i declared out loud: "sneaky cauliflower!".. um yeah, i talk to myself all the time.

so yesterday after lunch i was not all sorts of crazy full.. but wednesday after lunch i was full for 7 hours.. what did i eat wednesday AND today for lunch?  cauliflower. it has never made me insanely full before, so i am not sure why it is now.. but it is definitely the reason for my to-the-brim fullness!  strange.

okay! moving on, i know i spent awhile on that but i had to share my revelation with you. now that you know WHY i was SO FULL.. i hope you can sleep at night.

so needless to say i did not eat for quite some time. i guess next time i want to get super full for hours on end i will just invite cauliflower to the party. but i don’t prefer being that full so i will scale down my cruciferous veggie intake.


meals 557
yeah so those of you who guessed peach.. awe, we are best friends! you know me so well! 

i usually eat greek yogurt plain because i always balance my protein intake with my carb intake and i like to add things to my greek yogurt (like fresh fruit, cereal, vitas, etc).. and the flavored greek yogurts already have carbs in them and the ones i have tried in the past are way too sugary for my liking.  i wanted to give chobani a chance though for a few reasons:

  1. i love peach! and this is the only peach greek yogurt i have seen.
  2. the nutrition stats are already perfectly balanced.. meaning that if i liked the flavor, this is SUCH a simple go-to body for life meal
  3. chobani plain greek yogurt is a favorite of mine so i wanted to see how their flavors went over with the old palette

i was so excited that chobani sent me ALL the lovely flavors to try, but the real motivating factor to sample their goods was the peach.. which i had to try first ;) no worries, the others will not be far behind!

meals 558

and the verdict?

 meals 564

jeg liker! (that is norwegian for “i like!”)

the flavor reminded me of the peach yoplait yogurts i ate as a kid.. but WAY better consistency and definitely better stats~

meals 560

and i liked the peach chunks at the bottom.. i just wished there were more!

meals 566

final grade: A+!

after my peacharific party it was off to the gym for some lower body lovin!


it was a regular body for life steeze workout..


  • single leg db deadlifts
    • 12 @ 20#
    • 30 bicycle crunches
    • 10 @ 25#
    • 30 hip raises w/ feet on bench & 15# weight
    • 8 @ 30#
    • 30 bench tuck crunches
    • 6 @ 35#
    • 30 reverse crunches
    • 12 @ 25#
  • stability ball hamstring curls
    • 20 reps


  • bulgarian split squats
    • 12 @ 25#
    • 30 bicycle crunches
    • 10 @ 30#
    • 30 hip raises w/ feet on bench & 15# weight
    • 8 @ 35#
    • 30 bench tuck crunches
    • 6 @ 40#
    • 30 reverse crunches
    • 12 @ 30#
  • bench step ups w/ 20#
    • 12 reps


  • standing weighted calf raises
    • 12 @ 20#
    • 20 walking lunges w/ 10# plate, twist & leg raise
    • 10 @ 40#
    • 20 walking lunges w/ 10# plate, twist & leg raise
    • 8 @ 60#
    • 20 walking lunges w/ 10# plate, twist & leg raise
    • 6 @ 80#
    • 20 walking lunges w/ 10# plate, twist & leg raise
    • 12 @ 20
  • single leg calf raises @ bw
    • 12 reps


  • 75 lower ab reps on decline bench
  • 25 mid ab reps on decline bench

the end. jello leg syndrome to the max!


came home and didn’t eat for a bit because i was still feeling full. weird. but eventually my appetite found me!  so i found something to fill the tummm..

meal 4: scrambled eggs on toast @ 9:00 PM

 meals 567

simple but good :)meals 568

3 egg whites + 1 whole egg + a bit of organic cheddar + 2 slices ezekiel toast.. hit the spot.

meals 570

time for flashback friday round seven!  in case you missed them, you can check out the previous installments here: round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6 and angharad’s special guest post on flashback friday.

in the past i have typically tried to base flashback friday on events that involved meals or food of some type.  this week i am switching it up and flashing back to some moves!  one move in specific: my first race!

the reason i waited until now to flashback to the race is because it was a year ago this week when i ran it.  i thought i was only appropriate to use today to flash back to my first 5k.

a little background.  my sister and her family (her hubs and 3 daughters) live in dublin, california (which is near the bay area, FYI).  my brother in law, eric, is always running races and doing triathalons and all sorts of fun, athletic activities.  well, janetha b is no athlete.  the only sport i can actually participate in without getting totally mortified due to lack of skills is snowboarding.  what can i say, i was just never into sports.  well, marshall and i were wanting to visit my sister and her fam in california so i conveniently booked the trip for the same time as the back to school run that eric usually does annually.  i know i am not able to do anything involving balls or baskets or goal posts.. but i figured i could run a 5k!

we got to california on a thursday.  it is always so fun to visit them.. it sucks having family that doesn’t live close! we hung out that night and kept it mellow because the next day was filled with a day trip to san francisco!

 california 003  
i love san fran, i have been there multiple times, but marshall had never been.  it was a lot of fun to show him all the touristy stuff like the golden gate bridge, ghirardelli square, the trolleys, the pier.. ah i love san fran so much!

me & my sister

california 006

me & marshall

california 019

me & my nieces at the pier. i love the seals!

california 033

riding the trolley

california 055

my sister got a little sketched out driving on lombard street ;)

california 022

of course, for marshall, no trip  is complete without a stop at the puma store..

california 061
we also enjoyed some delicious eats!  i love the sourdough bread in san fran.. obviously my niece likes it a lot too ;)

california 049
i was in the middle of my first body for life challenge so i kept the eats fairly clean the whole trip.. but sourdough bread is one thing not to be missed!

california 043

the next day was the big race.  ok, i know 5k is not that long but i was still anxious because i am not a runner.  marshall decided to do the race with eric an i, all he had with him were a pair of floppy, loosely fitting pumas.. he didn’t care.

eric, marshall and i did the 5k and the rest of the fam did the 1 mile walk/run.  i love that their whole family is into these type of events!

a little stretching and patty cake pre race..

IMG_9661 IMG_9665

and we were off!

i ended up finishing in 29 minutes and 30 seconds.. i wanted to do it in 35 minutes.. so yay!


post-race smiles :)


so, i guess my time was good enough to get third in my division!  i had no idea though.. we were hanging out for the raffle afterwards and during the award ceremony i heard my name called!  not only was i shocked to hear my name.. i was also shocked that they pronounced it right!


so i got a 3rd place medal, which i was incredibly proud of, seeing as how i had never competed in anything EVER in my whole life!  i also got a big bag of groceries, which every race participant received.. that was pretty exciting too ;) here is the uncropped version of that photo haha.. with my grocery bag!


marshall and eric ran with me, marshall finished 4th in his division and was butt hurt because he said he could have run faster (which he could have) but he was running with me.  i hope he has forgiven me for slowing him down! 
it was a really fun experience and i was SO glad that i did it.  my knee hurt REAL bad afterward.. not sure why my knee acts up so bad when i run longer distances.  probably snowboarding related!

we were also there for eric’s birthday which was fun!  he got wii fit and some other fun games for the wii. 

california 069 IMG_9700

we spent the rest of the trip doing some important shopping at trader joe’s and H&M.. two favorites that i don’t have access to here in utah (sigh) and also we ate at in’n’out.. which i hate, every. single. time.  i just don’t see what the fuss is about that place! i really don’t like it. 

anyway, here are a couple more photos from the trip!

       california 052 california 054 

california 065 IMG_9694 IMG_9675

the next time i will be visiting my sister and her family is in november.. i am going to go out a few days before the foodbuzz blogger festival!!  i can’t wait to see them and i also can’t wait to be back in san fran to hang out with all of YOU!

i hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of flashback friday.  check out deb’s, susan’s & alison’s flashback friday posts!  did anyone else participate?  send me the link and i will post it tomorrow! 

well i am sure i will eat again later, i am posting this before my day is over because it’s friday! time to hang with the dudes and dudettes! yayer.

oh P.S. i haven’t seen him/her yet.. but marshall informed me that "we have a new mouth to feed"… um.. details to come.

1. have you ever won a medal/award? what was it for?
in addition to this medal for the 5k.. i totally won a trophy for 1st place in my 3rd grade spelling bee! beeee jealous!

2. when/what/how was your first race? tell me about it! if you have not run a race before.. do you want to? why or why not? the only other race i have done aside from this one was 10k in july and i would like to do more but i have a bad knee so i don’t think i will be doing many more races.. but they sure are thrilling!

have a stupendous weekend!

xo. janetha b.

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Lele September 27, 2009 at 11:01 am

The way you are with cauliflower, I am with lentils. I feel like everyone has that “magic food”. And sometimes it’s awesome, like when you’re really hungry for no particular reason (ahem, pms). And sometimes, it’s like “uh… I should eat some more but I am ludicrously full from a low calorie food”

Courtney September 27, 2009 at 11:09 am

Girl, you rock! Way to BE! :D That pumpkin butter from TJ’s looks offff the hizooook. I will have to take your word for it, as TJ’s is nowhere to be found over yonder.

Graze With Me September 27, 2009 at 11:20 am

That pumpkin butter looks awesome. I never really liked pumpkin pie growing up but as I got older I tried to eat it in different ways to get a taste for it. Love pumpkin flavored beer, the flavor is ok in cookies and cake but adding pureed pumpkin to oatmeal…? Still can’t do that. Every year at thanksgiving I eat a bite of pumpkin pie hoping I’ll suddenly love it but I always make a face and struggle to gulp it down…ick.

Your recent wraps should be famous. They deserve their own blog….

For once I can’t really elaborate on your questions. I’m not a very competitive person so I’ve never really won anything. And I don’t race, nor do I really have any plans to….

Anne K. September 27, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Ooh, all your eats look delish! Love the wrap, and dang that sneaky cauliflower.

Love the race flashback! Too cool that you placed in your division :D

1) Yea, I’ve gotten lots of horse show ribbons, race medals, and placed/won my age group a handful of times. I also won some music stuff, like a concerto competition and such. Oh and some figure skating comps.

2) hmm, my very first race was when i was little! i did kids dashes at age 8-9, and ran my first 5k when i was 10 or 11 or so? I was definitely pretty slow though, haha!

marisa September 27, 2009 at 9:43 pm

Fun flashback…and your nieces are darling but I have to say so since I’m their mama! I wish we could have done the race this weekend- it was a much warmer weekend! I also have a spelling bee trophy and a science fair trophy from 6th grade. Are we nerds? And about In n’ Out…I love that I can feed my entire family for under $20 and they all will eat it. I hate to go out and waste half of the food. We don’t have to go when you are here next, I promise!

Angharad (Eating for England) September 28, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Catching up with you is so funnnn!! Cauliflower?! Who the eff knew? Not me.
You said “to the max” = we are bffs for life.
Peach chobani is deeelish! I knew you’d try it first :D
I am a BIG fan of the pomegranate variety. It’s ace.
Your flashback is awesome! I love san fran! And Sourdough! Hurrah!
Yay that Marshall ran that with you. Brilliant. And super cool that you were third in your bracket! That rocks.
You are so smart too – I also have a bad knee but no real intentions of giving up running. I’ll be unable to walk by the age of 30…
1) I won some medals and such in secondary school for swimming. I used to swim for my town! Ha ha.
2) My first running race was my 5K this April – loved it! Going back for more this sunday (ARGH)

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