by Janetha on September 15, 2009

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happy thursday! oh wait, i mean tuesday! but it is really like my thursday because my last day of work before i leave on my trip is wednesday and so, you do the math, it works out in my favor.

best answer award for yesterday’s questions goes to elizabeth:

Q: do you eat while you drive?

A:  I eat while I drive all the time. I might die, but at least I will die doing something I love.

hahaha. awesome answer!

before i dive into today’s events i wanted to reflect back and touch briefly on the comments i received on this post.

i want to say thanks again to all of you who commented.  it thrills me that sixty people took time out of their day to say something to me in my rough time.  how awesome is this community?!

i also want to reassure you all that i am not changing my habits because of the lack of progress.  i am NOT going to eat less and i am NOT going to exercise more.  a few of you had expressed concerned that i may get some crazy ideas and make changes to see results faster, but this is not my first rodeo and i know that real weight loss takes time.  i do appreciate the concern though, and i wanted to reassure you that i am going to keep up my 5 meals a day and my regular amount of exercise.. nothing crazy is going on here! i love eating all day and i can’t handle to be in the gym for longer than one hour TOPS so i love the way body for life lays it all out. definitely works for me.

i wanted to bring up a few points that were worth writing down and that really made me think:

  • lara reminded me that when you start with a positive state of mind, it is easier to get a happy momentum going for your weight loss journey.  it is so hard to go through it with a negative outlook.  thanks for the reminder lara!
  • coco and therese both made really good points about my body being used to this regimen.  even though it is a great way to lose weight and get in shape, my body knows the drill.  the first time i did BFL i changed my eating 110%, my exercise (i was not exercising at all), my water intake, etc.. everything was a complete overhaul.  THIS time around the ONLY thing that i changed to start losing weight was the amount i was eating.  i was already exercising, drinking lots of water and eating clean foods.  just TOO MUCH food was being consumed.  so when i started BFL this time, i just had to cut back on my portion sizes.  no wonder my body is not responding like it did the first time.  coco said i would probably see smaller, less dramatic changes and i think she is right.  i need to “shock” my body somehow.
  • ellie made a great point that i DID set a new personal best for HIIT, which is an improvement no matter what the stupid snug jeans tell me!
  • emily noted that i may not be losing because of added stress or lack of sleep, two things that are very likely.  i definitely do not get enough sleep and i let stress get the best of me sometimes.  i am going to work on relaxing more (maybe try out some yoga?!) and also getting MORE SLEEP!
  • holly suggested that changing my workouts and food might be a good idea. this kind of goes along the lines of what the others were saying about “shocking” my body.  i can eat the same amount of food and do the same amount of exercise, just change the menu and the routine.. i think that would probably help.. as long as it didn’t mean giving up my cottage cheese & garbanzo staple ;)
  • jessica and deb both mentioned something i don’t pay a LOT of attention to: my heart rate zone.  jessica suggested that i lower my HR during cardio so i stay in the fat burning zone, which i know nothing about to be totally honest.  and deb mentioned another thing i know nothing about: my lactate threshold.  i am going to look more into what HR monitoring can do for me and my fat loss.  i have a HR monitor but honestly i don’t know much about the zones!
  • and last but not least, caroline, sarah and steph brought up a point that is most important: to have fun in seattle.  don’t spend time stressing about body image and food for those 4 days i am there. in the grand scheme of things, 4 days of off eating is NOT a big deal, this is a one-time trip with a TON of my friends for a wedding and i don’t want to look back on it wishing i had lived it up!  and trust me.. i LOVE food. i love eating in new cities because the culinary culture is so intriguing.  and you know what? i am going to live it up.  i am going to enjoy the seattle cuisine.  i am going to ditch my protein shakes for REAL snacks and i am going to swap my oats for runny eggs and toast.  life is too short and i WILL hit my goals.. just maybe a little later than i wanted.

you all seriously rock my face off. although i am still frustrated about the weight gain, i do feel a lot more at ease about the situation and i have a new found sense of motivation.  i feel like i can switch things up a bit and i will make the progress i am aiming for.  lucky for me, clean eating and exercising is FUN for me. i like to eat clean, i prefer to eat clean.  if it was a struggle for me to not “cheat” then i would be in trouble, but luckily this whole routine is like second nature to me.

a friend of mine sent me a copy of tom venuto’s “burn the fat, feed the muscle” and i think that it will help me get some ideas to shake it up a bit.  i also think i have built a LOT of muscle and that is the reason my legs are as bulky as they are.  because while the pants don’t fit.. they don’t fit for a different reason this time.  before, i had a muffin top and that is why they did not fit.  this time, they don’t fit because the legs are TIGHT.  but my legs are not fat. they are muscley. so i need to embrace my big legs and keep working at leaning the muscle out.  i think i will try out some pilates classes at my gym for this.

well that is my shpill on where i am right now.  i hope you all know how much i appreciate your input! and if anyone has anything else to say about it, i am all ears.

onto the meals & moves!

so you know how i said i was going to get up early and workout?? EPIC FAIL. i told you all i was not a morning person, and this morning confirms it once again.  i went to bed at 11:15, set my alarm for 7:15, that is a full 8 hours folks.  well, i slept through the alarm and woke up at 8:30! making me rush to get to work by 9 and i look like a homeless person today. seriously, you should see me.. i got a lot of comments from the coworkers regarding my appearance today. haha. so yeah, NOT a morning person! maybe next time.. maybe.


meal 1: protein oats @ 9:30 AM

meals 453
funny story time! my mom bought me some really classy cinnamon at the fair last night. i pulled it out of the bag and saw this:

meals 452
i was like, “what is this?” and she takes it and is like, “oh they gave me the wrong thing!” proceeds to take it back to the booth and tell them she wanted CINNAMON.. well, she comes back to me with her tail between her legs and turns the cannister over:

meals 451
turns out one side was in english, the other side in.. i dunno.. french? maybe kristie or susan know for sure!

haha, so that was hilarious, and this cinnamon is AMAZING! but for some reason my protein oats did not keep me full for long. i think i know why! i did not drink a drop of water until noon today. i think the water consumption first thing in the morning keeps me full.  i know, baaaad janetha b.  no worries, i still got my allotted gallon in!

meal 2: chicken “salad” + mini pitas & green beans @ 1:00 PM

meals 454
this was a 2 bowl type of meal.  i had no garbanzos at the office (gasp) so i mixed my diced grilled chicken with some cottage cheese and annie’s dijon.

meals 456 it was delicious! paired with two (heated up) mini whole wheat pitas and some steaming green beans.. lunch was a success!

meals 455

it has been raining ALL DAY today and i got a text from my girl emily asking if i felt like i was already in seattle! i definitely do!  the rain is fine by me though, it means winter is around the corner and winter is what i LIVE for.  seriously.  love it.

i wanted to do a shake for meal 3 but i was also freeeeezing.  well, i had nothing warm and comforting in the kitchen so an ice cold protein shake it was!

meal 3: chocolate protein shake & cereal + almond milk @ 5:00 PM

meals 463

LOVE this cereal so much. love love love.

meals 458

just a splash of milk! no sogggg here!meals 459
i did read about a cool new idea on deb’s blog though.. a WARM smoothie in a bowl! you guys, this could be epic! i am for sure going to have to try it.. check her steamy bowl of smoothieness out!

after work i should have gone straight to the gym but i had some shopping to attend to.  and for the sake of saving gasolina, i hit up the mall before going home to change for the gym.  i desperately needed to get something to wear to the wedding this weekend!

well, as luck would have it i walked out of forever 21 $150 poorer and WITHOUT a dress for the wedding. balls. i am going to go to the other location tomorrow because they do have a dress on hold for me, the location i was at did not have a small.  but they did have a lot of other clothes i HAD to have, haha!

after that i went home and changed for the regularly scheduled cardio sesh.  i had my new issue of oxygen hot off the press and ready to read so i decided to switch it up and do my HIIT on the bike!  i usually don’t do this but my friend em swears by it so i figured it was worth a shot!


well, i did 20 minutes of intervals on the bike and forgot to turn my HR monitor on. doh! but i really don’t feel like my HR was up there like in other HIIT sessions.  my legs were on mayjah FIYA but i was not winded.

i finished up the cardio session with some treadmill action for the cardio factor that i missed on the bike.. ran 1 mile and then walked for 10 minutes at a 15 incline while i finished reading the mag

good workout all in all!


i came home and did some work on the blog for while i am in seattle.. i have some stellar stuff lined up folks!  and then i munched on a almond chiaseed protein muffin while i made dinner..

meals 465

and then i had dinner, REAL late! i am not against late night eating though. i think it is important not to go to bed with an empty tummy because that is a whole 8 hours (ideally) without any food!

meal 4: ground turkey wrap @ 10 PM

meals 467

while doing more blog work.

late late late dinner! ahh! but actually i only went 5 hours between meals and had a cardio session in the middle so it worked.  the wrap was a flat out + TJ’s corn salsa + TJ’s black bean dip + turkey burger seasoned with cumin

meals 466

hit the spot!

meals 469

well now i am going to go change the laundry and attempt to make a “packing pile”.. that is how i pack. i make a HUMUNGO pile of stuff i might want to take. and then i slowly narrow it down until i have a small enough pile of crap to cram into my suitcase. stellar method, no?

oh! you know the foodbuzz food blog awards?! well the nominations are open! that is some exciting stuff, i sent my nominations in earlier today :) and i am not always one for shameless self promotion, but you *could* nominate me for the best new blog, seeing as how my little spot on the internet is not even 6 months old yet!!  click here to send your nominations in!

ok, enough outta me! now i want to hear from you…


1. where do you stand on the late night eating debate? i am all for it! ideally, i like to eat slow digesting protein, but i am all about not going to sleep hungry. i don’t care what “they” say about eating after a certain time.

2. what is your packing method? i toldja mine up there, about 2 paragraphs..

see you tomorrow for waffle wednesday!

xo. janetha b.

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Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) September 16, 2009 at 7:20 pm

OK, first off thank you so much for the numerous shout-outs! You are so sweet. now the pressure is on to get a really good smoothie soup recipe going!-eek!

I’m so glad there everyone had tips and advice for you- keep us posted on what works for you!

Are you SERIOUS- you finished your Oxygen in an hour!?!?!!? It takes me a MONTH to read it between blogging/reading blogs/other mags, not to mention LIFE!! I’m so impressed!!!

Packing: I say out tops on the top of a chair and bottoms on the bottom, so I can see what matches. Is that anal?

Eating at bedtime- yes definitely if you are hungry. I sometimes have an egg-white with cinnamon and stevia- seems to fill the gap JUUUUSSSST enough! :-)

Keep up the great spirit kiddo!

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) September 16, 2009 at 7:21 pm

I meant : Packing: I LAY out the tops…

Deb (Smoothie Girl Eats Too) September 16, 2009 at 7:23 pm

PS. Once I decide what to pack, I ROLL up the clothes in a huge log- with the stuff that could get wrinkled on the outside- that way they don’t have a chance! Hope that helps!

Shannon, The Healthy Beach Bum September 16, 2009 at 8:17 pm

oh that mexican wrap you made looks fab chica! Sorry about all of the rain in the area :( That is no fun . Have a great day tmrw!

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) September 16, 2009 at 9:25 pm

I have never walked into Forever 21 and come out with nothing. Never. Ever. There’s always something that looks amazing and fits well and costs relatively cheap. I had to just stop going in :)

When I was undereating, late night eating was a big problem. It was almost like I had no more energy at the end of the day to resist food. It’s not a problem these days other than some tart frozen yogurt here and there. I feel like as long as you get it in, you’re body will use it. It’s not like your body shuts down at night–it’s still burning calories and repairing your body! I hate going to bed starved too.

Nicci@NiftyEats September 16, 2009 at 9:32 pm

I try not to eat pass 7pm, b/c I know how I am. I will snack away. So i stay away from it. I can’t wait to see what waffle concoction you will have!

broccolihut September 16, 2009 at 9:44 pm

Total evening snacker here (I am sipping my nightly smoothie as I type). I developed the habit as a result of far too many hungry nights during my ED. Even if it does cause weight gain, I’d much rather be fatter and satisfied than thinner and miserable.

linds September 16, 2009 at 9:53 pm

holy cow, you get alot of comments…i think that is why i don’t comment often. there are just so many for you to read through…anyhow, great advice up there on eating and switching things up. like you said, what an awesome community to be a part of.

Mina October 1, 2009 at 9:20 pm

Thank you .
Really , i appreciate that .

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