a little rain never stopped us.

by Janetha on September 14, 2009

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heyo! hope everyone survived their mondays and are having a good tuesday thus far. i just got home from the utah state fair and it was raining cats and dogs most of the time!  more on that in a few.

loved hearing about your cereal-to-milk ratios, it is so hilarious to ask such a random question like that because as it turns out, everyone has a VERY specific opinion regarding her preference.  it was awesome to read the answers.  also you may want to know that you can use an egg slicer to cut your kiwis, a mug for a flower vase, your garlic press to smash dog pills, and knives for anything.


another monday morning, another meeting at the original pancake house. sigh.

meal 1: egg white scramble (mushrooms+peppers+onions+avocado) & fruit (bananas+peaches) & black coffee @ 8 AM

9-14-09 005

9-14-09 0049-14-09 001 

weird reflection in there.

one of my bosses gets the blueberry pancakes every. single. week. he tells me that he starts thinking about them on saturday. he loves them, he lives for them. he gets them with like 3 extra sides of whipped cream, i am not exaggerating. he always asks me to take a photo of them. today, i finally did:

9-14-09 003

and then i think my other boss got jealous, made a jackolantern looking face in his 49er’s (real thin pancakes, kinda like crepes but not) and asked for a photo:

9-14-09 007

okay, now that we have their meals covered i can move onto MY lunch.

meal 2: fish taco @ 12:00 PM

9-14-09 010

the insides had some leftover fish from the BBQ yesterday and some TJ’s peach salsa, all rolled up into a don pancho high fiber tortilla~

9-14-09 008

i love TJ’s peach salsa! and i will be restocking when i am in seattle this weekend :)

work, work, work.

meal 3: protein mocha & vitamuffin @ 3:30 PM

9-14-09 016

so i am sure someone out there has already done this, but it was a first for me.  i was blending up my chocolate protein shake with 1 cup almond milk and 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, then i eyeballed the cold coffee sitting in the pot from the morning.. and in it went! along with a lot of ice…

9-14-09 011

um, yum.

9-14-09 015

paired with an unphotogenic blueberry vita for my carb~

9-14-09 014

definitely will be seeing more of those in my future.


upper body workout

5 min elliptical warmup


overhead cable extension

  • 12 @ 35#
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 10 @ 40#
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 8 @ 45#
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 6 @ 50#
  • 30 seconds jumping jacks
  • 12 @ 35#

cable tricep pulldowns

  • 12 @ 25#


vrope cable rows

  • 12 @ 40#
  • 15 dumbbell pullovers w/ 10#
  • 10 @ 50#
  • 15 dumbbell pullovers w/ 10#
  • 8 @ 60#
  • 15 dumbbell pullovers w/ 10#
  • 6 @ 70#
  • 15 dumbbell pullovers w/ 10#
  • 12 @ 40#

barbell rows

  • 12 @ 30#


overhead dumbbell shoulder press

  • 12 @ 20#
  • 45 second plank
  • 10 @ 25#
  • 45 second plank
  • 8 @ 30#
  • 45 second plank
  • 6 @ 35#
  • 45 second plank
  • 12 @ 20#

lateral raises

  • 12 @ 10#


dumbbell chest press

  • 12 @ 30#
  • 15 reverse crunches
  • 10 @ 35#
  • 15 reverse crunches
  • 8 @ 40#
  • 15 reverse crunches
  • 6 @ 45#
  • 12 @ 35#

dumbbell flyes

  • 12 @ 15#


bicep dumbbell curls

  • 12 @ 15#
  • 15 second rest
  • 10 @ 20#
  • 15 second rest
  • 8 @ 24#
  • 15 second rest
  • 6 @ 30 #
  • 15 second rest
  • 12 @ 20#

hammer curls

  • 12 @ 15#

the end.

rushed home and changed for the fair, put on some warm clothes since it was raining super hard! ate on the go…


meal 4: typical @ 6:00 PM

9-14-09 022

what, you don’t eat garbanzos and cottage cheese and ranch seasoning while you drive?!

fair photos!

big pig!

 9-14-09 024

little pig!9-14-09 030

the pigs made us (marshall & i) sad.


well equipped with umbrellas!9-14-09 032 9-14-09 035 9-14-09 036

marshall’s (first) dinner: navajo taco~9-14-09 037

marshalls (second!) dinner: philly cheesesteak sandwich~9-14-09 041

yeah.. he had two dinners. maybe to make up for the fact that i didn’t have one? that boy and his metabolism!

guess what was CLOSED?! :(

9-14-09 043

i am sure you dig my rolled up steeze!

bahhh rammmm ewwwwe. yes we were quoting babe.9-14-09 046

awe, he is kinda smiling :)

9-14-09 050

fair food at it’s finest! to the right, it got cut off, but it said “zucchini dawg”.. haha um ok.9-14-09 051

i <3 her!9-14-09 053

and her!

 9-14-09 061

and her! 9-14-09 062

we all posed in front of the yellow slide since we could not go down it. sad day!9-14-09 068 

HUGE rabbit!9-14-09 078

silly rabbit!9-14-09 079

marshall’s FAVORITE~the rooster building!9-14-09 081

somewhere along the way i had a muscle milk light

9-14-09 075

and i did have a few of these cinnamon almonds ;)9-14-09 089

and the night ended with a sculpture of some cows.. made of 700 pounds of butter. it’s casual.

9-14-09 090

good times, despite the rain! the tradition lives on.

well it is late! i am going to attempt my workout in the morning since i have SO much to do before seattle.. we will see how that goes..


1. what is your favorite flavor of salsa? fruity? spicy? chipotley? i love peach salsa but i also really dig black bean and corn salsas.

2. do you eat while you drive? this is probably not safe at all.

3. wow i saw a lot of animals today. what is your favorite animal? i am partial to dogs, but when i was a kid i was OBSESSED with cats.. i only had stuffed cats and when i was given a doll for my birthday i started crying because i hated dolls and only loved cats. weird child.

xo. janetha b.

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Michelle September 15, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Oh goodness, those pancakes look delicious!

1. I like spicy salsa but I also love black bean and corn salsa and also black eyed peas!
2. I constantly eat in the car, especially breakfast.
3. I love polar bears!!

burpexcuzme September 15, 2009 at 9:01 pm

HAHAH! Loved the jack-o-lantern crepes. You’ve got some cool and funny and creative boss there!

1) I like fruity AND spicy salsa…gotta love the combo of spicy and sweet!
2) Um, I read while I drive…that ain’t safe too is it?
3) Love penguins. They’re fat and short and cute.

Allie (Live Laugh Eat) September 15, 2009 at 9:44 pm

You are the cutest chica in the whole world! I LOVE that your boss wanted you to photograph his pancakes hahahaha. I try not to eat while I drive because whenever I do–I eat WAAAY too much. Like a zillion servings. I really have to resist when I’m driving back from the grocery store in traffic!!!

Ildie September 15, 2009 at 10:08 pm

I love SPICY salsa. I just love spicy period! I don’t have a favorite brand and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all…

I hate to admit this but yes, sometimes I chew food while driving, as in gum! HA! I think I’m safe. However, I will drink a mean coffee in the car, any day. I’M A REBEL!

I love cats, hands down. THEY ARE AMAZING fuzzy wuzzy little buh buh balls of fluffy stuff. Except mine, of course. He’s a stone cold killer. I think I’m cursed. I bet he lives to be 25. HA! :)

thelongweigh September 15, 2009 at 11:46 pm

I am so sad to say I dont think I’m going to make it to the fair this year! I love going and it looks like you had an awesome time. I was totally thinking about you on monday evening when it was raining, wondering if you were still going.. I’m glad you did!

1… love any spicy salsa. and black bean/corn salsa too. as long as its spicy. :)

2. I eat while I drive all the time. I might die, but at least I will die doing something I love.

3. I love cats. I use to hate them until I had the best one ever…now I can appreciate them.

Erin September 16, 2009 at 2:35 pm

LOL! Those fuzzy faced rabbits are so stinking cute!

((baby piggies))

You and your boy are so cute. I say it all the time, but you really are!

Jenny September 16, 2009 at 4:20 pm

whoa whoa whoa wait is that the Big E?!?!?! I used to go there every year with my fam! and if it’s not the Big E I’m going to look like a hughjass weirdo right now.. so even if it isn’t, tell me it is.. k thanks :)

1. plain ol’ mild tomato salsa *yawnnnn*
2. yessssss, i mean.. no! ;)
3. koala bears :) I used to have koala bear EVERYTHING when I was little… wallpaper, posters, notebooks, pens..now that I think about it, it’s kind of weird. Forget I said anything.

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