i am so full.

by Janetha on September 23, 2009

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yodelayhehoo! how was your wednesday? all you hoped for and more?  mine was not too shabby.

so something just happened.  don’t you hate it when you use the bathroom at a house where 4 boys live and you get done peeing and realize there is not a stitch of toilet paper to be found? story of my life at marshall’s. luckily they did have a gigantor bag of cotton balls in the bathroom, not sure why, but just so you all know.. cotton balls can double as toilet paper in emergency situations. just sayin.

so a lot of you like your cottage cheese sweet.  what the hell is wrong with you people?! i kid, i kid.  but f’reals, sweet cottage cheese will never have my heart.  i don’t even know if i dare try it with cinnamon a la k because i think it would taint my love affair with said spice.  maybe one day, just not today.  or tomorrow.  and it is safe to say probably not friday either.
i did read some clever ideas about what to mix into cottage cheese though!  so i thought i would share the clever bloggie brainstorming, even if i couldn’t get stoked on each idea:

  • sophia digs it with kabocha, cinnamon, salt and pepper.. which i could see how you would consider that sweet.. but i would not be opposed to trying this!
  • coco mixes it in oats and with nut butter.. okay, i cannot wrap my head around the nut butter thing, but i could def see it being good in spicy oats!
  • abby mentioned that she used to eat it with graham crackers, although i prefer my grahams dipped in coffee (nom nom nom).
  • ellie had a couple good ideas: mix it with raisins, red onions & thousand island dressing.. ok, i could do this SANS raisins, it would be good! and also she suggested mixing cottage cheese with egg whites & chopped spinach, add veggies & bake then top with mariara! one last suggestion she had was adding pesto to it for a sandwich.. mmm.
  • lara mixes it with FF/SF pudding mix and says it tastes like cheesecake!
  • jessie enjoys it stuffed inside zucchini pancakes along with some tomatoes and spike seasoning.
  • coco mixes flax seed into hers, i need to do this soon, i have a HUGE thing of flax!
  • muffy likes to add apples & peaches.
  • steph mixes it with hummus, garbanzos or tuna.. right up my alley! she also has enjoyed it mixed with pineapple.
  • kacy adds white beans & marinara to hers and says it tastes like lasagna.
  • jenny mixes cottage cheese with raisins and cinnamon
  • allison & becky like it in eggs
  • lee eats it with nut butter, agave & cereal.. rando!

and my favorite answers..

sorry if i missed one of your stellar ideas! but hopefully that gives you a few new suggestions.. or in case you were wondering what evil tastes like, now you know.

onto the meals & moves!

well, the morning started out with a humungo waffle wednesday fail..
wah, wah, wah.  (i don’t know how to type that noise.. but the “wah” sounds go from high to low.)

9-23-09 001
i didn’t have any nonstick spray, thought it would still be OK, guess not! ah well, better luck next week?


so i went with my standby…
meal 1: protein oats @ 8:30 AM

9-23-09 004

the oats were really creamy today, i think because i let them cook longer!  i used lainie’s method of more water for more volume. where the crap has lainie been anyway?

9-23-09 006

topped it with with the mightiest of the maple again. yum. i love this stuff! and i love that a tablespoon of it goes a long way for not too many added cals.  this is an action shot, i eat bits of the oats and bits of the peanut butter to get full enjoyment from both together!

marshall tried the mighty maple and said it tastes “just like normal peanut butter”..obviously his taste buds are broken.  the boy also hates mushrooms and seafood.  clinically insane.

i was still actually full when my lunch date rolled around at noon but it was planned and i had to attend!  well, and i WANTED to!  but i think the nut butter is what kept me full.  i have made note of this for future planned lunch dates.  usually i would just eat later, but a plan is a plan is a plan!

to jason’s deli i went!

meal 2: salad bar with added grilled chicken topped with hummus+cottage cheese @ 12:30 PM

9-23-09 009
mmmm.. veggilicious for sure! this had:

  • romaine
  • spinach
  • bell peppers
  • mushrooms
  • cukes
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower
  • sprouts
  • feta
  • sunflower seeds
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • grilled chicken
  • artichokes!
  • peas

9-23-09 013
hummus and cottage cheese were meant to be. i am so stoked that jason’s salad bar has hummus!

9-23-09 014

i have been to many a salad bar in my day and jason’s has one of the best. i love it when salad bars have hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese (since i don’t usually like dressing on salads), sprouts & artichokes. i also love it when they have corn and garbanzos.. no luck this time.

i did not take advantage of the free ice cream at jason’s.. but this little gal did!

9-23-09 015

i am the proudest auntie neef around. oh, neef is my nickname, by the way.

SO, you guys, i was full the rest of the day! i didn’t even finish my whole salad but by the time 6 PM rolled around i was still really full.. i don’t know what it was!

i ended up going to my mom’s to workout.


upper body workout today! i alternated sets with some ab moves i snagged from april today! i did different things between every set of weights so i am not going to type them all out, but i stole some from her list and also did some of my favorites!!

  • treadmill warmup


  • dumbbell chest press
    • 12 @ 25#
    • 10 @ 30#
    • 8 @ 40#
    • 6 @ 50#
    • 12 @ 40#
  • dumbbell flyes
    • 12 @ 15#


  • reverse flyes
    • 12 @ 20#
    • 10 @ 25#
    • 8 @ 30#
    • 6 @ 40#
    • 12 @ 25#
  • single arm dumbbell rows
    • 12 each arm @ 12.5#


  • upright dumbbell rows
    • 12 @ 20#
    • 10 @ 25#
    • 8 @ 30#
    • 6 @ 40#
    • 12 @ 25#
  • lateral db raises
    • 12 @ 10#
  • side db raises
    • 12 @ 10#


  • single arm dumbbell kickbacks
    • 12 @ 5#
    • 10 @ 7.5#
    • 8 @ 10#
    • 6 @ 12.5#
    • 12 @ 7.5#
  • bench dips
    • 12 @ body weight


  • dumbbell bicep curls
    • 12 @ 15#
    • 10 @ 20#
    • 8 @ 25#
    • 6 @ 30#
    • 12 @ 20#
  • dumbbell hammer curls
    • 12 @ 15#

good workout! i finally had some photos taken so i can work on adding something to my moves page! it will be slow growing, but i will eventually have everything that i like to do up there! i will have 4 moves up tomorrow, i will be sure to give you the linkage.


well i hate to say it but after my workout i was still full! i knew i needed some proper post-workout nutrition despite my full tummy so i sucked it up and ate!

meal 3: HONEYCRISP! & protein shake @ 7:30 PM?

9-23-09 041

um yeah, that is SEVEN whole hours and still full, NOT normal. i didn’t even eat a lot for breakfast or lunch, what gives? i am thinking maybe it had something to do with the fibrous veggies? because i usually eat them but i haven’t in awhile because of seattle.. so maybe my tum is just not used to it and all the fiber is keeping me EXTRA full? that is my only explanation. so weird though, i hate not being hungry! it is the pits!

anyway, this was my first honeycrisp of the season and they are my favorite apples evvvver!

9-23-09 042

and my shake consisted of a scoop of vanilla whey protein, a scoop of EAS muscle armor and ice+water. yum yum, tasted like a lime creamsicle!

9-23-09 039

P.S. the lighting at my mom’s is the worst. she has lots of halogen light bulbs all over in the ceiling so no matter where i shoot photos there are gnarly shadows! sad.

then i came up to marshall’s and got some prime photos of penelope playing with her baby..

9-23-09 070

THIS ONE.. is. the. best. hahahahahahaha! action shot! look at her flying ear and her crazy eye!

9-23-09 044

9-23-09 085

while i wish she was gazing longingly at me, i was holding her baby right by my face.. she sure is a cute pup though <39-23-09 081

okay, i figure since i lacked food photos today i would fill this post up with that little scamp. love her.

i am still SO FREAKING FULLLLLLL though! it sucks! what gives? i better be real hungry in the morning.

in other news!!~

  • remember when i made sweet & sour meatballs vc? well the recipe is up! check out my guest post on danica’s blog here!
  • my fellow dog lovin blogette is having a 1 year blog birthday giveaway! click here!
  • love fall? love candy? love lindsay? i do! check out her fall inspired giveaway here!
  • have some green living tips? use them to enter allison’s coconut oil giveaway here!

that should keep you busy.


1. what foods keep you full for hours on end? i wonder why i am so dang full.. it wasn’t the oats because i had those yesterday and they didn’t keep me full for long. it had to be the fibrous veggies! i know breakfast cookies keep some people full for a good 4 or 5 hours while they only keep others full for a couple hours. it is strange how the same foods have different satiety levels for different folks!

2. what are your favorite salad bar ingredients? i said mine above!

xo. janetha b.

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broccolihut September 24, 2009 at 9:52 pm

MUST try hummus & CC soon!
1. Pumpkin-banana oatbran with almond butter seems to keep me full forever. Holy fiber!
2. Fave salad bar ingredients: artichoke hearts, hummus, pumpkin seeds, and lots of shrooms.

buffmuffy September 24, 2009 at 11:05 pm

i emailed you by the way and i have no reply yet! i hope you got it!
cuuuuutte puppy pics :)
1 oats keep me full for forever, and coconut is extremo full keeper.
2 um eggs and tomatoes … crackers. avocado. vinegar!


Deb (SmoothieGirlEatsToo) September 25, 2009 at 12:12 am

Penelope is a hoot with her Crazy eye. I can even hear that “grrr” “grrr” that goes along with it. Such a sweetie- it she a baby or full grown but little?

Hmm, I’m wondering if your body was still jacked up from the weekend of gnarly eats? Some days I just am not hungry either- then WATCH OUT- bottomsless pit action. I prefer the happy medium!

1.My Vitamix butternut squash/veg soup- hours and hours full- with or without extra protein.
2. Salad- Jicima, black beans, basil (not necessarily together)

RamblingBabushka September 25, 2009 at 7:52 am

I’m about to blow your mind. Or gross you out. Definitely one or the other. I grew up eating cottage cheese tossed with freshly cooked (still steaming hot) pasta. We would top it with sour cream and sprinkle it with sugar. Or for the savory version skip the sugar and add cooked bacon pieces. I always prefer the sweet version though. :-O Hungarians are insane! HA! See pick link below. It’s called Turos Teszta.


Foods that keep me full for hours? Pancakes made with egg whites and oats and whatever else I decide to toss in the mix. I LUV EM! :)

And as far as salads, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if salad bars had avocado? I’ve never seen it but that would be fantastic!! I never really go out to eat though so I can make a bomb salad at home any day! YEAH! (….insert I love avocado dance here….)

bHealthier September 25, 2009 at 10:04 pm

that salad looks crazy good! penelope is absolutely adorable!
Fantastic strength session! EAS Muscle armor– what is that? I have had lots of EAS products but havent heard of that.. I’d love to know more!

Christa Owens September 25, 2009 at 11:45 pm

My wednesday was horrible. anyway…
Salad looks very delicious, want to try that recipe out… puppies are ssooo adorable, want to have one.
I do have a salad recipe, this is my all time favorite. saw this in one of the cooking shows and i love it! for me this is a complete meal, so i hope you’ll try this out.
“Steak Salad with Honey Vinigarette Dressing.”
Just grill your steak with salt and pepper, slice it up and lay on a bed of lettuce or arrugula, and tomatoes(cherry Tomatoes). then for the vinigarette, just mix some Balsamic Vinegar, honey, olive oil, salt and pepper and top it with parmesan cheese. and BAm! one happy meal.

hope you like it too! =)

Jenny September 26, 2009 at 4:30 pm

no worries, i totes know the sound you were going for with your “wah wah wah” .. I love that we are twinsies and have that ESP connection going onnnnn

PB is my go to power fooooood <3 I also love GNU bars, holy fiber!

love to you J monaay.

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